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    I’ll be running 1-Andro RX for a few months and posting my observations.

    I will state up front that I do act in the capacity of voluntary rep for IronMagLabs on this forum. I’m sure Rob (owner) would be the first to tell you that I speak my mind bluntly, though.

    My experience may not directly translate to you, as our background and current situation are likely very different. I am in my thirties and on testosterone replacement therapy at a moderate prescribed dose. This keeps my testosterone constant, even while using prohormones. This also means no post cycle is necessary, and there is no rush to get off the 1-Andro.

    I’ve used a fair amount of illicit steroids and prohormones over the years. I began as most do: prematurely. I hadn’t been lifting two years before I took my first few bottles of ErgoPharm 1-AD. After that, I moved up to methyl orals and then over to the dark side. I love manipulating hormones for anabolic purposes. I’ll admit that weight lifting isn’t as enjoyable off gear or prohormones. I consider myself quite knowledgeable about steroid properties, dosing and sides. Most of my prohormone experience has been with 1-Test precursors and Turnibol precursors. The biggest downside to most orals is this: the sides form methyls suck, and using them for extended periods of time is like shaving off part of your life. I’m mostly referring to elevated liver values, dangerous cholesterol and triglycerides etc. There are now a handful of effective prohormones that are not methylated, and they are friendlier to your health.

    Here’s my current situation: It’s been about three years since I did a real cycle of steroids. I’ve had some personal hardships that have kept me from the gym for almost a year. I lost much of the muscle I once had. I had a little girly weight set I’d throw around the garage at odd hours, but I recently got back in the gym. I’ve been slowly working back up on things. Focusing on stabilization, form etc.

    Hormones or no hormones, I expect to gain well until I’m close to where I was. I was well pleased with how I looked. I’m not a bodybuilder, just a guy that loves to lift and see the fruits in the mirror. At 5’ 7.5” I was 192 lbs and ~12% body fat. I’m down to 165 lbs. Being well below my potential, one might argue that using prohormones is absurd. As a mod elsewhere, I've encouraged many people to delay their gratification. Well, I enjoy using anabolics, and 1-Andro is of the variety that won’t do me any harm. Given my experience, I see no risk. My purpose in using 1-Andro RX is simply to speed my recovery.

    I used 1-Andro for about a week and then caught a nasty cold from my son. I’ve now lain off of it for a week, and I am preparing to start back up. I intend for this to be casual reflections with some discussion, not a list of my lifts and daily weights. Slow and steady wins the race. Now let’s see if I can pack on 15 lbs of muscle by year’s end!

  2. I’ve been back on 1-Andro for three workouts. I’m up to 6 caps per day, which is likely the most I’ll take. I’ve had problems sleeping, so I take the full dose in the morning. My first impression is that it doesn’t yield the pump and speedy recovery I’m accustomed to with H-Drol and other methyls, but the improved performance in the gym is becoming clear. Considering my diet, there is clearly a postive repartioning effect and appetite enhancement. I woke up starving early this morning after a 1k cal pre-bed meal.

  3. In!
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  4. The 1-andro tends to “kick-in” after the third week. Results are becoming my obvious in the mirror. Workouts are more productive. Recovery is up. No acne, increased BP or bloat. The only side I’m having is increased appetite. I often wake up in the middle of the night and suck down muffins or whatever I can quickly cram down my pie whole with one eye open. The nutrient portioning remains quite prominent. Despite increased caloric intake, I’m losing fat in the love handle area and extremities. I’ve been taking the full 6 cap dose in the morning to avoid any potential sleep problems (which I tend to have, anyway). I’m going to switch to three caps twice daily again and see how that goes. Weight hasn’t changed much.

  5. following along pirate. 1andro is a personal favorite of mine
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  6. A few weeks into the cycle, a few more things have become clear.

    I experience some degree of fatigue and significant tolerance to stimulants. This is not from stimulant overuse. It’s clearly from the 1-Andro. It’s not a big deal. In fact, it has decreased my anxiety. I don’t think it’s causing adrenal fatigue.

    Appetite is very high. Making it through the night without rising to binge is rare. My excess calories are often not “clean”. Nevertheless, they go to the right place.This supplement is excellent for a recomp.

    Still no acne. However, it may be causing a slight reduction in libido. This is a bit of surprise, as I’m on testosterone, hcg, and arimidex. No problem with performance. Just don’t feel like I need sex more than 2-3 times a week.

    Most importantly, recovery is WAY up. The mirror holds great news for me. Strength increase has been relatively minor compared to many methyl orals. Also very notable is stamina. After an hour of heaving lifting, I barely feel fatigued. It was a few weeks in before this became apparent. In fact, I’m hardly sweating enough in the gym for it to drip. I don’t suspect any thyroid issues, as my body temp regulation is perfectly fine. Recovery between sets is excellent.

    This is the point in the cycle were people running methyls are preparing to start pct. I feel great knowing I can keep the cycle going though peak time without ****ting my liver. Slow and steady wins the race.

  7. I’ve put on 6 lbs since starting 1-Andro RX about a month ago, and my belt remains comfortably on the same notch. I’m still seeing great results at 3 caps twice daily. The lethargy is minor, but I do use some stimulants to counter it. I’ve had to eat a lot to keep the scale moving up. Otherwise, I tend to burn fat easily on this PH. I’ve resorted to eating some junk. My pre-bed dinner is usually ~1k calories . A recent dinner was three slices of double pepperoni pizza, 40 grams of whey, 20 oz 2% milk and a large slice of triple layer cream cake. Without heavy nighttime feeding, I awake hungry too early. Still no issues with acne, BP etc. Recovery seems to continually improve as I raise my volume. No major strength gains, just well-paced development.

  8. I'm IN BABY!!! woo hoo. . .I'm very interested about this product since i might use it during a pct. . .
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  9. You and I are about the same size, I will find this interesting as my first bout with any steroid of sorts was not fulfilling as I has some bad side effects. Please note yours if possible. Also curious how this affects your blood pressure and cholesterol if at all as tehse are two issues I have genetically.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by Aaelael View Post
    I'm IN BABY!!! woo hoo. . .I'm very interested about this product since i might use it during a pct. . .
    during a pct? so u will necessitate a pct for your pct?
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  11. Pirate, can you tell me if you have ever tried a topical steroid? Have you ever tried 1-T Tren by primordial performance? I plan on using it when I am 21 and I have some stashed away because they will no longer be selling it once it is gone.

    Can you give me some tips? It will be my first steroid cycle. I am 6ft tall and weigh 185lbs. My body type is a cross between ectomorph and mesomorph, although I have terrible love handles IMO.

    Is it true that steroids help burn fat while you are gaining muscle? Do you think steroids will help reduce my love handles or make them worse? Thanks. And Good Luck Pirate, keep up the awesome work!

  12. PhoenixGamer, 1-Tren is too harsh for a first steroid. I recommend not starting until you've done more research. Best of luck.

    Got a bad cold, again. Seems I get everything kids bring home from school. Gonna take a few days off from 1-Andro and the gym.

  13. Does being on this lower your immunity to viruses? Have you tried echinacea or pounding vitamin C?
  14. Tips for my first steroid cycle, please. =)

    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate! View Post
    PhoenixGamer, 1-Tren is too harsh for a first steroid. I recommend not starting until you've done more research. Best of luck.

    Got a bad cold, again. Seems I get everything kids bring home from school. Gonna take a few days off from 1-Andro and the gym.
    What do you mean by it being to harsh? I plan on using Sustain Alpha during and PCT to have my body's natural testosterone level return to normal quickly. I will probably start with 3 pumps, rather than applying 4 or 5 pumps (topically) like they recommend because it would be my first cycle.

    Any tips? I eat plenty of good clean food, i.e. (chicken, oatmeal, lean turkey, eggs, milk, whole wheat bread with peanut butter, LOTS of water, etc.) I eat at least 4 or 5 times a day (even before I go to sleep) My weight stays around 185 pounds despite my high food intake.

    If I were to take the 1-T Tren, would I gain a lot of lean muscle? Do you recommend that I run the first cycle no longer than 4 weeks (because people say it does its magic by like the 3rd week...) Is a 6 week cycle out of the question? Thanks. P.S. I will be 21 when I run the steroid cycle.

  15. I know all too well about getting colds and being sick since I would get everything going around. I would get the flue every year and was a wreck and then I started getting the flue shot and would take vitamin C 1000 Milligrams twice a day for a total of 2000 Milligrams and now I hardly ever get sick. I've been doing this for years and feel so much better. Everyone is different but it works for me.

  16. Not to intrude but you are going to "take time off" from the andro, wouldn't it be best to stick with it and keep it in your system, that way the reduction in the chemical then introduction again doesn't mess with our natural hormones anymore...like for instance no andro in your system and you start producing more test natually, then you bring andro back and shut down again

    I may be misunderstanding what you mean by time off

  17. After a week of being ill, I was diagnosed with strep and began medication. I took over a week off from the gym and 1-Andro. Just getting back into it and it is as if I am back to when I first started. Just bad luck having bronchitis, laryngitis, and three weeks later strep. I tend to get every bug my boy brings home from school. I don't think the 1-Andro compromised my immune system.

    I definitely like 1-Andro RX for improving recovery and performance. Just cracked my last bottle today, and I don’t know if I’m going to take a break after these are gone or go a bit long. I’m impressed how quickly 1-Andro RX begins working. Having stopped and restarted a few times now, I can say that the appetite boost and recovery shoot up after the first day.

  18. Do you think stacking it w/ EPI would be a good idea? I was thinking of do this w/ the Black China Labs Straight EPI+ON 100% Whey+ON 5g Glutamine+ON 5g Creatine. I typically would of included CLA and EPA but not sure. Your thoughts?

    1-ANDRO 300/400/500/600/600/600
    EPI 0/ 0/ 20/ 30 / 30/ 40

  20. what pct would u recomend?

  21. a serm.......


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