Anadraulic state

  1. Anadraulic state

    Hi, I used 1 tub of Anadraulic state 1 scoop per day for the last 30 day here is the review.

    TASTE : 8

    Taste was pretty good, i did expect way worst from other people feedback. The taste actually grow on me. I think some people might did not like the taste since the product did not completly disolve and the little black particules lay down in the bottom, this is actually the the best part.


    Like i said little particules lay down in the bottom, so i did stir it befor every sip. this way it tasted way better.


    Endurance was higher on this product and enegy also. Nice steady energy, more sweating during the workout.

    PUMPS : 10

    One of the best pump product I use, plus the estrogen control ingredient gave me more thigh looking pump. I was always having nice thigh pump.

    STRENGTH : 10

    I was doing more of a recomp, my weight or reps increase a little every workout. I did losse some fat and increase strenght. I can wait to try it in a more mass building approch.


    Mouth was a little weird after each serving like when you go to the dentist, but seem to diminish whit time. Little bit of stomach discomfort, also diminish with time.

    OVERALL : 10 out of 10

    I really love the product, will be on my supplement rotation for sure in the futur. Great value for everything you got in this prodcut. Just look at the label.
    First time using LG product ! Now you got a new customer for a long time

    Two thumb up !

  2. Nice review -- have been interested in trying this product out. Will have to do so sooner than later.

  3. Thanks for the review brother and glad you liked it! I myself had an awesome time with AS and many other people i know that tried it liked it as well.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  4. BTW - What was the weight change from beginning to end?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kevin R View Post
    BTW - What was the weight change from beginning to end?
    Don't know I did not weight myself before, I only weight myslef every 3 month with my bodyfat test. I can tell you that a look leaner and more full for sure.



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