Rodja's Cynostane Log-A New Direction

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  1. 9/9-Cardio

    I couldn't make it to practice, so I went for a nice run outside. My legs are extremely sore and it took me about 10 minutes to loosen up the fascia during this session. Subsequently, it took me much longer than usual and my stride was incredibly stiff. It was a decent session that I ran at about 70% of my usual clip to re-attenuate my body to cardio, plus it was extremely humid outside and I was drenched after the first mile.

    Nothing to report as far as effects from the Cynostane, but it's far too early to expect seeing anything.

    Also, I am adding CS to my daily routine and PCS for PCT (thanks AI for the whole package).
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  2. AI is really shining with a package like that. Everybody's interested in this one as am I. I'll be following along with everybody else.

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  4. Subbed for sure! Good luck with your cycle!!!


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  5. Subbed!

  6. 9/11-Back

    20 Pullups
    DB Rows-110x12, 120x10, 125x10
    HS Underhand Low Rows-170x12, 2x190x8
    Cable Rows-180x12, 220x8
    Straight-Arm Pulldowns-55x12, 70x12

    DC Stretches

    Great session from today. Had a hell of a pump and intensity throughout the session and pulled some great numbers. I didn't set any PRs, but I was really close to my best on the HS and DB Rows (only lacked reps, not weight). Weight is still holding about the same, but I am starting to feel increased fullness in my muscle bellies.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Good choice for a highlight!!

  8. wow you really are going in a new direction. i always thought you seemed cautious about new products, preferring to wait and see logs. anyway i wish you luck, and will follow.

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  9. 9/12-Triceps/Delts/Traps/Core

    CG-225x12, 245x10, 275x6
    Lying Ex-85x12, 2x95x10
    Pressdowns-150x12, 160x12, 160x12-drop-100x12
    Machine Presses-210x12, 225x10, 240x10
    Side Laterals-35x12, 2x40x10
    Rear Flies/Cable Crunches-3x40x12/3x120x25
    DB Shrugs/Trunk Rotations-90x12, 2x95x10/3x60x16

    DC Stretches

    This session was a little on the slower side from a speed and intensity standpoint. Still had a good pump, M-M connections, and strength, but didn't have the same speed and tenacity as usual. One thing that I have already noticed is a lessening of DOMS. Very little of my back is sore, even though I had a brutal session and pushed some great weights. I've also noticed that my hamstrings feel much better as well. I'm going to slowly progress the numbers and add in some sets if my body feels up to it.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. Good to hear positive feedback Keep pushing it!

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    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
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  11. yea man keep it up

  12. 9/14-Chest/Biceps

    Dips-BW+90x5, 2xBW+100x3
    HS Incline-100x10, 110x8
    Incline Flies/Cambered Curls-2x50x12, 55x12/95x10, 2x100x8
    Hammer Curls-3x55x8
    HS Decline-100x15, 110x12
    HS Preacher Curls-100x12, 115x8-drop-55x25
    High Crossovers-60x15, 70x12-drop-40x15
    Crossover Curls-40x12-drop-20x12

    Holy, balls...this was a hell of a pump. Strength was high and I had the kind of contractions that felt like a cramp. I live for sessions like this. Aggression was high for the entire session and I could have kept training despite the drop sets, which were brutal. My weight today was 205 (take it with a grain of salt), but I had some sesame chicken and egg drop soup last night. I'm starting to fell muscle fullness all day long, which is always fun.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  13. Cool!! Nice updates man!!

  14. Great update

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    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
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  15. I went to MMA practice last night after my second class (I hate Monday's: class from 8-11 and 3:30-6:30). I didn't train any striking and taught some basics to some new guys and then rolled for about 45 minutes. I don't really count any of the matches between the neophytes and me, but I did roll with a newly crowned brown and a blue. The brown belt has a tricky scissors half-guard that I struggle to pass. I used a basic wrestling technique and pulled clasped my hands together and pulled his legs out to advance to side-mount. From there, I went for a spinning, far-side armbar, but failed to finish. After a scramble, I ended up back in half-guard; however, this time, he left his arm in and I was able to secure a Brabo choke. Game over. Next match was pretty much the same story: scissors half-guard and moving for position. This time, I was able to clasp my hands together with a Gable grip and lock in a Japanese Necktie. Game over.

    For those not familiar:

    The match with the blue was almost like grappling myself: we both have long arms and favor chokes, especially D'Arce, Brabo, and Anaconda chokes. I worked to side-mount and secured a kimura before he rolled and we had a hell of a scramble. We both ended back in the starting before I sprawled out and took his back. It was a hand fight at that point and I secured a body triangle before locking in the RNC.

    I felt really good during the class and one thing I definitely noticed was the endurance in my forearms/biceps. Usually after a bicep session, I have about 5 seconds before I start to lose my grip or cramp, but I had none of that today. I feel physically stronger and I can definitely feel the recovery accelerating.

    Later today is legs...I'm going to try 225 on Front Squats. We'll see how it goes; I've done this many times in the past, but I hope my core is ready for it.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  16. I forgot to add that I am in line for my purple belt now sometime over the next few months. It depends how frequently I can make it to train with Ronny Lis, our new resident BB.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  17. Very nice work man!! I'd kill to have legs long enough to body triangle someone.Then again, I'm not near as good as you, but it's more like a fun way for me to get my cardio in. Gratz on the purple belt test!!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by subweevil View Post
    Very nice work man!! I'd kill to have legs long enough to body triangle someone.Then again, I'm not near as good as you, but it's more like a fun way for me to get my cardio in. Gratz on the purple belt test!!
    I usually can't close because my thighs are too big, but the angle was perfect and I didn't want to have the guy roll into guard (we were on our sides and he was starting to roll). Plus, I kept losing my hook with my left foot and I sure as hell wasn't going to cross my ankles.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  19. so at a week in your feeling some strengh increase and pumps huh
    awsome grappling skill gratz on the purple belt test man

  20. 9/15-Thighs/Core

    Front Squats-185x3, 205x3
    SLDL-225x10, 245x8
    Uni LP-300x12, 390x12, 480x8
    Walking DB Lunges-3x60x12
    Hypers/Hanging Leg Raises-BWx15, 2xBW+10x15/3x15

    DC Stretches

    Felt like ass the whole day; had a horrible allergy attack from all of the rain we've had down here over the past week. I had to pry myself off of the couch to go train. Needless to say, not a great session for me.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  21. I remember Fedor looking pissed when he watched Mirco knock his brother out. Well, pacing back & forth for Fedor is about as emotional as he gets.

  22. Apparently he was cussing in Russian. Fedor simply showing emotion is pissed off for him.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  23. On Wednesday, I went to MMA and trained a lot of BJJ and actually did some striking for the first time since mid-August. The intensity was very high during the grappling sessions and I was able to get an armbar, clock-choke, and modified guillotine. I did get trapped in a arm-triangle choke, but that was the only submission against me.


    Pull-ups- BWx15
    BB Rows-225x12, 245x12, 255x12
    HS Neutral Rows-180x12, 200x10, 210x10
    Twisting Cable Rows-140x12, 180x10, 200x8
    DB Rows-130x10-rest-x5
    Straight Arm Pulldowns-55x10, 70x10

    DC Stretches

    Great training session that I was looking forward to all week. Back is by far my favorite part to train and it has always been one of my strongest muscle groups. My forearms were burnt out from grappling and my other training sessions, so I had to really focus on getting a really good handle on the weight before starting. I've also lowered the weight considerably on BB Rows to accommodate my erectors that have been stiff lately. To compensate, I really slowed the eccentric portion of the rep. I added a little extra volume today just because I felt as though my body could handle it.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  24. Cool, ya know what your body needs better than anyone!! Back's my fave too.

  25. subbed
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