Since I have heard nothing but great things about Super Pump 250 I decided to try the product for myself and used a sample pre-resistance training today, dosing 45 minutes before my session. I used Super Pump 250 standalone (and I have not used anything aside from creatine, a multivitamin, antioxidant, and omegas for the last 10 days), and since most effects from a preworkout product should be noticeable from the first dose so any effects that I felt could be directly attributed to the product...

The session:

Full-Body (30 sec recovery between alternate sets and trisets):
Alternate Set A -
1. BB Good Morning 6 x 12
2. Squat Jumps 6 x 12
Alternate Set B -
3. BB Bent Over Rows 6 x 12
4. Push-ups (feet on bench, hands on DB) 6 x 12
Alternate Set C -
5. BB Military Press 6 x 12
6. Lateral Raises 6 x 12
Alternate Set D -
7. Dips 6 x 12
8. E-Z Bar Bicep Curls 6 x 12
Triset -
9. Rope Crunch 4 x 15
10. Reverse Curl (on floor) 4 x 10
11. Plank x 30 sec

What is it?

* Increases lean mass in one workout
* Reduces percentage of bodyfat
* Promotes intense mental focus
* Promotes maximum energy
* Promotes superior strength
* Causes rapid and measurable full muscle pumps
* Enhances full-body vascularity

For write-up see Gaspari Super Pump 250.

Smell: 7/10. Super Pump 250 smells tropical fruity.

Taste: 7/10. Super Pump 250 tastes like a fruit juice blend of mango and raspberry. At the end it changed to a sharp, bittersweet, tangy flavour, that lingered for a few minutes after I had finished. I actually prefer the tartness to the fruit juice taste.

Solubility: 9.5/10. The powder dissolved pretty well before I shook it (for ~5 seconds). There were no clumps in it or residue left in the shaker once it had all gone.

Texture: 10/10. Super Pump 250 looks like fruit juice diluted with water.

Lean Mass: 1/10. Skeptical about the "increases in lean mass in one workout", I decided to test this (knowing in the back of my mind that any increases in lean body mass (LBM) in a SINGLE session would only be from WATER weight and NOT muscle mass gains). I weighed myself just before resistance training, and immediately after I had finished the session. I took into account how much water I had consumed during the session and subtracted that from my post-training body mass (since THAT increase in LBM would NOT be from the Super Pump 250). I was 0.2lb LIGHTER at the end of my session compared to starting, and adjusting this figure for the 500 ml of water that I had during the session, ended up being 0.7lb lighter post-training. Therefore this claim was not true of me and I actually LOST mass from start to finish, despite drinking water during the session.

Body Composition: N/A. I would have to use this over an extended period of time, with supplements that I already know (and correct diet and training, of course), to say whether or not using Super Pump 250 aids in changes in body composition.

Focus: 8/10. I was focused during my session; more focused than I have been over the last 4 weeks during my training sessions. I knew what I wanted to do and I was ready and prepared to do it, in the zone for it today.

Energy: 8/10. I definitely had more energy today than I have had in almost 4 weeks during my resistance sessions. This could have been because it has some carbohydrates in it (and I have also stopped using the product that was causing such lethargy). Time passed quickly and I enjoyed the session somewhat.

Strength: N/A. The resistance session that I did was NOT about strength. However, I completed this exact same session last week (excluding the triset) and, although had determined to do 6x12 for every exercise, only managed 6 x 12, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8 for both exercises in Alternate Set C and 6 x 6 for Dips LAST week (albeit this week was not an improvement on my general strength, but from last week to this).

Pump: 5/10. I actually had LESS of a pump than what I would usually have from a session like the one I completed today. There was barely any pump there, and I only noticed it in my anterior delts (and in triceps from the fifth set of Dips); usually I would have a strong pump in my biceps, especially doing any bicep'’ work.

Vascularity: 5/10. There was nothing special about my vascularity today. Although there it was not as strong as it usually is during resistance training. It started becoming more knotted towards the middle of Alternate Set D, as opposed to being like that from the start.

Overall: 7/10. I was not overly impressed by Super Pump 250, despite the rave reviews that others have given it. I get better effects and results from using either Anadraulic State or RPM standalone as a preworkout product.

Would I use again? Yes. Only because it is a product that has been recommended by those whom I know KNOW their stuff about supplements, just so that I can see what happens re accumulative effects over an extended period of use (as one serving is not enough to see whether or not body composition changes (although it is enough to notice effects like focus, energy, strength, pumps, and vascularity); alongside diet and training).

Would I recommend? I only used one serving. I would wait until AFTER I had done a longer run (i.e. 3-4 weeks) of Super Pump 250 and seen what experience/effects I had (especially re lean mass and body composition) during that, before I could say whether or not I would recommend it.

This review is also available in my training/supplementation journal (post #785) in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subsection of the Supplements Forum: The Female Terminator Chronicles.