Unbiased Review of Get Diesel Three Kings Stack

  1. Unbiased Review of Get Diesel Three Kings Stack

    I just finished a 32 day run of Get Diesel 3KS. I was initially planning on a 50 day run but decided to stop sooner in order to try a couple of new products that have my attention. Overall I feel that this is the best natural stack on the market and I believe that I have tried them all. It is second only to ALRI’s “Mass Stack”, but then there are some that feel that this stack is closer to a PH than a natural stack. I am committed to building naturally so I will not use go there again. Below is my honest overall impression of this stack.

    Strength: (7/10) – I never felt this stack “kick-in” as some describe it but I did notice a nice gradual increase in overall strength. My strength was actually highest at the very end of the run.

    Libido (3/10) – My libido was low throughout the run. Natty test boosters tend to kill my libido anyway. For me this is not a real big issue as this stack works like a natural Viagra and I could still perform on demand whenever my wife was in the mood. I also noticed an increase in semen volume again for me this is not an issue either way. Moreover, my “boys” were bigger and fuller throughout. I’m not sure if there is any benefit to this but in general a nice effect.

    Muscle Hardness and Vascularity: (7/10) – I did finally noticed a slight increase in muscle hardness and vascularity toward the end of the cycle. I have used Diesel natty products in the past and an increase in hardness was one of the most pronounced effects. This stack seemed to get there but not as fast and effect was not as pronounced as in the past.

    Muscle Pump: (8/10) – In general I had great pumps throughout the run. However, I was also taking either JP8 or NO Shotgun thirty minutes prior to my workouts so I’m not sure how much of this effect to contribute to each product. Both JP8 and NO Shotgun provide good pumps on their own, so my best guess is that they are primarily responsible, however I have no doubt that DTHC and DTP both contributed to the overall effect. I was using NO Shotgun most of time because of taste and it seems to work equally well for me. I also used NOS Ether from time to time but too much magnesium gives me the runs so I have to be careful.

    Lean Mass: (8/10) – Somewhat difficult to gauge. I began the run at a solid 185# and finished at 186# so a 1# gain. But as I said I leaned out toward the end of the run so I may have gained a bit more. Throughout my muscles felt fuller and I seemed to look bigger particularly in the chest and shoulder area. Waist measurements remained constant and I gained about a 1/8” of girth around my arms.

    Overall I was very pleased with my results. I will be using DTHC again in the future however DTP and Sunami are a bit iffy for me. I am somewhat concerned about the long term effects of both pregnenolone and DHEA. Both can easily be converted to estrogen. I know that DTP contains both DIM and Resveratrol (quantities unknown) for estrogen control. DIM is a solid product with a lot of research behind it but Resveratrol is yet to be proven effective in humans. I also believe that both pregnenolone and DHEA are too far upstream to be effective as bodybuilding supplements. However DTHC seems to be very solid and I feel comfortable using it long term.

    After a two weeks sabbatical, I am planning another natty stack. This time I will be using DTHC as a base and stacking it with Drive by AN and either Primal Male by MAN or T-Force by Omega. Both Primal Male and T-Force contain Fadogia Agrestis which looks very interesting and Drive contains Forslean another interesting product. Stacking all three I believe will provide a synergistic effect by increasing test from several different pathways. I will be taking additional DIM throughout to insure estrogen is under control. I will be posting the results on Lean Bulk forum.

  2. Nice reivew, good job.

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