My review is based off of a sample pack as an FYI. Yes, I am a rep for AN, but when it comes to reviews I have no bias...I'll tell it like it is. If something sucks balls it does, if something is worth the money I'll say so. Nuff said on with the review!

Formula: 8/10 The formula IForce put together for Maximize is pretty solid. However, I do have my own personal preferences of what I like, but this is definitely one of the better formulated products out on the market in the pre-workout powder category. Having my personal fav form of creatine (creatine Gluconate), naringin, and Geranium oil (AKA 1,3 Dimethylamylamine).

Taste: 9.2/10 Taste wise Maximize's raspberry lemonade was quite enjoyable. It reminded me of country time pink lemonade and that is some good stuff. So yes...great job on the flavoring IForce.

Pumps: 7.5/10 The pumps were nothing spectacular...somewhat noticeable, but nothing to jump up and down about.

Energy: 9/10 I really liked the energy boost Maximize gave me. Honestly, I can't complain with the effects in the energy department because I was very alert and focused, and best of all I didn't feel spiked out of my mind...the energy spike was uplifting and smooth.

Endurance: 9/10 I felt like I could have gone for extra sets of 10 on each exercise...nice endurance boost for sure.

Strength/Power: 7/10 While I did push out a few extra reps and went a little heavier from set to set I can't say I really noticed a huge increase in strength and power, but I felt a little something so a 7 seems reasonable.

Mixability: 8.5/10 Mixability wise this stuff was smooth, some sediment left over, but nothing a few extra seconds of shaking couldn't fix.

Texture: 9/10 A nice part about this powder was that it tasted and felt smooth going I was drinking a normal can of country time pink lemonade. You wouldn't really be able to tell that it was a powder mixed with water more or less unlike some other pre-workout powders.

Overall: 8.4/10 Overall, for a sample pack this stuff was good. I am happy I got to try it for sure as it was not a disappointment, but rather something new that was refreshing.

Will I try a full tub? It depends really. While I liked it, it is hard for me to go against my favorites (SP250, Assault, Shock Therapy, and Super Charge). Maybe sometime I will grab a tub if there is a good deal and then give a full review.

Would I recommend? I cannot say I would recommend this necessarily because I only used a sample pack. However, from what I noticed effects wise I would say those that only care about energy boost and taste...go for it and you won't be disappointed.