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The first couple days of using T-911 showed little to no affect. It wasn't into about three to four days later when I switched my dosage to two pre workout and one later on in the evening. Two pills placed under your tongue five to ten minutes until they disintegrate is a bit awkward and may take time to get used to. The taste is similar to strawberry/mild cough medicine.

The initial affect is focus and the urge to workout. I have also noticed some thermo affects which included more sweat. It wasn't until about one week of use when the amount of weight and reps performed had increased. I showed def. increases in strength on all body parts. I have also noticed my body has leaned out (toned) a bit more than it was before T-911. More definition in my stomach and legs (legs is my trouble area).

I def. recommend this supplement to anybody looking to boost there testosterone, strength or looking for better focus. I will use this supplement for 30 days and take two weeks off before purchasing my next bottle.

Side Effects:

Shrinkage. Yes this happened to me and I have heard it has happened to others. It has not interfered with my sex life but it did throw me for a scare.

Aggression. This could be a good and bad thing. I enjoy being aggressive in the gym but outside of the gym it must be controlled. I find my self getting upset at the most minor things.

Increased Appetite. My appetite has increased and I am hungry more often. This is not a really a side effect but maybe a benefit. More food= more muscle!

Acne. I have a couple of new pimples; nothing to worry about.

Overall this is the best natural testosterone booster I have used. I have used several including Nitro T3, Restore, Etc. This has showed the most promise and it is def. worth trying.

T-911 75 tablets


Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Serving Per Container: 75

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

Proprietary Blend
Testosterone Support Complex 150mg
Ellagic Acid (Proprietary Standardized Extract for 90%)
Resveratrol ( Proprietary Standardized Extract for 95%)