Best Supplement for 60 year old male?

  1. Cool Best Supplement for 60 year old male?


    My father has been into weight lifting and a healthy lifestyle his entire life. He lifts about 5 times/week to this very day. He is 6'2" and about 240 lbs. He used to be a Navy Seal and I think that he is starting to accept the fact that he just cannot do what he used to.

    I haven't been following the supplement industry too much over the last couple years and so I could use your help. I would like to recommend a good supp for my dad. I saw he had an empty bottle of Tribulus in the cabinet, but I know that stuff is pretty weak. Would you suggest something more along the lines of Jungle Warfare or go as extreme as Halodrol or Havoc?

    Those are the last few supps I took myself, so that shows how current I am in the game. Is there anything out now-a-days that may be better suited for him? I dont want to shut his testosterone down completely at his age.

    Also, I am writing on behalf of my father. He is looking for a little edge to help spark a little life back into his lifting, and who knows what else.

    Thanks you guys,

  2. have him talk to his doc about TRT. at his age i'm sure his test levels are low enough to be a canidate.

  3. If not TRT which is NOT a supplement lol, DTP and powerfull are good ones for a guy of an elder state.
    doing my own thang!

  4. TRT might not be a bad idea, but it would probably be real expensive. My father has to pay for his own medical insurance and so his fee might be pretty high for something like that.

    I'll be sure to look into DTP and Powerful.

    What else do you guys suggest? And any good over the counter PCT?

  5. When it comes to OTC pct, one needs to know if they are responding to the AI they are using, I never just recommend an herb, everyone is different; so I can not recommend a specific otc or SERM for that manner which is not otc.
    doing my own thang!



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