This review has been a long time coming...It is for when I first used Eviscerate, which was coincidentally during the time that I was also using Anadraulic State...In addition to using Eviscerate I also used Java Lather pre-application and applied Flawless atop it each time...

What is it?

* Dramatically reduces unwanted arm/leg/abdominal fat and cellulite

Smell: 8/10. Smells strongly like coffee (a nice combination, especially when used with Java Lather, which I always used in the shower pre-Eviscerate application).

Feel: 7/10. Initially there was no burning or redness after Eviscerate application. However, the longer I used it, the more I started to become sensitive to it, and after a bit it started to burn/sting for ~20 minutes post-application (note, however, that the burning did not start until after I had applied the Flawless, which may have contributed to it), in different areas, with upper back and then legs (at different times, not more than one place each time burning)...I also applied Eviscerate several times to my face, and it burned for quite some time afterwards (but it was ok).

Spreadability: 9/10. Eviscerate spread over and into my skin quite well. There was no residue after application. I did not need much to cover my entire body.

Body Composition: 8/10. Skinfold measurements taken pre and post-Eviscerate after the first 2.5 weeks of using it indicate that I lost bodyfat (BF) from all over. Pre: body mass - 52kg, body composition - 9.0% BF, triceps - 5.5mm, subscapular - 6.0mm, biceps - 2.5mm, iliac crest - 7.0mm, supraspinale - 5.0mm, abdominal - 8.0mm, front thigh - 6.5mm, medial calf - 4.0mm. Post: body mass - 49kg (-3.0kg/6.6lb), body composition - 8.0% BF (-1.0% BF), triceps - 5.0mm (-0.5mm), subscapular - 5.0mm (-1.0mm), biceps - 2.5mm (no change), iliac crest - 6.0mm (-1.0mm), supraspinale - 5.0mm (no change), abdominal - 6.5mm (-1.5mm), front thigh - 5.0mm (-1.5mm), medial calf - 2.5mm (-1.5mm). The most fat loss occurred from my midsection and lower body. I lost a total of 0.76kg (i.e. 1.672lb) of BF and also 2.24kg (i.e. 4.928lb) of lean body mass (LBM). Although the final body statistics (i.e. body mass and body composition) indicate that I LOST LBM, the LBM that I lost was predominantly in the form of food and water weight (and this was especially apparent on Day 10 of using Eviscerate). My girths did NOT change by much, losing only 1cm from my waist and hips, with everything else staying the same.

Other Effects: 8/10. The Eviscerate/Flawless combination moisturized my skin rather well, and I noticed the difference if I did NOT use it and used instead a body moisturizer (which I did pre-gym, as I don't see any point in having a shower pre-gym, applying Eviscerate (or any topical), only to shower again ~90 minutes later and reapply the topical)...5 days after starting using both products I noticed the scars on my arms fading noticeably. Cannot say the same for any other area of my body where I have scars or stretchmarks, though...On several occasions I applied Eviscerate pre-weights to see what effects it would have. At no time did I have increased vascularity or a better pump (and I used it several times pre-training to see if this changed, since nothing happened the first time). I did notice however, that post-training I would feel an icy burning on my lower back.

Overall: 8/10. The most fat was lost from my midsection and lower body. Note though that I stacked Eviscerate with Anadraulic State and Flawless, so that (as well as IGF-2) would have contributed to my final results re body composition. However, given a strict diet and training regime Eviscerate would definitely work effectively in fat loss...The one thing that I loved about Eviscerate (and Flawless) was how well it moisturized my skin.

Would I use it again? Yes.

Would I recommend? Generally I would NOT recommend a topical fat loss product; I would recommend making sure that the key component to fat loss - DIET - was targeted at fat loss, and that training was structured appropriately, before considering a fat loss supplement/product (and unless you're relatively lean to begin with and just want to lose that last 1-2% BF, then I wouldn't recommend at all). In saying that, if diet and exercise were right, then just that little something extra could be recommended.

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