Post cycle Therapy advice needed !

  1. Smile Post cycle Therapy advice needed !

    Just Finished 2 back to back boxes of

    IDS Ripped Tabs

    second box was stacked with

    IDS Grow Tabs


    Anabolic Lavatories product - TrenComplex which i believe is just 40 mg of
    19 Norandrosta 4, 9 Diene 3, 17 Dione

    anyway i need advice on what to post cycle it with

    so far im just doing

    Revsitol -

    along with 2000 MG milk thistle throughout the day

    and tribulus 45% saponins


    the antioxidant NAC 600MG twice daily

    ---- I feel like im on the right stuff to balance out my hormones and clean out my system, however im getting really tired from the methalation of the IDS products

    any info or suggestion on what else to pick up or just in general would be awesome

    Thanks ALL!!!

  2. UKStrength
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    Re-post this in the Post Cycle Therapy section mate, wrong board.

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