My Jack3d Review

  1. My Jack3d Review

    I got jack3d because it was recommended by many and it is by far the best price next to shock therapy (which i do not recommend) It was my first day using this and i didnt want to until school started so when i get home im not tired. So i said F*$3 it and i took one scoop and i wanted to really get pumped so i took another. The scoops are so small i wondered how this would affect me. and ill break it down

    Taste 8/10
    Smells like laundry detergent which is great for me cuz i love the smell. It tastes like lemonade which is great but not the greatest taste but its still good.

    Mixability 10/10
    All it took was 10 seconds of stirring and it was done

    Affect 11/10
    After i did bench I was thinking alright its just like superpump, same energy and everything just with a better price but i was wrong. All of a sudden, it felt like i turned into a caged animal, and ill call it the Jack3d Mode because it was amazing. I didnt get tired through out my whole workout and was putting up that bar with more reps. I was walking around my basement with a killer instinct and my muscles were going nuts. This jack3d mode was insane, Superpump had good energy but this mode lasts for like 45 minutes then you get to the standard superpump energy which is like really good. Superpump never did this to me and i will never go back to superpump becuz this was the best experience of my life when it comes to lifting.

    Price: 10/10
    I bought it for 20 bones at vitamin shoppe with a coupon and its originally 30 and that is omega cheap for 45 servings.

    I would recommend to the USP labs to make the cover of the Jack3d to be more badass cuz it looks like you made the label on word becuz i feel it would make customers more interested in product.

    Otherwise this is the best preworkout sup i have ever had, and i took Superpump 250, Shock therapy.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by xpin2winx View Post
    Taste 8/10
    Smells like laundry detergent which is great for me cuz i love the smell.

  3. I recently also finished my container of jack3d and I thought it was the worst tasting pre workout supplement ive ever had, but the workouts were on par with the other pre workout stimulants ive tried.

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