VPX Sports No Shotgun and Synthesize

  1. VPX Sports No Shotgun and Synthesize

    I just started a NO Shotgun and Syntesize pre/post stack from VPX. Two important notes:

    1) The scoop and overall mixture is fairly small. Like 8 oz of water will do the trick. This is good since it's small and sometimes I get sick of drinking 12 to 16 Oz before AND after.

    2) The type of protein is instantly taken up into the bloodstream for both pre and post workout. This does NOT give me the ****s that Cell-Tech or some others have in the past. To me, that's worth it's WEIGHT IN GOLD!! How can I feel comfortable working out if I'm squeezing my cheeks.

    The only difference between the two products is that the PRE workout has redline energy in it. You can realistically use Synthesize with another energy pill if you so desired or needed.

    I've been off the gym for over four weeks and have used these two products, among other staples such as proteins and vits, to get back this week. So far so good. Good workouts with energy, nice repair and volumizing of my muscles.

    Many pre workouts lack proteins (or at the very least, throw in some BCAAs which is fairly decent) so this one struck my attention and has been good.

  2. Right on. Thanks for the mini review.

  3. i agree, i think shotgun v.3 is great

  4. Haven't tried the V3 yet, but I have heard the falvouring is good. Still have a V2 laying around somewhere but the taste is just awful. But compared to what it does it is a great product! Gotta love it!!

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  5. i like the N.O. shotgun quite a bit personally. the v3 has great flavoring compared to earlier versions, and i think the pumps are better than no explode as well. for the price, i dont mind buying one every two and a half weeks... it is worth its weight in gold. my pumps have gotten outrageous compared to my no explode pumps, which says plenty to me.

    also, the protein blend helps a LOT, and the only downside is the redline blend. they could tone it down a bit, but then again, i do sometimes almost two scoops... mostly my fault for that.



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