Rodja's MFX V3 Log

  1. Rodja's MFX V3 Log

    A tad late getting on this, but it's time to get this ball really rolling. I waited a little time to start this because I was going to fight this Saturday, but had to pull out due to injury (stress fracture on my fibula; second time I've had this). I can walk with little pain, but running/fighting is out of the question. So, while this heals, I'm rededicating myself to the weights. My vigor and inspirado has been inconsistent this Summer, but I'm feeling better than I have in a long time recently. As expected, my strength has tailed off slightly (maybe a 10% reduction in strength numbers), but my CNS is very rested.

    I've returned to one of my favorite splits recently, which is:
    Mon: Chest/Biceps
    Tue: Thighs/Core
    Wed: MMA
    Thu: Back/Core
    Fri: Triceps/Delts/Traps
    Sat: MMA (depends)
    Sun: Off

    I don't have set lifts that I do, but rather I have set angles/planes of motion. For examples, on back day, I don't have pick 4-5 lifts; instead, I choose 2 for vertical flexion, 2 for horizontal flexion, and 1 for erectors. I generally do this to keep everyday different and it provides a lot of flexibility.

    Current Stats:
    186 lbs (165.5 LBM; 20.5 FM)
    ~11% (this will fall quickly)

    188 lbs (169 LBM; 19 FM)

    Previous NHA usage: Activate X, IGF-2, Drive/RPM, Fenotest/Testofen, Hyperdrol X2, MFX V2, etc.

    To this day, my favorite stack has been 6 caps of AX and 3 caps of RPM. Lots of aggression, strength, and just an overall sense of happiness.

    MFX V3 Blend:

    ZAAC (zinc amino acid chelate) 50mg

    MFX V3 Beta Proprietary Blend 1065mg

    DVTHF™ [3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran (95%)], Epimedium Extract (40% Icarian), Indole-3-carbinol, 25R-Diol™ [(3b,5a,6a,25R)-Spirostan-3,6-Diol], Picea Abies Extract (7-hydroxymatairesinol), LJ100 (Eurycoma Longfolia root extract of 40 % Glyco Saponins and 22% EuryPeptides)

    Dosing/Ancillary Supplements:
    4 caps MFX (1 breakfast, 2 pre-training, 1 before bed)
    60g WMS/15g BCAA/25g SuperCarb post-training
    10g fish oil
    3 servings The Size
    Now B-50 (mix this into Crystal Light and drink throughout the day)
    1 Tsp Now Potassium Gluconate (also in Crystal Light)
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  2. 8/3-Chest/Biceps

    10 minute warm-up on elliptical (HR at ~130)

    HS Incline Press-100x10, 105x8, 110x6
    Flat Flys/Cambered Curls-40x12, 2x45x12/95x10, 2x105x8
    HS Preacher Curls-95x15, 2x105x12
    Crossovers/Standing Side Cable Curls-3x60x12/3x40x10

    DC Stretches

    Nice pump from this session. Still working my way back into "lifting shape," but pretty close to my usual numbers. Left shoulder was a tad cranky, but it was mainly stiffness as opposed to pain. The thing I noticed that was lacking the most was my recovery between sets; I reached muscular failure faster than usual, but still had a good M-M connection.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. jim623
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    Alright Rodja, let's whip this mule.

  4. As simple as it sounds, I have always found that running a new product or stack is perfect for reinvigorating my enthusiasm for training and gaining. Subscribed, and I hope that stress fracture heals up well for you

  5. 8/4-Thighs/Core

    10 min elliptical

    Front Squats-155x8, 185x3, 195x2
    Unilateral LP-2x370x8
    Reverse Lunges-115x10, 135x8
    Hypers/Hanging Leg Raises-3x15/3x15

    DC Stretches

    I'm still getting my legs back underneath me and I can definitely tell the difference in my core stability during front squats. Form was smooth, but the weight felt heavier than usual. My glutes were fried by the end of the session (I go ATG on the squats as well) and they are by far the most sore from the session. Fibula didn't hurt too bad, but I still can't go run, which really, really sucks.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. 8/6-Back

    BB Rows-275x12, 285x10
    Wide Pulls-3x200x10
    HS Low, Neutral Grip Rows-145x12, 2x170x10
    Underhand, Medium Pulls-3x180x8

    Completely, absolutely drained after this session. Lats were trashed and I was drenched and covered in chalk by the end of the session. I usually do cardio after I lift to help with the recomp, but I had nothing left in the tank. HUGE pump and stellar M-M connection.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. 8/8-Triceps/Delts/Traps/Core

    CG-BP-225x10, 245x8, 255x5
    HS Shoulder Press-100x10, 2x105x8
    Lying Extensions/Seated Side Laterals-2x95x10, 100x8/30x12, 2x35x12
    Pressdowns/Rear Flys-3x160x12/3x40x12
    Smith Shrugs-2x315x12
    Overhead DB Ex-30x8 (held for 30 seconds at the bottom for a deep stretch)
    Facepulls/Cable Crunches-3x130x15/3x130x20

    DC Stretches

    Starting to feel the Icariin/Nettle synergy. Good aggression and pump from this session, especially in my delts and traps. Strength is slowly coming along and I have noticed that the reps are coming a little easier than they have been recently. DOMS is still about the same, but I have been increasing the intensity lately, so that is very much expected.

    1. Aggression spikes ~45-60 minutes post-dosing
    2. Increased glycogen/muscle fullness
    3. Better/more restful sleep
    4. Libido is WAY up (Icariin does this very quickly to me) and increased seminal volume (my guess is the zinc)
    5. Overall better mood
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. jim623
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    Good stuff Rodja. Sounds like it's starting to kick a little.

  9. Subbed, looking forward to reading about a fellow Texan's progress.

  10. 8/10-Chest/Biceps, MMA

    Dips-BW+80x5, 2xBW+90x3
    HS Flat Press-2x100x8
    Incline Flys/Cambered Curls-40x12, 2x45x10/95x10, 2x105x8
    Decline Flys/Hammer Curls-3x40x12/3x40x10
    Preacher Curls-3x30x15
    High Crossovers/Standing Side Curls-60x15/40x10

    DC Stretches

    Very odd session for me; I had a phenomenal pump in my biceps, but not a great one in my chest. My numbers were still really good, but I didn't get the pump, or the DOMS later, that I usually get from a solid chest session. I have a gnarly bruise on my medial epicondyle from grappling a few weeks back, but, although still sore to the touch, has not impacted my strength at all. After a weekend of gluttony, I was up to 194 on Monday, but it was an inflated number from water retention. I am definitely feeling the spike in aggression and getting a very deep sleep.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  11. 8/11-Thighs/Core

    Hack Squats-225x10, 275x10, 315x10
    SLDL-3x185x10 (45 sec rest)
    Front Squats-2x135x5
    Reverse Lunges-2x135x8
    Hypers/Hanging Leg Raises

    I went with a lighter thigh session than usual to put less strain on my fibula and to let my knees heal up a bit. My thighs also grow very quickly when I train them with purpose and intensity, so I have to curtail this with less intensity than I would like. I am still on the fence about MMA, but I will continue my training and won't let my weight go crazy. The actual session was smooth and went great. I was drenched in sweat and drag-ass tried byt eh end from going much faster than usual. I'm also really starting to feel the enhanced focus and aggression from this within 30 minutes of dosing.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  12. 8/12-Back

    5 minutes elliptical

    BB Rows-275x12, 295x10
    Pull-Ups-4xBWx4 (4 sec negatives)
    HS Neutral-Grip Rows-170x12, 2x180x10
    Pullovers-60x10, 65x10, 70x8

    Hanging Lat Stretch

    HUGE pump in my lats from this session. Strength was great throughout the session and I became more energetic throughout the session. Needless to say, my lats were fried by the end and the DOMS I have from this is unreal. I can especially feel it in my teres major from going extremely slow on the HS rows. Recovery between sets is still holding solid and my strength is really climbing in most muscle groups.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  13. I'm in albeit a little late...
  14. jim623
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    Any updates Rodja?

  15. Also late...any updates??

  16. Late as well, but paying attention now. Waiting for another update.

    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  17. I had to cut the cycle last Monday; I went to McAllen, TX during the weekend of 8/15 to corner one of my friends for a fight. I wasn't feeling too well when we left, but I tried to push through it. Somewhere I picked up a nasty stomach bug and had the cromits (a mix of the craps and the vomits) for about 3 days. I felt like death and could keep down about 6 oz of water before I would get nauseous again The only way I was able to stay hydrated was through a banana bag, which is commonly used after weigh-ins for MMA. I've been alright for the past 5 days, but am still not good enough to go lift.

    Whenever v3 is released for commercial sale, I'll buy a bottle and use the leftovers from this cycle and log that.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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