Intra-Aid Citrus Burst Review

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    Intra-Aid (25 servings) By: Universal Nutrition

    Targeted Intra-Workout Performance Matrix!
    Proper workout nutrition (intra-workout) is an area that is being supported by a legit, growing body of science. Intra-workout nutrition represents the next big nutritional frontier for bodybuilders and weightlifters. Even so, many lifters often ignore this period. Why is targeted intra-workout supplementation so important? Here's a short list: proper rehydration, muscle and liver glycogen resynthesis, improved immune function, decreased muscle catabolism, increased muscle protein synthesis, increased muscle anabolism, faster recovery and training at a higher intensity. It's amazing how so many benefits can get overlooked. Intra-Aid brings intra-workout nutrition into the 21st century. It's a combination of key complexes that work in synergy to maximize the aforementioned benefits of workout supplementation. Intra-Aid consists of 5 potent components: fast-acting hydrolyzed protein, a highly specialized carbohydrate blend, critical electrolytes, an essential amino acid blend, and key ergogenic agents. Intra-Aid combines all of the scientific benefits of proper intra-workout supplementation, leaving out the guesswork. The gym water fountain and popular high fructose "sports" drinks may be good for the regular athlete, but for the serious weight lifter, they just can't compare. Think of Intra-Aid as first-aid for your workout.

    I won this on a promo. I was not required to do a review of this product, but I have elected to do so.

    Formula - 10/10: Fastest absorbing whey protein possible + beta alanine and a host of other amino acids. Definitely targeted to prevent catabolism and promote anabolism while ensuring endurance.

    Intra-Aid Proprietary Performance Blend 10,000mg
    Beta Alanine **
    Taurine **
    Leucine **
    Isoleucine **
    Valine **
    Arginine **
    Histidine **
    Lysine **
    Methionine **
    Phenylalanine **

    Mixability - 9/10: This stuff mixed almost perfect. If I left it in the refrigerator for an hour, it would settle a little.

    Taste - 10/10: This flavor tastes a lot like orange juice. It isn't very overpowering or false tasting. I then added some Citrulline Malate of my own to the mix and it made it taste like I was drinking OJ during my workout.

    Price - 10/10: $31.99 here on Use the 10% off coupon and it is $28.79 which comes out to $1.15/serving. One of the best, if not the best priced intra-workout drinks.

    This is a great product. If you compare the protein content to other intra-workout drinks it is more than competitors. You could 1/2 the scoop to make it last longer as well. I think the for the costs and ingredients, this is a great intra-workout drink and I definitely noticed my ability to maintain throughout my workouts was greatly enhanced.

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    Solid, honest review bro, thanks for the write up.


  3. no problem, thank you for the opportunity to try this product.

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