E-911 review

  1. E-911 review

    simply put,

    tred every stim there is, otc and otherwise. so i approached this with little excitment as its main attraction for me was the speed of sublingual delivery which also equals less "on" time.

    so itry my first pill, 25 minutes later i placed an order for another 2 bottles.

    yup, its that good. a very nice pick me up providing decent non jittery energy.
    feels cleaner than ephedrine, and even for me, anon coffe drinker, the caffeine works well.

    ive had upto 3 at a time which was fun but a little etchy(caffeine)

    ive also gotten AX Slimextreme and i really like it but notfor daily use.
    using 911 while on SX is a real treat. an amp style energy, actually more like m-amp as their is a definate euphoria and increase in social interaction.

    about 10 other friends really loved this too, so it aint just me...

    and for the price, this CANNOT be beaten. pick a bottle up, no regrets.

    thank LG for the great offer

  2. How long would you say the energy lasts for?

  3. Awesome bro! Thanks for this review! I haven't even tried it yet myself but can't wait.

  4. depends on what you have eaten, and the state you are in.
    but on normal days for me, id say 2 to 3 hours
    with other stims it can go up to 5 or 6

    if i am dead tired or late at night, id say an hour and half tops.

    even though its sublingual, amount of food eaten beforhand still affects it.

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