testevol pct

  1. testevol pct

    hi guys iam running a cycle of testevol from evolabs. I wanted to know what sort of pct should i take after it, evolabs suggests arimevol but that contains a strong prohormone in itself....so what are your suggestions on a pct after testevol...and yeh this stuf is working cuz i got gains and also a little acne and some rage issue

  2. its not a PH
    its a natty testbooster, no pct required

  3. no pct is required for natty test boosters

  4. Quote Originally Posted by spartan300 View Post
    its not a PH
    its a natty testbooster, no pct required
    are u sure its a natty booster? also it says take 2 a day what do u think are the best times?

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