Shock Therapy vs Superpump 250 The Truth

  1. Shock Therapy vs Superpump 250 The Truth

    Starting off with superpump, I orginally didnt even know superpump 250 existed until i gave my friend 20 bucks to buy a tub of creatine and he gave me a trial size of Superpump 250. I was very upset becuz it would last like 10 days for me and creatine would last alot longer so i decided to give it a try. I didnt know this stuff was going to be so powerful.
    I worked an 8 hour shift at work and i got around 5 o clock and took an hour nap. I woke up about an hour later and i was so groggy and tired i wanted to go back to sleep but i knew i had to get in a workout so I took a scoop and it kicked me in the face so fast, i worked out like an animal. Superpump 250 is without a doubt an amazing preworkout supp. The taste is very good in my opinion compared to other NO drinks. The orange tastes like an orange creamsicle. Overall superpump 250 is an amazing product which has great taste IMO, mixes easy, yea there are some stomach problems with it but idc cuz this stuff works. Stacked with size on also. Overall 9/10.
    Now onto a cheaper NO product with more servings is Universal's Shock therapy. I took this because it is like 20-25 bones online compared to Superpumps $35 and i heard good remarks about it so i stacked this with storm and the stack was ok. I prefer taking my creatine post instead of intra cuz i like drinking alot of water and not sizeon . First of all, i tasted both flavors of shock therapy and they are the most disgusting drinks i have ever consumed. I mean i think the only reason this stuff wakes u up or gives u energy is cuz it tastes so bad. One scoop gave me like a little bit of energy with slight pumps but nothing compared to superpump 250. The taste of the drink gets better but when u add more scoops it tastes 3 times as bad. It kinds looks like they put sand in there to piss u off. One scoop didnt work for me so I upped to 2 to 3 scoops and that still didnt do anything for me. Overall shock therapy is an alright supplement that gives u some energy but nothing IMO near as much as Superpump 250. I would def spend the extra 10 bucks for superpump and dont drink it on off days so u save it for workout days cuz that stuff goes fast.
    Shock therapy 5/10
    Superpump 250 9/10

  2. Thanks for the info xpin. I have got to agree with you about the SP250. I have never had anything that is in the same ball park. The only problem is the price; which becomes an even bigger problem when you are taking two and three scoops per workout.

    I just picked up JP8. I had heard a lot of really good things about it. I started it yesterday and was not pleased. However, I had not eaten and was tired as sh*t. So in all fairness yesterday wasn't all the products fault. I am going to continue with it through the week. Will let you know if it compraes to the SP250.

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