SNS Focus XT -- Helping me focus

  1. SNS Focus XT -- Helping me focus

    Recieved my Focus XT sometime last week after a long delay due to my school being slow at forwarding my mail home, but hey now is as good as ever.

    I picked the pink lemonade flavor cause it sounded fantastic, plus I saw some good reviews on the flavoring, which is new for me since most energy stuff I drink is horrid.

    Today was day 1.

    Initial Taste Test- 9
    This stuff is delicious. Tastes like pink lemonade, not too sweet, not too bitter...just right. Could honestly drink it as a leisurely drink. Had 1 scoop with about 12 ounces of water and it was great. Even was able to add in my beta alanine (which i can normally taste honestly) to it and it masked it very well.

    Mixability - 8.5
    Mixed pretty easily, though my last sip had some grit in it. Used a blender bottle. STill good though.

    Today was back/legs day. About 15 minutes after drinking it down, I felt a feeling of well being. Felt like I was ready to get to work. Didn't feel a huge energy boost, but did notice a slight boost. Once I got to the gym, went straight to work and it helped keep me focused. I pushed through the workout a little quicker cause i didnt **** around as much between sets, which was good. Was impressed with the first day.

    Tomorrows Chest/Shoulders, so we'll see how it goes. Expecting big things haha

  2. I look forward to following along and seeing your thoughts.
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  3. Will you be logging only pre-workout or for other applications as well?

  4. I'll be doing this mostly pre workout but when classes start i'll use it a little differently. Should be interesting
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    Awesome, Subscribed!

  6. Day 2:

    Today was day 2 since I wasn't able to get to the gym yesterday due to real life getting in the way. I pushed chest/shoulders to today and added 2 bicep and 2 tricep excercises to the end today in order to keep back/legs for tomorrow.

    Took my dose of Focus XT upon waking and was in the gym within an hour of taking it. Once again, felt a general sense of well being within 15 minutes and a slight boost of energy.

    Besides the feeling of well being, again i felt slightly more in-tune while lifting. Seemed to want to cut breaks between sets lower than normal and was able to focus on the muscle/contraction a bit more than usual. The effect seems subtle though, which isnt necessarily a bad thing, as a huge effect may weird me out or something haha. I will keep track of this and might mess with dosing a bit to see if I can change it any. Tomorrows day 3.

  7. Day 3:

    Took a heaping scoop today instead of the flattened scoop i've been taking. Was back/legs day.

    Good sense of well being again, enjoy that part as it seems to calm me before I get to the gym which is good for me. Felt a little extra energy and seemingly no crash, which has been the case the past few days. While lifting I seemingly go in and out of very focused stages. I lift with my gf, so that could have something to do with it. Gonna try to keep strictly to business tomorrow, see how it goes in terms of focus. Been more focused since taking it, but still slight room for improvement there.

    As a sidenote, I'll be going away on saturday for a week, so workouts will be few and far between. If I get the chance I'll update. Gonna bring a few doses just to see what happens. Will update on that ASAP

  8. Got home from vacation yesterday and now I'm packing to go to school. Will probably take some tomorrow before I do my daily activities, though I might be taking most of the week off from the gym just to tie up loose ends. We'll see.

  9. In on this man. Havnt tried Focus XT yet but have heard great things and plan on using it when my schools starts back up again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by warbird01 View Post
    In on this man. Havnt tried Focus XT yet but have heard great things and plan on using it when my schools starts back up again.
    It helped me with studying a lot during my finals.

  11. any updates man?
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  12. Alright so I made it back to the gym today for a nice back workout. Woulda hit legs too but I literally waited 5 minutes for each machine/bench/barbell. Was kinda a nightmare but somehow I kept focus through it all.

    The taste is still good to me except that last sip has a little bitterness to me. Energy level was good today though. Been taking it easy on stims so I feel like it worked a little better with the extra kick of energy I felt. Focus was awesome today. Like I said, even tho it was a nightmarish workout, I kept focused and put in some work. Mind/Muscle connection was very strong and through it all I got in a great workout. Still impressed with it...

    Classes start Weds and I'll be testing this out pre-class just to see how it goes on thurs or next Monday.

    PS. Sorry for the lapse. Went to montana then moved into my new Apartment back at school so its been busy.

    BTW grats on the Rep job Warbird.

  13. Cant wait to hear how you like it in a school setting man.
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