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  1. Today will be my first day in the gym for about four days. Mainly due to the fact I graduated and not sure where I will be in the next few months. However, I think it will be a great way to put myself and these products to the test. Ill report how it goes. Today its Bench/Rows/ and then whatever else I feel like doing since I am not sure when my next upper body day will be.

  2. S after a week off...I finally found a gym that does one month memberships and I was finally able to lift. The gym is great. It def caters more towards powerlifters and olympic lifters. They have some fun stuff.

    As far as my work out went, it took some getting used to lifting heavy again. Normally I would get 315 for 5, today only 2. Which is okay. I also was able to go just a heavy on bent of rows and croc rows....def a great pump and was stoked I haven't lost too much strenght..

    Tomorrow is leg day and will be another good test.

  3. Im just now half way through Week 3 and feel like I have bounced back. My only problem is the lifting aspect. As I stated before my workout have been sporadic since I couldnt find a gym. I am now back into one. I feel that I am still staying stagnant and said screw it. Im going ahead and starting my 5/3/1 program.

    As far as this TRS goes. I enjoy it..just not sure if transdermals are my thing. Taking pills leave less room for error. I live in SOuth Carolina and its hot as ****, so as soon as i step out of hte shower I can feel myself sweating again. Not sure if never having dry skin effects the sustain alpha.

    So far I think I would utilize the Toco-8 and Endo Amp for sure. At the end of the week Ill post numbers and compare cycle weights and post cycle weights.


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