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    I mix toco-8 and endo amp with cottage cheese in the AM usually. Cinnamon and dash of vanilla extract and the cottage cheese taste awesome. The toco-8 and endo amp actually add to the taste IMO. Sustain Alpha has always kept my gains. I'm actually thinking of using it year-round when off cycle.

    As far as the masters in higher-education.... are you involved in the linkedin network? ( This may help you get out there. It is all about who you know.
    I am so glad you said that it keeps gains. I am not ready to chalk this up to some miracle PCT, but yesterday was leg day and I squated more than I ever have before, a def PR. With that said I have been doing DC style with my legs. I usually push as much as I can for 25-27 reps. So I do not know if doing that for a month has really increased my max or not. But holy **** was I suprised that I could jsut keep adding 20lbs every set.

    It just sucks right now with jobs, b/c normally your fighting for jobs with ppl with similiar degrees. Now im competing for jobs with ppl outside higher ed. I am finding it to be about who you know, not what your degree is in. However, one of the jobs I applied for I knew the Program Coordinator and the Dean of the Grad School for that program and still nothing. How does that happen. Tough times.

  2. Day 4:::::::::::::::::::::::

    Stuff is great so far. I feel like I am gaining more strenght off cycle, than on. Today was Bench/Row day and killed my bench. I haven't repped 315 for a long time. But it felt thats another PR I have hit and its the fourth day.
    I also felt a huge pump in my back from my rows. Felt very great in the gym today. Great strength and pump. I also finally was able to do all three sets with 115lbs DBs for incline. Normally I hit that for my last set and get 6 reps. This time I got 115lbs for 8reps on the last set. Nutzzz brah.

  3. Sorry it has been awhile since i have updated. I went to the beach for a couple of days. Got in one good workout and this idiot sunburn scar on my forehead. I have come to a crossroads unfortunatly. August 9th will be my last day to workout out at the school gym. So I will become a vagrant and not sure how that will effect my numbers.

    I am on my second week. I am currently sitting around 235. One thing I have noticed, that I really didn't notice on cycle, is how much my endurance was up. Yesterday when I lifted I could really tell. I save military presses last so I can go all out and was barely got 175x5. Stanima is def been lost post-tren.

    Applications still going nicely. The smell is still so weird to me. Today is deadlifting day and well see where my numbers are at. So far I will say I am likely my recovery. My libido is def back up if not higher.

    I went out last night....I could not count how many times I just wanted get it on right in the bar.

  4. haha - glad to hear the libido is up!

  5. Yeah man its nuts soo far...its like it kicked in out of nowhere and on "guys night out" hahaha

    Tried to deadlift today. This was about an hour after I had three moes soft tacos. I was soo damn gassy I had to give up. I just started my first 5x5 and just quit. I just cannot be the guy that everytime he brings the bar back up I let one rip...too many ppl working around me.

    I did however go on just to get an arm workout in, since it was my last day and I rarely do bicep work. Well ****, I was very pleasantly suprised......I lifted whatever I set my sights on as far as arms. 65lb db curls easy 160lbs on the seated bicep curl thing...just all came in easy. So I guess I cannot be too bummed.

    Currently I am pissed about all the negative stuff I have been reading about soy isnt fair.

  6. Today will be my first day in the gym for about four days. Mainly due to the fact I graduated and not sure where I will be in the next few months. However, I think it will be a great way to put myself and these products to the test. Ill report how it goes. Today its Bench/Rows/ and then whatever else I feel like doing since I am not sure when my next upper body day will be.

  7. S after a week off...I finally found a gym that does one month memberships and I was finally able to lift. The gym is great. It def caters more towards powerlifters and olympic lifters. They have some fun stuff.

    As far as my work out went, it took some getting used to lifting heavy again. Normally I would get 315 for 5, today only 2. Which is okay. I also was able to go just a heavy on bent of rows and croc rows....def a great pump and was stoked I haven't lost too much strenght..

    Tomorrow is leg day and will be another good test.

  8. Im just now half way through Week 3 and feel like I have bounced back. My only problem is the lifting aspect. As I stated before my workout have been sporadic since I couldnt find a gym. I am now back into one. I feel that I am still staying stagnant and said screw it. Im going ahead and starting my 5/3/1 program.

    As far as this TRS goes. I enjoy it..just not sure if transdermals are my thing. Taking pills leave less room for error. I live in SOuth Carolina and its hot as ****, so as soon as i step out of hte shower I can feel myself sweating again. Not sure if never having dry skin effects the sustain alpha.

    So far I think I would utilize the Toco-8 and Endo Amp for sure. At the end of the week Ill post numbers and compare cycle weights and post cycle weights.


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