Trying to increase test levels

  1. Trying to increase test levels

    Hey guys,
    First off, I am 19 years old and I am trying to gain lean muscle without gaining fat. Secondly, I was considering using the Trifecta Stack, but after reading comments in my previous thread about it, I decided not to. However, I still want to increase my test levels as high as naturally possible. So, this is my idea: I was going to use Formadrol Extreme, I-GH-1, and Sustain Alpha. This would be my first time using products such as these and I would like some advice. Mainly, I want to know if you guys think these products will help me gain more muscle. Also, any suggestions like how to dose all of these i.e. On work out days, which should I take first or if I should use them all separately. Thanks.

  2. An AI can't hurt hyperdrol x2 and stoked would work well

  3. Wink Not willing to spend any more money...

    Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    An AI can't hurt hyperdrol x2 and stoked would work well
    Thanks for the input. However, I do not want to spend any more money right now, so I just want advice on the three products that I just mentioned. How can I best use the Formadrol, I-GH-1, and Sustain Alpha? Specifics would be greatly appreciated!

  4. that would be fine to use . talk to trauma1 about the sustain thoguh im not well versed on it.

    other 2 i have used

  5. see this post by tranceaddict Alpha Drive XL.... i am getting no erections
    Im assuming you are using the same

  6. I would look into the Get Diesel line of products.
    They have many success stories and bloodwork to back up higher test levels.

    Just search and youll find positive reviews.


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