Cel mdrol is simply amazing. I had no sides whatsoever. Dosed at 10/20/20/20. I gained a solid 20 lbs, and picked up 1% bf. I'm now sitting around 190 @ 5'6 13% bf. All of my lifts went up.

-squats 315 for reps
-incline bench 245 for reps
-bb curls 125 lbs for reps
-raw deadlifted 405x3 after my entire back workout

those are just some of my lifts. Cel has a great product and I recommend it to anyone ready for a more serious DS. I know this review is somewhat short, but I'm typing this on my iphone

Lg t911 + liquid nolvadex

this stuff together is great. The boys were bigger then ever just a few days into pct! Libido is thru the roof. Again this is short, but this stuff is great together.