FAQ #1: Does Torrent contain enough protein?
Yes. Torrent has 20g of protein, but it's not just regular whey protein. Torrent contains expensive WPH (whey protein hydrolysates), which is the fastest absorbing protein of its kind, even faster than free form aminos. After a workout the goal is to take in only the most efficient sources of nutrients and WPH is as efficient as it gets. Plus, research suggests that too much protein isn't efficient as excess can convert to the waste product, urea. Torrent is lean and efficient and was designed with the idea that nothing should go to waste. Also, bear in mind that Torrent contains 8,000mg of a special leucine complex, bringing up the total amino acid content of Torrent significantly. For those in the know, leucine may very well be the most anabolic of all the amino acids. This 8,000mg, when combined with WPH, creates a far greater impact than 20g of whey protein concentrate alone. See FAQ #5 below.

FAQ #2: I've been hearing a lot about Waxy Maize Starch. What makes it so special?
Waxy Maize Starch (WMS) is a unique and very expensive "high molecular weight" carbohydrate that has the ability to move through the stomach rapidly. This is ideal for quick glycogen replenishment without "stomach bloat". Just as importantly, WMS has the ability to draw or "pull" other nutrients into your muscles cells along with it?this special "torrent" action makes it an ideal carb for post-workout ingestion.

FAQ #3: Why use Waxy Maize Starch in conjunction with other carbs?
WMS has a "nutrient drawing" effect because of its high molecular weight. Taken in the Osmosulin Carb Matrix along with d-glucose and maltodextrin, you combine this rapid gut-passing of aminos and other nutrients from WMS with the potent insulin spiking properties of simple carbohydrates. In other words, Torrent provides a fuller spectrum of various carb sources, each with their own functional advantages.

FAQ #4: Do I need to use Torrent on my non-training days?
No. Torrent is a post-workout supplement that can optimally be used on training days when your muscles require superior, targeted nutrition.

FAQ #5: Why do I need Torrent? Isn't my regular PWO protein shake enough?
Simply put, no. Recent studies show that combining whey along with carbs and leucine is more beneficial than protein alone or protein and carbs alone. The additional leucine appears to help further stimulate muscle protein synthesis and maximally optimizes whole protein balance. Leucine is the "money" amino in terms of anabolism, and Torrent delivers a full 8,000 milligram complex of its most advanced forms. With Torrent, all of your postworkout needs are covered in one shot and at a price that is very, very nice. Easily digested protein, an advanced carb blend and 18,000mg of cutting-edge aminos and creatine all in one is a delicious postworkout drink mix.

FAQ #6: Does Torrent need to be "cycled"?
No, as a post-workout shake, Torrent should be taken after each workout to help supply your muscles with the right nutrients for muscle growth and repair. There is no need to cycle it. Regarding the creatines used in Torrent, see FAQ #9.

FAQ #7: Can I mix Torrent with milk or is water enough?
You can, but for optimal results, Torrent should be mixed with water. Torrent is a complete post-workout shake. Adding milk or other substances to the shake can cause some delay of its absorption--meaning it'll take longer for critical nutrients to reach your muscle cells. 20 oz. of water hand mixed in a standard shaker cup or water bottle is all you need.

FAQ #8: Can I use Storm and Shock Therapy with Torrent?
Yes. Torrent is designed to fit right along with the tried and true combination of Shock Therapy and Storm. Here's how... Shock Therapy pre. Consume Storm either during your workout or immediately afterwards. Take Torrent within 15 minutes after your workout.

FAQ #9: Conversely, do I need another source of creatine other than that contained in Torrent?
No. While you can stack Torrent with other creatine products like Animal Pump, Storm and/or Shock Therapy for greater results, you can also use Torrent as your sole creatine source. Torrent contains a 3g creatine complex, including creatine ethyl ester (CEE) and magnesium creatine chelate (MCC). Bear in mind that, as you are using Torrent only on training days, you'll still need to supplement with creatine on your off days.

FAQ #10: How does Torrent taste?
It is difficult to mask the flavor and texture of a formula that includes not only WPH and WMS, but 18g of advanced aminos. But through months of stringent taste testing protocols and new advancements in flavoring, we think we created a product you will actually look forward to consuming.

Once again thank you universal for letting me try out this product

I was very excited to try this product after going through a few tubs of Cherry and green apple and i must say my initial first impressions are this is deffinately better. I will give a few points on how i thought the taste mixability was etc.

Taste- 10/10 The taste was very good i thought not really sour but the first flavor that popped into my mind was orange juice not like tropicana but a tangy orange juice it was very good for a post workout drink thats really the best way to describe it a tangy orange juice i think, I added 20 oz of water with 3 scoops and the flavor was perfect.

Smell- When you open the tub theres deffinately a Sour citrus rush that comes to you but after adding water it still comes back to the Tangy orange juice.

Easily the best Torrent in my mind the flavor is not dull at all its solid all the way through there were no lumps to be seen in 20 oz of water, The closest thing i can describe it to is tangy orange juice the color the taste the smell it all brings me back to that. Simply put universal got it right nicely done.