Purple Wraath (Purple Lemonade)

Taste: 6.5/10
Sipped on it over a period of 20 min, 40 min. prior to training (push day). No dry heaves. It wasn't a terrible taste but it could definitely use some work. There was a bit of a peculiar aftertaste to it and the flavor struck as a bit watered down or too 'light', if you will. I'm not a fan of artificial sweeteners as my body doesn't respond well to these substitutes. I tend to get headaches, stomach discomfort and sometimes even nausea depending on which sugar substitute I ingest. This time my stomach bothered me a bit for a few minutes but the discomfort eventually subsided. The taste reminded me of Crystal Light but I know there are many folks out there who are absolutely delighted by that taste. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. I would not mind consuming a tub of PW though--if it was complimentary of course-- but I wouldn't purchase it. I'm interested in checking out the Juicy Grape flavor as I'm confident I will take a better liking to it. In most instances, I'd prefer a grape flavored product over lemonade. Lemonade isn't exactly the easiest flavor to get right either. As contradicting as it might sound, not every lemonade flavored supplement powder is going to taste the same.

Mixability: 8/10
I used the recommended 20 oz. of water in a shaker and didn't have much of a problem with the exception with a bit of settling that would occur at the bottom. A quick 5 second shake a couple times solved this minor problem though. PW does definitely mix quite well.

Feeling: 8/10
I've heard a lot about the 'tingling sensation' produced by BA and this was my first time ever ingesting BA so I will say I was a bit disappointed when I didn't get it LOL. Regardless, this was my first time consuming PW and we're talking about a sample so I tried to be as observant and detail-oriented as possible. I'm certain if I was logging a 30 day supply of these products I'd be able to realize more of the effects these products may have incited. I'm familiar with the effects of most of the ingredients at a basic level so with that being said...

I did experience a noticeable increase in focus and muscle fullness. I'm typically always focused and in my mode prior to training but I did notice this session had a bit more intensity. Again, I can't say to what degree the highlighted effects occurred but I can say w/o a doubt they were noticeable. My fatigue resistance also felt increased (I assumed this was the Citrulline Malate in action) along with my endurance and stamina. I pumped out 2-4 more reps than expected on several of the exercises. This is always a pleasantly welcomed effect.

Green Mag (Sour Green Apple)

Taste: 9/10
A pleasant surprise. Reminded me of the tartness of NO-Xplode Orange back in the day when it was "THE" supplement. No dry heaves here either. The flavor gave a nice, rewarding finishing touch to my workout.

Mixability: 9/10
Used 8 oz. water (in a shaker as well). Didn't take as much to mix as PW. Shook it for about 5 seconds and I was good to go.

Feeling: N/A
I consumed GM post workout and now that I think about it, it probably would've been a much better experience to have consumed it Pre-WO as well (creatine+BA+citrulline malate = excellent combo). Followed GM with my PWO shake.

Conclusion: Looking forward to trying out the rest of your line CL! Wouldn't mind a sample of Juicy Grape flavored Purple Wraath I tried to be as unbiased, descriptive and straight-forward as possible. I hope I was able to achieve those things taking into consideration I was only reviewing samples.