I purchased a 1000g tub of the Fruit Punch Kicker flavor and I thought I would drop a short review because I haven't seen much feedback on this product on this board.

Taste: When mixed in 6oz. of water(the recommended amount) the taste is too tart for my liking, during a work out. I found that that 10-12oz. of water works better. Overall the taste is just "ok" and I would give it a 6/10

When first mixed it sort of clumps and has a froth sitting on top of the liquid, this froth soon dissipates(after 10 minutes or so) and your left with a well mixed drink. This mixes better than alot of the other EAA products Ive used so I have to give this a 9/10

I feel you get alot for your money with this supplement, 1000g yields 134 doses! The price tag is pretty steep (I paid $67+ shipping), but one tub will last you awhile. I hope this will help someone that is looking into buying an EEA supplement.