Tried Xtend for the first time tonight. WOW

  1. Tried Xtend for the first time tonight. WOW

    I am currently into my second week of P90X and it is absolutely brutal. As I have stated in some previous posts, P90X is easily the most intense hour you could possibly do.

    Saying that, I have had a lot of trouble finishing some of the workouts, and if I did finish them, I wasn't using proper form by the end of the workout. After my workouts, I was completely spent, and could barely stand up (which is why this program works so well haha)

    I started sipping on 3 scoops of Xtend about 20 minutes before my Shoulders and Arms workout. I have never felt like that during a P90X workout, or any other workout. My arms never got tired. I was doing the same amount of weight on the 3rd round through as I was doing on the 1st round. I felt like I could just keep on lifting no matter how much weight it was, or how many reps I did.

    I am sitting at my computer right now and my arms still feel like I could go do the workout again. If anyone is looking for pre/during/post energy and endurance supplement I would strongly suggest Xtend. I feel great, and won't do another P90X workout without it.

    I am also taking Lean Xtreme and Slime Xtreme during my cut, and I am honestly seeing extreme results from just 9 days of supplementation and P90X. I will get picks up soon, and I don't even believe how my body could change so much in 9 days.

    Thanks guys

  2. Yes Xtend is a sweet supplement.
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