LG Trifecta Stack Log

  1. LG Trifecta Stack Log

    1st time post!
    -I am a 1st time user of any prohormone product and chose the Tri-Fecta stack to do...safer route, and novice. did much research before and have been lifting and excercising regularly for 2 yrs.

    My Stack
    MMv3 (melt tabs)
    NO Explode
    Cell Mass
    Fish Oil Omega 3's[/COLOR]

    I started 1week ago as sugested on lables- didnt notice anychanges so far...was taking 4 Methyl 1-d's, and 4 Masterdrol Melt tabs daily.

    I am 6'7'' and 260lbs- 25yrs old- Should the reccommened amounts/doses work for me? I want to lean up while gain mass.

    I just started 6 Methly 1d's, 4 MMV3 Melt tabs perday for week 2....

    In the last day I noticed a lower left abdominal pain with discomfort??? I had a lot of gas one day and today the pain is just there...Kinda worried of any side effects or if is a muscle starin/pull?

    Should these products cause any sort of side effects as described? Should I stop taking them, and if so how and any PCT?

    Advice and suggestions are very appreciated!

  2. i'm in the first week of the pct of the trifecta stack, and i can honestly say it was terrible, not only did i eat like a horse, every 2 to 3 hours i was putting down heavy carlories but it didn't budge my weight or my strength, what a waste

  3. Why do you say the PCT was terrible? How did you feel? Are you saying you weren't able to gain any weight at all?

  4. I have began to feel my testicals tighten and ache a little- Just started week 2 yesterday- have noticed more power and desire to workout- im gonna kill my workout after work today. I have been sore everyday which is good, but thats probably because Im doing more wieght and new routine.
    Muscles feel harder, wieght is about the same.

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