CL Blue Gene or Universal's M-Stak???

  1. CL Blue Gene or Universal's M-Stak???

    I'm a hard gainer with a super fast metabolism. I eat on average 5,000 calories a day and cant seem to break 150 on the scale. I've been looking at taking Controlled Labs Blue Gene or Universal's M-Stak. They both seem to get pretty good reviews, what do you think??? Someone help, I just want to break through 150!

  2. i would go with m stak
    helps with protein anabolism
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  3. Blue Gene for sure. I loved the stuff. I have a couple logs on it. Anabolic Edge is another great product that doesn't get too much recognition.

  4. controlled labs is a solid company with great prices, but if money isnt an issue go with m-stak and keep the calories up

  5. Blue Gene, hands down.

  6. Out of those two, I would choose Blue gene

  7. Lol trick question??? Blue gene hands downs bro
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