Massdrol Log

  1. Massdrol Log

    After a few months of research and getting all the supplies the cycle begins. My weight as of today has been a steady 156 for the past three days (weighing myself in the am upon waking). the cycle will be a 20/20/30, not my original plan but after talking with some people feel this will yield the best results. I also took a dose today, one at 745 am w/ peanut butter and the other at 4 again with peanut butter but not the capsule. tomorrow is chest day so we will see what happens.

  2. Did chest today. Woke up earlier than usualtoday, 7:00, so i popped open my capsule poured it between a peanut butter cracker (used idea from another topic in forums,hoping to get it in the system faster) and then ate breakfeast half hour later. Got to the gym around 930 and was out by 11:15. workout was as follows:

    BB Bench- warmup with bar for 10 reps, thn 135 x 10
    working sets- 205x5, 225x3x3, 235x2, 245x2
    DB Inclines- 70's x 10, 80'sx 8x6, 85'sx 5, 90's x 5
    chest dips- warmup with bodyweight for 15 reps
    12 with 45 plate, 10 w/ 45 plate, 7 w/ 45 plate\
    flat flys- 25's x 12x12, 35's x 10x8
    Ab chair- 3 sets of 10 reps with 100 lbs
    hanging leg raise- 3 sets for 12 reps
    oblique crunch- 80x10, 90x10, 100x8
    finished with 1 set of hammer press machine for 12 reps with 60 on each side

    Overall workout was pretty normal, had my normal pump. Felt pretty good throughout the whole thing and was happy at the outcome. Again its only the second day on massdrol so i didnt expect much of a difference in intensity. tom. is shoulders.

  3. Alrite has been a week since I started and i am so far happy with the results. It seemed to kick in by day four and the pumps in the gym were pretty good. I am up 5lbs for body weight so far and lifts are all increased as well. I must say strength wise I feel like it is really helping out. Eating really well too and hoping week two will bring some more weight gain and even more strength. I will add some facts below just to share.

    - up five pounds
    -strength has increased all around
    -makes you really focused as if nothing is around you and you just keep pushing
    -pumps are great
    -still have a libido as well and this keep both me and the gf happy

    -back pumps suck! but have started taurine 2 g's with morning dose and 3 g's with pre workout dose
    -a little acne on forehead

    Diet has been solid as well with the list below being my staple foods:
    -tuna, chicken, wheat pasta, talipia, eggs, egg whites, bison burgers and steaks, salmon burgers, fruit cups, yogurt, turkey bacon, steaks, rice, all types of beans, and protein shakes.
    -you gotta eat with this stuff! i am only up five pounds but that was only the first week so hopefully it will really kick in gear now and ill see some more and bigger gains.
    -also very important to eat like every 2 to three hours and my meals before and after workout are very high in protein and carbs.

    Like i said before im happy with the results so far and look forward to the next two weeks as well.

  4. Alright going into week three now. Final week of the cycle and thn four weeks of pct. So far im up a total of 11 lbs. Strength is really good which has surprised me alot. So far i really havnt seen many sides except for a little bit of forehead acne and back pumps but both manageable. A little more aggressive maybe but not enough to affect me tht much. Diet is still going real strong and eating a ton. Lot of carbs and protein.

    Bench- 245 x 2
    squat- 365 x 1
    Deadlift- 465 x 1

    so far i am very happy with this product and looking forward to this third and final week

  5. Been a while since my last update. The cycle is over and im in my second week of pct right now. i gained a total of 14 pounds. My current weight right now is 167 a little lower than what i had gained overall but figured some would be lost due to a little water retention as i was drinking a ton. Strength during the cycle was great and even in pct i still feel stronger and am hitting new prs. As for my lifts they all went up decently.

    Bench- 275 x 2
    squat- 365 x 1
    dl- 475 x 2
    (only used chalk and belt for dl, and belt for squat)

    Body pshyisque wise i am definately bigger but seem leaner as well. dont know if that is possible?

    If anyone has any questions i would be glad to answer and if someone were deciding on whether or not to take a run on this i would suggest it but not to someone going in for the first time.

  6. Nice gains, good results bro !!

    What did your PCT look like?

    How many cycles had you done prior to this one?

  7. Well the cycle is well over now, as well as pct. Sorry for no updates in a while but was very busy with new job and stuff for senior year at college. This was my first real ph cycle but i had prior done one of 4ad. Probably not a wise choice as the harshness of this product but i did very extensive research before i started and pct was also 110% planned and on hand before starting. My pct was liquiNolva 40/20/20/10 as with AI's pct and kilosports clomed (not to confuse with clomid). In week three of pct i started lean fx and have a little morethan a week left of that. Overall it was a good cylce. Started in weighing around 154/55 and now holding a steady 164. Strength was awesome as well as mass gains. Definately look bigger as well as more defined. Anyone looking at taking this i would def reccomend it but not for a newer person just getting into it. i have been lifting serious for almost 4 years and prior to that i played sports all through school and freshman year of college. I? would be happy to answer any questions and help people out looking to get ideas with cycles and pct. Again thankx for all the help people gave on here!

  8. 475 deadlift is awesome at 167 pounds...

  9. Thanx man, ive put a ton of time into the dl, squat and bench and pushed myself to the limits. It was awesome to pull it the first time and hoping to hit 500 soon. Again thanx


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