New Cycle Support by Anabolic innovations!

  1. New Cycle Support by Anabolic innovations!

    Wanna Thank dg806, and the rest of the AI Folks for the Sample!, I recieved it today, and to be honest I couldnt wait to try it out, I used the 2 servings mixed with about 16oz of water and crushed ice due to the 108 degree weather here. Once I opened it, the orange flavor really hit me which was nice., this has been one of the best supplement drinks i have had! i really enjoyed it heres my thoughts.

    Profile: 10/10

    Taste: 9.5/10

    Mixabilty: 9/10

    Cycle use/off cycle use: 10/10

    Like stated so many times about this product, it takes out having to buy so many different types of pre loading supplements if you plan on doing a cycle, or even on a off cycle time. Everything from controlling BP, Lipids, maintaining a healthy liver, and total body health. This is an all in one product, which comes out to be cheaper then buying everything separately. I’ve been wanting to improve on total over all body health, but I am one to hate taking 10-15 different types of pills a day, I can easily make a nice drink and be covered 100% using this stuff. Plus with the 20% free your now getting Id say it’s a must have product!


  2. You da man LG!

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