Slim Xtreme Initial Thoughts...

  1. Slim Xtreme Initial Thoughts...

    So i have been on Slim Xtreme for about a week now, and i know its early but there are things that i thought were worth noting because it has been quite the experience. I am also stacking it with Lean FX, So my dosage usually goes: Wake up- 1 cap SX, 1 cap LFX. Preworkout - 1 Cap LFX, Evening - 1 cap LFX.

    The first few days felt like i was hit by a train, i really felt it. It is hard to describe the feeling but all of my emotions were elavated 100%. I had tunnel vision the entire first day and i was so focused on everything. It almost felt as if i was high.. and on the first day i got somewhat paranoid and broke out in a cold sweat. Ive never experienced that before but it went away after that fortunately.

    Appetite Suppression was amazing- it killed my appetite so much that the thought of food made me sick. I had to force myself to get all the food down and i was still under 2000 cals for the day.

    Sleep has been inconsistent. I was tossing and turning the whole first night, but i got 10 hours of restful sleep on the second night. Each day after that i have been getting up abnormally early like 6-7 am. But i feel energized and ready to start the day so that was nice. I was mentally prepared to have sleep issues on this because i read alot of reviews before i bought the product, but im willing to tough it out because all products have their own side affects, you just have to deal with it.

    Energy is insane on SX.. my only concern is that sometimes it becomes hard to breathe during my workouts because my heart is beating so fast. My intensity has skyrocketed in the gym so much that i have to purposely wait a little bit longer in between sets so i can catch my breath. Postworkout cardio is also a breeze as i still have tons of energy after lifting.

    So far i have lost 5 lbs on SX which was surprising considering i platued for a few weeks at 190. SX has been an interesting experience so far and look forward to the next few weeks and see what it has in store...

  2. How long did you run it for?

  3. id drop the evening dose(sleep issues)

  4. Incredibly potent fat burner...SX is no joke and nothing to play around with.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by plenny View Post
    id drop the evening dose(sleep issues)
    Im not taking an evening dose- the evening one is 1 cap of Lean FX. Im only taking 1 cap of SX and that is upon waking up.

    And ive been on it for a week so far.. these were just my initial observations. Il have a detailed review when im done with it

  6. I'm on my 2nd day of this product, I am prescribbed to addaroll and I stopped taking it when i started SX. It feels exactly the same "speed rush" except no cotton mouth, I felt really weird in the workout room. I was so DAMN focused, and didnt want to stop working out. Haven't had any side affect yet. Also, the first day i took this product i didnt think of it much but... i forgot to actually eat food...
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    Thanks for the mini review Swole, it is greatly appreciated. Keep us updated.

  8. I have taken 1 cap per day for 6 days so far from sample packs. Stuff is awsome! Mood, focus, energy....not much appetite suppressant.

  9. My second day on SX first day i didnt feel much but today when i was eating before hand i felt like dang im pretty hungry in the middle of the meal i ate about half and was like umm im full? Energy is kinda not noticable but there almost just like a little pick me up for the day but appetite is great.

  10. I'm currently on my 2nd cycle of SX. I ran it back in May and it worked great. Very good for appetite suppression. In May I ran it with MassFX and Anabolic Pump. You could definitely see more definition after a couple weeks.

    It kept me up later, but once I fell asleep I didn't have any problems. Just took one in the morning.

    I just got my order of SX on Friday night. I'm currently running it with Glycobol. Took my first SX pill Saturday morning before I went to the club. Played basketball from 9 AM to 12 PM. EXTREMELY focused on the court. My intensity was through the roof - sprinting up and down and playing like an animal. Lost about 5 lbs of sweat. After hoops I lifted from 12 PM to 2 PM. Didn't want to leave the gym. Took another SX Sunday morning - played hoops from 8 AM to 12 PM. Same thing - intensity through the roof on the court. Lifted from 12 PM to 2 PM again and didn't want to leave the gym. No problems with sleep.

    Currently I'm around 225. Back in April I was 265 with almost zero definition, very weak and slow. I probably don't want to be any less than 225 since I'm 6'7". Adding muscle and looking cut is my goal, and to increase my power and leaping ability, which is better than it has ever been at this point.

    SX is badass. Very powerful though. Last time when I came off it I was zapped. Very tired for a couple days. One pill in the morning is probably the most I would recommend - I have a high tolerance for everything and this is no joke.

  11. I have before/after pics but I guess I need to get my post count up before I can post 'em.


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