Thoughts on Atrophex

  1. Thoughts on Atrophex

    Its given me a ton of energy.
    I'm starting to see muscle definition in places I hadn't before.
    It helps curb my appetite.

    It gives me gas (really stinky stuff, too).
    It makes me pee a lot (supposedly getting rid of that extra water weight that gets trapped in your muscles).
    So far, I can only take 1 at morning and 1 in the afternoon. When I upped it to 2, I couldn't sleep at night.

    I've actually gained a little weight instead of losing weight. Not sure if its just because I've been able to lift more because of the extra energy or if my body is just reacting weird to it. Thought this was a weird reaction to a fat burner.

    Verdict is still out on whether I'd recommend this to anyone or not. We'll see where I'm at when I'm through with the box.

  2. yeah, i've just started and pretty much in the same situation as you.

    energy up
    increased definition
    appetite down
    increased mental clarity, production up at work (lol)

    some gas, not that much
    when i took 2 at once, got jittery, not so good feeling

    weight loss is still tbd...i'm guessing w/ the water loss this claims to cause + decreased appetite, i'll lose some weight.

    but not sure if i'll end up losing fat..which is why i'm taking it.

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