My First cycle Tren X and AH89 stack

  1. My First cycle Tren X and AH89 stack

    I have been taking Tren Extreme and AH 89 25mg each three times a day since July 4 i noticed a huge improvement in my stamina during my muay thai boxing work out...i was performing a a higher level than everyone else mentally and physically and the gym well i notice im way more into my workout as far as lifting......did get some hamstring cramps yesterday doing deadlifts but today felt good when I jump roped for 15 mins with a 30 second break in between 3 mins rounds

  2. Went to the gym to lift after my dinner at 8pm. ate cornedbeef with egg and small portion of white rice... weighed myself 212 did chest actually put up 225 10 times struggled with form on the last two reps....the most i have ever done w/o ph im at 4-6 reps 225... did flat bench DB too got up to 180LBS @ 7 reps good form......I have hit 200 @ 4 reps before once cant wait to pass that up....

  3. gain another few pounds at 214 now .....i noticed ive have increased my calories by eating 5 small meals a day going to go back to 3 small meals again i dont want to gain anymore weight actually would like to lose 20 lbs. notice i do have a shorter fuse now its really kicking in when i have to be patient or my kids are really bugging me. tried to work out back and shoulder but went a bad time (8pm) everyone was at 24 hour fitness and i made it hard to focus and get anything i got frustrated and left half way through my work out...did get a feww good set on back but i hate when people float around the gym then jump on the machine where you wanted to go....its like they just walk around and wait to see what your going to do next then jump ahead of am looking back and can see some roid rage coming out on the keyboard

  4. took yesterday off basically just worked under a car all day changing a transmission out a mustang.....only ate a heavy lunch carne asada fries with pico and cheese and fasted the rest of the day....weight gain..also forgot to take my third dose of tren and ah89 at 4pm.....

  5. today woke up as usual 7:30 am made brakfast two eggs potatoes turkey bacon....took my tren and ah89 at told to take it at the same time every day so I take 8am 25mg each with CLA ...12pm and 4pm.....Hit the gym this morning, ran 1.5 miles then chest exercises. My work out strength increased fourth set on my fourth exercise Dumbell Presses Hit the 190lbs (95's each hand) 5 times got stalled on the 6th rep...then finished off with bar dip 60 reps @ 210lbs...hehe I lost weight too...must have been the fasting yesterday... went from 214 to 210 i guess it just water weight....ill see tomorrow as when i workout I drink hella water at least 1-2 gallons a day

  6. Quote Originally Posted by standoe3 View Post
    took yesterday off basically just worked under a car all day changing a transmission out a mustang.....only ate a heavy lunch carne asada fries with pico and cheese and fasted the rest of the day....weight gain..also forgot to take my third dose of tren and ah89 at 4pm.....
    Make sure you keep that diet clean and dont miss ur dosing schedule. Plan ahead the night before with meals(lunch at work) and maybe get a Supplement carrying case and keep in ur pocket. This way you stay on schedule. Just little tips that may help you get the most out of ur cycle. But def keep that diet clean. Hit the gym hard brother

    Looks good though. Going to hit up an ACL Tren cycle myself at end of Summer, debating what to stack w/Tren, might be AH89 aswell.

    Just need to take out a small business loan to afford it, LOL (well worth it though as results look to be great with their Products)

  7. looking good man, you gona throw up some #s?

  8. so far my bench (BAR) natural for the last 3 month 225 4-5 reps constantly now 225 8-9 reps did 10 the other day..... I have increased in strength for sure all around the board on everything. The "majic pill" is working for me. I stepping up to a whole body workout plan of hitting every muscle twice a week with one day off. Its hard but works for me because i consider running miles and muaythai wich is nothing but punching and kicking work to be part of my leg training for now......

  9. took another day a amature muay thai event in sacramento ca. But Did chest workout again today.....It seems like a playing a broken cord but finally got the most weight i have ever done on flat bench DB and BAR..... Did 5 sets BAR warmup 135lb. 20 reps. set #2 185lbs. 12 reps. set #3 225 8 reps 235lbs. 6 reps set #4 245 5 reps. they were not clean but I did get em the most I have ever done in my life!!!!! I also hit 200lbs. (100 lbs each hand) Dumb bell press got that 5 times my previous best was 4 times....3 months ago...all after running a mile for a warm-up.

  10. Just wondering... Why do you guys pay for the ACL products when there are plenty of other brands for nearly a quarter of the price?

    I mean, CEL definately is up there with ACL as far as quality control is concerned, but their products cost so much less.

    Anyway, good luck with your run my friend. Eat clean, eat big.
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  11. ok its been a minute but I post my results but doesn't matter now really cuz you cant legally get tren x and ah-89 anymore but here it go's....
    started july 4 2009 ending my first cycle august 5 2009 gained 14 lbs. went from 204-5 to 218-216lbs. now have a 20% body fat ( pinch test) didnt measure before but.....
    gained 30lbs on my bench went from 225lbs. 5 reps to 255lbs. 6-7 reps that was the main goal for me I had significant gains all over but I focus on my bench....good product just my two cents....using anabol ext for pct as I had no problem with libido or shrinkage or lumps or tender nipps....( thank god) that was a major concern...just a little bit a back acne (I think unavoidable) and a elevated temper but controlable

    Oh what would be good...something comparable to these products or actually more vasicular I weigh 216lbs. and would like to be harder and more cut than bulky looking to be at 200lbs and 15% body fat by next month and ready for another cycle

    Now I taking anabol ext, CLA, Kre-alkaline, N02creatine fullblown (max muscle), triple whey protein trying to keep to a 2000 calorie intake

  12. You need more than a month off bro.
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.


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