Tnubs Dermacrine Log

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  1. Tnubs Dermacrine Log

    I've been really eager to try something new lately and was waiting on the new DTP, but as its taking longer and im a very impatient person, I was debating what to try. Obviously i wanted to stick to the test booster idea but i wanted something out of the ordinary. PP seems to be a very legit company and after i tried napalm and penetrate with formestane, i kinda like the idea of transdermals so i decided to go with Dermacrine. This will be an unsponsored, unbiased log to see how this product performs. After this im gonna log out DTP or DTH, so stick with me.

    Background: Ive always enjoyed lifting but beginning of my freshman year of college (im an upcoming junior) I kicked it to the next level. I joined the Georgia State Powerlifting team, and got really interested in powerlifting at that point, although we never competed. I worked out on my own after that point because I didnt lift on campus anymore and it was too difficult. I still want to be big, but powerlifting is where my heart is... actually, the only lift i enjoy is deadlifting. Bodyweight is currently on the border at about 189. At their peaks here are some numbers i've gotten to:
    Bench: 260
    Squat: 350
    Deads: 505 (with straps, no belt)

    Goals: get back to that strength level, although I havnt gone heavy in a while and havnt even done flat bench in over a month :-/ im eager to see how Dermacrine helps me accomplish this. I would also like to get a little more muscle size and lower bodyfat. Ill prolly go check my bf tomorrow. I took my first application today when I left nutraplanet right after 4pm at four squirts.

    To a rep: When do u recommend dosing it? in the morning or at night? Ideally, id like to take it at night so i dont sweat and i dont have to put cloths on over it for a while, but im a bit worried about some form of insomnia. Or maybe break up the dose?

    Initial response: 4 squirts is A LOT of volume of lotion. I was able to cover pretty much my whole upper body. All my arms, chest, stomach, shoulders, part of my lower back. It would prolly cover all my back too if I was able to reach. It wasnt oily at all, nice smell as well. My penetrate and formestane made me feel greasy, this wasn't and is pleasant to apply so props for that.

    Lifting tomorrow, I wont post my diet because its very unpredictable, but i will post my workout and weight in the morning because I feel will be more important in this log.

    Btw, if anyone wants the fat burner comparison to crack... lipodrene is no joke

    Edit: I have a youtube channel..., I may put up some vids along the way

  2. nice start bro.... ready to see you get back to top form... only have heard good things about Dermacrine

  3. Subbed.

    I'm not a rep but I believe Dermacrine should be applied in the morning otherwise there could be sleep issues.

  4. have u tried dermacrine? im wondering when it starts to kick in, or how noticable the feeling is.

  5. I haven't tried it but will be in Aug or Sep. The official write up mentions:

    Within 2-3 weeks users start to notice -

    Enhanced strength during training
    Increased stamina in the gym & bedroom
    Faster recovery time
    Aggressive increase in appetite
    Better sleep quality
    Improvements in generally well-being

    So it may take a couple of weeks to kick-in.

  6. I have used it. For me 4 weeks was a little short, next time I will run it for 6-8weeks. It takes a couple weeks for it to really kick in. I would use it first thing in the morning, this way it has a long dwell time on your skin.

  7. Just took the second dose now.
    Morning weight was 190.4

    Here is todays workout:


    Front Squats:
    135x15 (was superset with the 300x1 squat)

    DC style quad stretching

    I like to keep volume low on all my lifting days because I respond much better to this style and i've noticed i grow in both size and strength better this way. Im also able to recover really quick which is always a good thing. Could have gone a little heavier on both but I felt this wasnt too bad as my first day back going heavy. Its kinda depressing, i used to be able to do 305x5 on squats without much trouble, and now I could probably only get one. Tomorrow will be bench day, and then im going to do rack pulls on saturday since i got 405x5 on deads 2 days ago.

  8. Did bench today. I think it may be working a little bit, maybe im just an angry person in general. I have a membership to worlds gym so I can go to any of them I want... the one I usually go to is nice, but today i decided to switch it up for the other one with a pool... I got on the bench and it all went downhill from there. Lets just say nothing i tried felt right: the bench didnt feel right on my back, the bar had lines where im not used to them, couldnt get the right feel for any of my lifts and the dumbells were terribly old and unstable so I couldnt use them. But heres the workout:

    Flat Bench Press:
    225x1 (no spotter, didnt wana risk going heavier but i will nxt time)

    Incline Bench:

    Machine Bench:
    255x1 (max'd out machine)

    Shoulder Press:


    Alot more volume than im used to but since I wasnt able to totally max out on the bench I wanted to make sure I got to go heavy on the machine. Next bench workout will be flat bench to single, shoulder press for one set, and dips for a set. I think that hits pretty much every working part on the bench well enough. Maybe one set of flies or something to hit chest from a stretched angle? Any advice? Just for a comparison, i used to be able to get up 225x5 on bench

  9. Yeah, a lot of volume there with 15 sets (incl dips) on the bench alone. The machine bench is probably hitting exactly the same area as the flat bench and after the Inc press your chest should be pretty much dead so could substitute flyes here.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by warsteiner View Post
    Yeah, a lot of volume there with 15 sets (incl dips) on the bench alone. The machine bench is probably hitting exactly the same area as the flat bench and after the Inc press your chest should be pretty much dead so could substitute flyes here.
    Ya i dont think ill be doing inclines or machine bench anymore just because i dont think they will lead to much extra strength in the flat bench, i only played with them because i didnt feel like i got much out of the flat bench this time, next time i will see how much i can put up on the bar with a spotter. I was also thinking seated shoulder press to a triple and dips for a 5rm, and this should get my muscles primed for heavier weight faster. The dips i do are completely vertical so there is very minimal pec use, its all triceps.

  11. I learned two things today. First, rack pulls arnt my thing and two, theres no way around it... I can only deadlift once a week.

    Rack Pulls:
    495x0 (too heavy, even with wraps)

    405x3 (with wraps)

    My anger level is definetly up, i think dermacrine kicked in quick on me. I missed 10 plates on rack pulls, even tho 405 felt like a feather. This made me pretty pissed, i must say. Deads, i worked up to 405 for a single then tried 455 and it was too much even with wraps, so i took a long break then went back for 405x3 with slow negatives with wraps. I realized today how small i look compared to other guys in the gym. Kinda depressing. Plus i guess my nervous system was still recovering from deads the other day, i can usually pull 405x5 without killing myself, it just felt super heavy today. I was also shaking after deads last time. Warmed up with two sets then went heavy and had to stop cuz it drained me completely.

    P.s. im using dermacrine after my workouts because i have to shower after anyways, and i want it to be on as long as possible. So im just putting it on now, but this way it can stay on till the next morning.

  12. Nice job with this log, bud! You are correct in trying to keep the Dermacrine on your skin as long as possible between showers. This allows for conversions to the target hormones to be more complete and efficient.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  13. I know its supposed to take a few weeks to kick in, but have people been getting angry early on? This is getting intense.

  14. Day 5

    Libido up as of like last night

    Kinda wore out from the past 3 days, did some swimming/hot tub today.

    Tomorrow will be squats again along with another weigh in.

    Edit: FWIW, bodyweight now is 189 but ive eaten. I was also sweating a lot in the hot tub, either water weight or i lost a bit of fat?

  15. I need a better powerlifting routine to go through during this cycle. If anyone has any good ideas let me know. Ill probably do a 5x5 style routine or something. or Bills Starrs at the 3x3 level for fewer reps.

  16. Morning weight: 190.8

    Todays Workout:

    I was waiting on the bench to open up so i did a lil dumbell work

    Flat Bench:
    185x5 for 5 sets

    185x5 for 5 sets

    250x5 for 3 sets (got really tired real quick)

    Todays workout went well, rows were easier than bench (as always). I did barbell rows parallel with the floor no support. On the bench i mixed my grips up a little to play with, its easier for me to grab closer to where most people would consider a close grip bench. On squats from the first rep at 250 my right hip was messin with me a little and kinda hurt but i got a closer stance on my last set and it was fine. I like to get really wide and go really deep but i guess its better to close it up a bit so i dont mess anything up.

    any ideas whether i should stick to more volume like im doing now and go up 5 lbs a workout as long as i can or just do one working set and make the other 4 sets more like warm up sets to ramp to a top weight?

  17. Just did some arm work today and went in the hot tub at the gym.

    Thinking about bumping up to 5 pumps tomorrow for the rest of the bottle.

  18. Day 8th:

    Todays workout:

    Standing Military press: 5 sets of 5 with 115
    Deadlift: top set of 5 reps with 410
    Pulldowns: 5 sets of 5 with 160

    Military press was harder than it should've been. 115 isnt that heavy but standing it is heavy compared to seated. I remember i started out doing 135x5x5 back in the day on seated at school and it felt nice. Maybe ill go back to seated to do more weight. I wonder why that is. Pulldowns were kinda a joke, anything after deadlifts i half ass just because i have no energy at that point. Im gona start doing a set of chin ups every morning and see how many i get to by the end of the cycle. Overall I think dermacrine is working on leaning me out a little bit. I feel a little leaner and im not getting sore. After squats monday, no soreness. Which i was expecting to be pretty sore. Squats always kills me no matter how light i go, duno why. I bumped it up to 5 pumps at night so we will see how this works.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    I know its supposed to take a few weeks to kick in, but have people been getting angry early on? This is getting intense.
    i can tell

    but the libido is noticeably improved as well so i think its a fair trade...

  20. Day 9:

    did some one handed snatches and some other olympic lifting today, made it to the 100 lb db's on the one hand snatches, for one rep each hand

    my endurance is up at this point and recovery is a lot better. im also a little leaner. plus i didnt get sore from deadlifts yesterday, which i usually get sore from. i feel like i just started a mild PH cycle, hope it gets strong i miss the feeling. i got a bottle of the new DTH from nutra. since the DTP isnt coming out for a long while since the formula got messed up i ordered some clen that should be here in a few days. my goal is to cut down to some super low bf and then run a cycle of 1-t tren with havoc and end up at a very solid 180. im at 188 now, so that shouldnt be too hard.

  21. Day 10:

    I love the 5x5 method.

    Bench 190x5x5
    Row 190x5x5
    Squat 275x1x5

    I think i do better with squat with just one set per day as my legs run out of steam quick at decent weights, I might do it all three days a week if im dropping the volume. Yesterday on my last set of barbell snatches, when i was doing singles, i got up to right above military press height and tried pressing it and felt a crunch in my shoulders so i let down the weight. Today my shoulder are f***ing killing me. They are a little bit crunchy when i put my other hand on them and feel them move. Definetly not good but i have two days of rest before doing any more lifting so hopefully they heal a bit. It didnt really effect my lifting today, just annoying walking around or trying to go about the day.

  22. Day 13:

    Bench: 195x5,5,5,4,4,2
    Row: 195x5x5

    Didnt do squats today, was sweating my butt off wearing long sleeve and sweats... bad idea in Georgia because its humid as hell and flat out hot. Last night was...rough, which is why i didnt have much steam in the gym. Didnt sleep much and didnt get to eat for like 5 hours after i woke up. It was terrible. First 3 sets of bench were ok then the next two were one rep short so i did a last set of 2 reps to make up. Rows were a breeze. Ill take a video of my rows next time, i have a nice way to set them up so you can do get into position faster and keep your back nearly parallel to the floor. Squats will come tomorrow.

  23. 2 week mark

    squats: 285x5 and a single at 315

    285 felt easier than 275 did last friday... if that says anything lol the single was pretty hard, i guess the set of 5 took a bit more out of me than i thought.

  24. Good strength increases. Any weight/bodyfat changes after 2 weeks?

  25. Lookin leaner, down to about 187. Goal is to get to about 170 ish, then ill have like no bodyfat at all. Then i can run a cycle and get back to 180 and stabilize there.

    I got some clen i was playing with. Took 20mcg for two days in a row. Second day my systolic pressure was at 150. I think the next day on nothing it was at 125 and now today on nothing its at 118/68. This is the lowest my BP has ever been. I just woke up, tho, so that could be the difference. Im also on hawthorn berry, which is why it might be low. I think i usually hover around 125-130. Dont remember the other number.

    My question is, is it going to be safe for me to keep running clen or am i going to have a heart attack. 150 is pretty high.


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