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  1. If your blood pressure was that high after a couple of days of clen and then drops down as soon as you stop then I wouldn't use the clen until you have finished the Dermacrine as the two together may be the cause of the increase.

    The same happened with me when I used ECA and Epi. Within a week my blood pressure was up to 160/100. A few days after stopping the ECA it was back to about 125/80, which is normal for me. Using either ECA or Epi wasn't a problem for my blood pressure but both together and it shot up so it may be the same with clen and Dermacrine for you.

  2. hmm. good point, but what if my blood pressure is completely normal on just dermacrine?

  3. Alright so todays workout:

    Military Press:120x5x5
    Weighted Pull-ups: Bw+25x5, Bw+10 for 4 sets of 5
    Deads: 415x5

    Militarys were fine, pull ups i got done with the first set with 25lbs, and it was too much to just get done with those 5 reps, i couldnt do it for 4 more sets so i cut back to 10lbs. Deads were hard as hell. Didnt eat any carbs before the gym, so i was shaking VERY bad after i did deadlifts. I took 20mcg clen this morning and im changing my diet to a lower carb focus. Im gonna shot for about 300g protein, which is a lot more than im getting now so hopefully it will also help me not lose any muscle mass. Im gona search through the weight loss section of the forums and try to figure out a good diet approach to test out for the next two weeks while im usin clen. Im gona bump to 40mcg tomorrow and see how that treats me.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    hmm. good point, but what if my blood pressure is completely normal on just dermacrine?
    Then just take the dermacrine by itself as it will be the combination of clen and dermacrine that is causing the blood pressure increase. The same happened with me:

    Epi alone = blood pressure ok
    ECA alone = blood pressure ok
    Epi AND ECA = blood pressure sky rockets

  5. i like the wizard and the dragon

  6. Bench: 200x5, 200x4, 200x4, 200x4, 200x4
    Row: 200x5x5

    Had to leave early cuz i had some transdermal clen that i mixed a little too strong and it became unbearable. Squats tomorrow. The bench is getting a little heavy now. Maybe from living off of tuna and chicken or maybe just because my body doest feel like going much heavier. I got to 205x5 a while back then got stuck, then did a very short 21 day havoc cycle and got to 225x5 and also hit my bench max. If i plateau and cant get the first set of 5 reps on bench ill switch one day a week of bb benching out for db bench. That helped me a lot before.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    My question is, is it going to be safe for me to keep running clen or am i going to have a heart attack. 150 is pretty high.
    hmm... if we dont die from this clen, im gonna keep doing it. i love the cracked out feeling that i get from weight loss stuff and this is even better than the ephedrine! haha

  8. When i dont get enough carbs, my recovery sucks. Yesterday i got actually warmed up legs and did one rep of 290, i just didnt complete the set cuz i couldnt focus enough from the burning and i was getting aggrevated.

    Today my legs were sore... fml... so...

    295x3, 295x2

    btw... my typical squat warm-up looks like....

    heavy set

  9. Todays workout was both good and bad.

    Bench: 205x4 (tried the 5th rep and just couldnt do it)
    Row: 205x5 (easy)
    Squats: 295x5

    Bench, i duno, i rly hate it. Squats... this top set was super intense. Going into it, i had on slippers and no socks so i was debating putting them off till tomorrow since my feel were drenched in sweat cuz my feet sweat bad in the heat, especially when i lift. I decided to go for it anyways. After warming up i went to the top set and got the first three reps out. It was honestly hard as hell. I took a breath and without thinking went down again for a fourth rep i didnt think i was going to be able to get back up. My face was turning bright red toward the middle of the rep and somehow i pushed it up. Got to the top and took two more breaths and for some reason my body just went down again before i was ready and with my last ounce of strength i somehow managed to push out of the hole and re rack the weights. My face had to have been purple, my veins were bulging out of my neck and traps harder than ever before. It was pretty amazing. Im gonna finish out this week with 5x5 then start a new log for Diesel Test Hardcore (Dermacrine is about to run out) with Westside style training so I can split up my workout a little better and focus on what i feel like i need to work on. Also, I have pretty much given up on bench. I have little motivation for it so im throwing it out for military press as my main upper body lift. For chest im going to stick to machine bench for a while just to gain a little size. I feel very little stimulation in my chest from bench during the workout (next day its usually sore) but the machine just rips me apart and the mind muscle connection is VERY strong, unlike bench.

  10. I need some serious diet help. I cant get enough protein and i didnt eat for too long and binged bad. Its like 2:30am and i had nothing to eat so i got some extra big double fiber bread, 2 slices of kraft cheese, three hotdogs and salsa. Prolly close to 800 calories but satisfying. I can only eat like one pack of tuna a day (45g protein) and like 2 scoops of protein powder (44g protein). Thats about 90g... and only a third of what i need. I know i could go to an all new level if i could consistently hit 300g/day

    Edit: thats not all the protein i get, i get a good bit more in the other foods i eat, they just dont have as high of numbers.

  11. Todays workout was good. Didnt feel like doing chinups tho

    Standing Military Press:
    135x3, 135x2, 135x1

    455x1 (no belt, no strap on any)

    Standing Military Press: 5 sets of 5 with 125

    I duno why but the 135 felt really heavy and i ran out of juice quick. But the 125, which was what i was supposed to work with today was hard enough that i had to give it all i had to complete all 5 sets and get all the reps. Prolly would be easier if i did it before the deads tho I really like the idea of doing an excercise then doing a bigger movement, then coming back to the original excercise.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    Prolly would be easier if i did it before the deads tho
    nah... probably would have been easier if the bitch at the gym didnt make everything difficult
    i cant really help the noise i make when i drop the bar... couldnt even imagine trying to be quiet dropping 400+ haha

  13. LMAO for real.

    "theres no need to slam the weights... and i hope your gonna put up that mountain of 45's"

  14. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    "theres no need to slam the weights... and i hope your gonna put up that mountain of 45's"
    bitch please... thats why i pay a membership to come here.... so you clean up after me!

  15. Friday i went in and did 205x5 on bench, 215x5 on rows and 300x3 on squats

    Heres my review on dermacrine. I did recomp a bit, im down to about 187 and leaner. Strength went up just a tad, im sure i could have probably done it myself as i had muscle memory on my side, but im sure it made it just a bit easier. I had this past problem that popped up from taking ATD i had too much prolactin -> slight lactation (fml) it was goin away but seemed to get a lot worse over the time i was on dermacrine, i think because the preg in it, i could be wrong. I got some vitex 3 days ago and magically it went away again just in that time with three caps a day. Sex drive was up a little at first, but also after i went at 5 pumps and then i decided to up it to 6 pumps, after a short while... libido died. Also, the transdermal aspect of this product killed me. At first it was kinda cool but then being covered in lotion was annoying. It didnt seem greasy the first day, but its pretty annoying. Even like 2 hours after i put it on if i dont touch anything, no matter how hard i rub it in, its still wet feeling on my skin and if i touch something, some rubs off. Id prefer a pill version personally, but i know the idea is that this works better through the skin because theres more converting enzymes and whatnot. Kinda wish id run sustain alpha instead, seems like something id enjoy.


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