Two bottles of DCP down and I am ready to add it as a STAPLE to my supplement arsenal...

What is it?

* Recomposition agent
* Fat loss
* Appetite suppression

Taste: 8/10. Slight taste of raspberries on consumption. Quite pleasant, actually.

Body Composition: 8/10. Skinfold measurements taken pre and post-DCP indicate that I lost bodyfat (BF) from all over: Pre: body mass - 53kg (i.e. 116.6lb), body composition -10.5% BF, triceps - 8.0mm, subscapular - 7.0mm, biceps - 7.0mm, iliac crest - 10.5mm, supraspinale - 6.5mm, abdominal - 10.5mm, front thigh - 7.5mm, medial calf - 5.5 mm; post: body mass - 52kg (-1.0kg/2.2lb), body composition - 9.0% BF (-1.5% BF), triceps - 5.5mm (-2.5mm), subscapular - 6.0mm (-1.0mm), biceps - 2.5mm (-4.0mm), iliac crest - 7.0mm (-3.5mm), supraspinale - 5.0mm (-1.5mm), abdominal - 8.0mm (-2.5mm), front thigh - 6.5mm (-1.0mm), medial calf - 4.0mm (-1.5mm); with the most fat loss occurring from my arms and midsection. I lost a total of 0.885kg (i.e. 1.947lb) of BF and also 0.115kg (i.e. 0.253lb) of lean body mass (LBM). Although the final body statistics (i.e. body mass and body composition) indicate that I LOST LBM I know for sure that I did NOT lose MUSCLE mass, as my girths did NOT change, and in some instances INcreased (i.e. arms and thighs).

Appetite: 9/10. I noticed definite appetite suppression. It became more pronounced the longer I was using DCP.

Other Effects. Whilst using DCP I had an incredible thirst. Some days I was drinking 2 galleons a day and feeling like it was NOT enough; and had usually finished 3 litres of water within the first four hours of waking! I also felt a thermogenic effect after dosing.

Overall: 8.5/10. I know how I am and what my diet was like. In fact, my diet did NOT change (only my training volume). For someone my size eating 4000+ calories per day 3-5 days a week (1800-2300 cal/day the other days) and NOT gaining fat is something, and says something on the effectiveness of DCP.

Would I use it again? Yes. Although I did not end up "cutting" (which was the initial goal) I RECOMPED quite successfully (which to me is better in the long-term, since it will allow my body to maintain its leanness and lose fat more effectively when I desire to). I also loved the way my body felt after dosing, that slight warming sensation.

Would I recommend? Yes. For the individual who is looking to recomp this is a VERY effective product.

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