LG and AE team up with M1D Black and E-911

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  1. I am psyched as hell. It is going to be a hell of a summer. Hoping to finish PCT around where I am right now, 215ish and lean. That would be a first for me
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    I am psyched as hell. It is going to be a hell of a summer. Hoping to finish PCT around where I am right now, 215ish and lean. That would be a first for me
    See, now there is a goal. People come in here hoping to gain 20lbs+ on a 4-week oral cycle...You've got a very realistic and attainable goal. Essentially you'd probably be putting on a good 5-8lbs of lean solid mass while simultaneously dropping some of the BF, and that's a perfect goal to have.

  3. Thanks man. This whole thing is a process. I figure with my training style I should be able ti keep it lean.

  4. Are you logging that cycle AE? Sounds like a great combo there.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Only 5 servings, certainly looking forward to giving it a longer test however.

    I will be only with M1DB until either 7/15 or 7/16 I dont recall off the top of my head. However, I am going to be runnnig Epi @30mg along with 1 andro at 800 till beginning to middle of august.
    5 servings is enough to get a good feel for it... from the looks of it you got a few good things going with these cycles... makes me want to get mine started right away

  6. I was thinking about logging it, not sure yet

    Just got back from the gym, today is my typical deads day, however, with the toe issue deads are still a no no. Damn toe nail is coming off, and is ripping through the skin. Driving me crazy, as it wont come completely off.

    BB Rows (6 sets) 225lbs 5 reps
    Back extensions (6 sets) 170-190lbs
    Wide grip BTN chins (5 sets) BW 12-15 reps per
    1arm cable rows (5 sets) 120-150lbs
    BTN pulldowns (5 sets) 175lbs
    Rear facing CG pulldowns (5 sets) 150lbs

    Felt great, and strong. Additionally, my endurance was through the roof. I did all 32 sets in 40 minutes. I was moving!! Also, not sure if this is a possible part of the M1DB, but my appetite is through the roof.
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  7. AE, I have a question about the rear facing CG pulldowns. How do you lock the kegs under a pad and is the rear facing for a more upright pull?
    Hope the toe improves soon!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  8. I actually don't lock the legs behind. Its actually more of a refinement movement. I read where Melvin Anthony does them. They are a great rhomboid strengthener.

  9. Thanks bubba
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  10. Is it too late to sub? LOL

    Thanks for the log. I think I'm going to pick some up. I'd love to find a stim that works for me.

    If I find one that does I'll tell everyone who asks to buy the stuff. No stim has ever done a thing for me

  11. this one was pretty impressive. Dissolved relatively quickly, and seemed to hit the blood stream quick as well
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  12. just got back from a good shoulder day. Set a pr which I shall explain

    Seated BB press (10 sets) 225lbs 10 reps (pr)
    BTN press (5 sets) 185lbs
    Reverse peck deck (10 sets) 105lbs pyramid down
    DB Shrugs (5 sets) 120lbs
    Lateral raises (6 sets) 2 giant sets 40,30,20lbs

    Felt great, strength was certainly up. Prior to 10 reps at 225lbs I was able to hit 245lbs for 6 reps.

    Also, was at the chiropractor again this am, and we went over my xrays, and it seems that I must have broken a bone in my lower back a long time ago. However, it feels great now, love the adjustments
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  13. First day back with legs and a busted toe

    Just got back from my first day back doing legs after the broken toe 1.5 weeks ago. Went lighter than usual in an attempt to make sure that my balance was where it needed to be and also since the nail is now 90% gone.

    Back Squats: (10 sets) 185lbs 15 reps
    Leg Press: (5 sets) 315lbs
    Stiff legged dl(5 sets) 185lbs
    lying leg curls (5 sets)110lbs
    Standing leg curls (5 sets) 60lbs
    Seated leg curls (5 sets) 110lbs

    I went a tad overboard with the hammy work, just b/c I really couldnt go full throtle with the squats. I had great endurance again, which seems to be my biggest comment thus far regarding the M1DB.
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  14. Rough workout

    Had a rough chest and bi workout today. Dont know why I fatigued the way I did. My thought is that it could have been my diet from yesterday. Damn holiday and apple pie.

    Flat BP: 10 sets 335lbs 3 reps
    Incline BP: 5 sets 255 7 reps (this is where I really fatigued)
    High Cable crosses: (5 sets) 80lbs

    Rope hammer curls (5 sets) 120lbs
    Temple curls (5 sets) 60lbs
    BB curls (5 sets) 110lbs

    I was dying at the end, and in fact am just laying on the couch right now totally spent. No more apple pie for me
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  15. Applie Pie will give you some serious downers bro. haha

  16. got in a late workout last night

    Wide grip BTB chins (5 sets) BW 12 reps
    Rope rows (5 sets) 200lbs
    BB Rows (5 sets) 225lbs
    Back Extensions (10 sets) 190lbs
    Front lat pulldowns (5 sets) 240lbs 8 reps

    Felt good and strong, was tired however. Strength is continuing to improve. The one thing I will continue to stress is that my appetite is going through the roof. Thank goodness there is no junk food in the house.
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  17. Catching up bro, been gone "out of town"...from a few posts looks like everything is treating you good, strong lifts man!

  18. thanks man, much appreciated, and good to have you back
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  19. Hey man, can you give us an idea of your weight (bodyweight) increases?

  20. certainly

    As of the first day, I was at 210, and weighed in yesterday afternoon at 213lbs. As I mentioned previously, I have noticed that my appetite has increased greatly on the M1DB
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  21. So, three pounds in how many days etc...

  22. It has been 3lbs since 6/26, which is pretty good. On top of that, my strength was through the roof today.

    Incline BP (10 sets) 330lbs 1 rep, 315lbs 3 reps
    Floor BP (5 sets) 275lbs
    Incline Flys (5 sets) 80lbs
    Cross bench pullovers (5 sets) 80lbs

    CG BP (5 sets) 225lbs
    2arm overhead db extensions (5 sets) 85lbs
    rope pulldowns (5 sets) 110lbs

    Felt great, and really strong. the 330lbs on the incline is a first for me in years. felt great.
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  23. 330lbs on Incline is HEAAAVY! Nice work dude. Great to hear about the strength gain and increase in weight.

  24. thanks man, I still feel jacked up right now.
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  25. Deads for the first time in 3 weeks

    Hit deads for the first time since the week before the broken toe.

    DL (6 sets) 415lbs 3 reps (not too terrible considering the back and toe pain)
    BB Rows (5 sets) 185lbs 12 reps
    Back extensions (9 sets) 190lbs
    BTn pulldowns (5 sets) 210lbs
    Seated Rows (5 sets) 225lbs

    Was stronger than anticipated, and was very concerned about missing time on the deads, but while I was not as strong as I would have liked, it was not god awful
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