LG and AE team up with M1D Black and E-911

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  1. this one was pretty impressive. Dissolved relatively quickly, and seemed to hit the blood stream quick as well

  2. just got back from a good shoulder day. Set a pr which I shall explain

    Seated BB press (10 sets) 225lbs 10 reps (pr)
    BTN press (5 sets) 185lbs
    Reverse peck deck (10 sets) 105lbs pyramid down
    DB Shrugs (5 sets) 120lbs
    Lateral raises (6 sets) 2 giant sets 40,30,20lbs

    Felt great, strength was certainly up. Prior to 10 reps at 225lbs I was able to hit 245lbs for 6 reps.

    Also, was at the chiropractor again this am, and we went over my xrays, and it seems that I must have broken a bone in my lower back a long time ago. However, it feels great now, love the adjustments

  3. First day back with legs and a busted toe

    Just got back from my first day back doing legs after the broken toe 1.5 weeks ago. Went lighter than usual in an attempt to make sure that my balance was where it needed to be and also since the nail is now 90% gone.

    Back Squats: (10 sets) 185lbs 15 reps
    Leg Press: (5 sets) 315lbs
    Stiff legged dl(5 sets) 185lbs
    lying leg curls (5 sets)110lbs
    Standing leg curls (5 sets) 60lbs
    Seated leg curls (5 sets) 110lbs

    I went a tad overboard with the hammy work, just b/c I really couldnt go full throtle with the squats. I had great endurance again, which seems to be my biggest comment thus far regarding the M1DB.
  4. Rough workout

    Had a rough chest and bi workout today. Dont know why I fatigued the way I did. My thought is that it could have been my diet from yesterday. Damn holiday and apple pie.

    Flat BP: 10 sets 335lbs 3 reps
    Incline BP: 5 sets 255 7 reps (this is where I really fatigued)
    High Cable crosses: (5 sets) 80lbs

    Rope hammer curls (5 sets) 120lbs
    Temple curls (5 sets) 60lbs
    BB curls (5 sets) 110lbs

    I was dying at the end, and in fact am just laying on the couch right now totally spent. No more apple pie for me

  5. Applie Pie will give you some serious downers bro. haha

  6. got in a late workout last night

    Wide grip BTB chins (5 sets) BW 12 reps
    Rope rows (5 sets) 200lbs
    BB Rows (5 sets) 225lbs
    Back Extensions (10 sets) 190lbs
    Front lat pulldowns (5 sets) 240lbs 8 reps

    Felt good and strong, was tired however. Strength is continuing to improve. The one thing I will continue to stress is that my appetite is going through the roof. Thank goodness there is no junk food in the house.

  7. Catching up bro, been gone "out of town"...from a few posts looks like everything is treating you good, strong lifts man!

  8. thanks man, much appreciated, and good to have you back

  9. Hey man, can you give us an idea of your weight (bodyweight) increases?

  10. certainly

    As of the first day, I was at 210, and weighed in yesterday afternoon at 213lbs. As I mentioned previously, I have noticed that my appetite has increased greatly on the M1DB

  11. So, three pounds in how many days etc...

  12. It has been 3lbs since 6/26, which is pretty good. On top of that, my strength was through the roof today.

    Incline BP (10 sets) 330lbs 1 rep, 315lbs 3 reps
    Floor BP (5 sets) 275lbs
    Incline Flys (5 sets) 80lbs
    Cross bench pullovers (5 sets) 80lbs

    CG BP (5 sets) 225lbs
    2arm overhead db extensions (5 sets) 85lbs
    rope pulldowns (5 sets) 110lbs

    Felt great, and really strong. the 330lbs on the incline is a first for me in years. felt great.

  13. 330lbs on Incline is HEAAAVY! Nice work dude. Great to hear about the strength gain and increase in weight.

  14. thanks man, I still feel jacked up right now.
  15. Deads for the first time in 3 weeks

    Hit deads for the first time since the week before the broken toe.

    DL (6 sets) 415lbs 3 reps (not too terrible considering the back and toe pain)
    BB Rows (5 sets) 185lbs 12 reps
    Back extensions (9 sets) 190lbs
    BTn pulldowns (5 sets) 210lbs
    Seated Rows (5 sets) 225lbs

    Was stronger than anticipated, and was very concerned about missing time on the deads, but while I was not as strong as I would have liked, it was not god awful

  16. Still rolling along here. Had a chiropractor appointment this am then came in for some shoulders/traps

    Felt pretty good overall.
    BB Press (8 sets) 245lbs 3 reps
    BTN Press (5 sets) 185lbs
    BB Shrugs (6 sets) 365lbs
    Cable Upright rows (5 sets) 190lbs
    Cable side laterals (5 sets) 40lbs

    Not too bad, started to fatigue a bit.
  17. thins not to do with a broken toe

    So I hit legs today, and certainly struggled as a result of the toe

    SM Squats (6 sets) 225lbs
    SM lunges (5 sets) 135lbs
    1leg lp (5 sets) 185lbs
    Leg extensions (5 sets) *burners* 130lbs down 10lbs each set no wait time

    Lying leg curls (5 sets) 130lbs
    SL DL (5 sets) 185lbs
    Seated leg curls (5 sets) *burners* 115lbs down 10lbs each set

    Seated calf raises (5 sets) 110lbs
    Standing calf raises (5 sets) 130lbs

    Very jello like at the moment, but considering my underlying issues, the strength was fine, endurance was very good and pump was outstanding. Working hams on seated leg curls it actually hurt to sit.

    Also, added in the 1andro yesterday at 800, as I will be hitting that for 6 weeks, which ends the cycle
  18. Couldnt make it to the gym today

    Sorry to say missed my typical sunday chest workout. My wife and I are two suckers. The little one has been begging for her first pet, so I caved Say hello to the newest addition to the family: Summer
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  19. Congrats homie! Your kid's gotta be stoked beyond belief!

    Looking forward to see how you fair on the 1-andro... Keep up the hard work, and I hope your injury heals up quick!
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  20. Thanks man. She is bouncing off the wall and finally went to bed.

  21. Kids love pets man! u plannign on the cap or the UTT version? if you can do a review of the M1-D prior that be cool bro

  22. I hunt baby seals.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    I hunt baby seals.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    As do i

  25. finally got back to the gym tonight, felt good for a brief lift (was late b/c a parent didnt pick up their kid in my summer program)

    Front pulldowns (5 sets) 225lbs
    Barn doors (5 sets) 110lbs
    Back extensions (10 sets) 2 giant sets
    BB Rows (5 sets) 225lbs

    Will update tomorrow with further thoughts as I am down to my last 2 days of M1DB

  26. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    finally got back to the gym tonight, felt good for a brief lift (was late b/c a parent didnt pick up their kid in my summer program)

    Front pulldowns (5 sets) 225lbs
    Barn doors (5 sets) 110lbs
    Back extensions (10 sets) 2 giant sets
    BB Rows (5 sets) 225lbs

    Will update tomorrow with further thoughts as I am down to my last 2 days of M1DB

    Cool man, look foward to you thoughts!

  27. just got back from my final workout. I will discuss the workout here, then add in my final thoughts back in the reserved space on page 1

    incline bp (10 sets) 315lbs 4 reps
    flat bp (5 sets) 300lbs 5 reps (really fatigued)
    incline flys (5 sets) 75lbs

    CG BP (5 sets) 225lbs
    2arm pulldowns (5 sets) 140lbs
    Overhead rope extensions (5 sets) 140lbs

    Felt very strong, great pump, and overall feel really good

  28. 10 sets of incline press? woweee. How many of those are working sets?
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  29. 2 warm ups at 135 rest are 225lbs and up. rarely over 5 reps however

  30. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Ok, so here it is, after a couple of weeks (roughly just over 2 weeks).

    It is a light cinammon (spelling?) flavor which is fine. Not too overpowering, but I like the mint of the E911 much better. Personal preferance. However, it dissolves within a few minutes and you are rearing to go.

    After my brief time, the one constant has been a real nice pump. Vascularity has come out nicely and muscles do feel quite full after my pwo shake.

    I am up roughly 4lbs over the 2.5 weeks. I attribute this to the M1DB, as the 1anro rx has only been in my system for about 6 days.

    This was the most pleasant surprise. My strength was up on almost all my lifts. My incline bench was phenomenal, which makes me a very happy man.

    I imagine that a true 4-6 week cycle would add roughly 8-10 lean lbs with a good diet of course. Also, based on what i have seen, if you train with an emphasis on solid strength gains, then this will most certainly help add to that, as it did with me.

    A big thank you again to LG and their whole team, very nice product and I am honored to have been given the opportunity to use it
    4lbs in 2.5 weeks is fabulous dude! great work man and cannot complain about strength gains, seems to be a solid product and one can only imagine what a full cycle will produce, thanks for taking the time doing this for us


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