Jason's Blue Gene and Purple Wraath Log, Thank you Controlled Labs!

  1. Jason's Blue Gene and Purple Wraath Log, Thank you Controlled Labs!

    Blue Gene - Natural Anabolic Matrix

    Designed to help the serious athlete optimize mitochondrial biogenesis, hormone level ratios, and support oxygen rich blood cells during athletic performance and recovery, this stimulant-free formula means more endurance, power, and better recovery without pro-hormones or grey area compounds. No hormones means no post-cycle therapy, depression, or other risks associated with exogenous hormonal ingestion.

    Key Attributes:

    Controlled Release Formula
    Stimulant Free Endurance and Stamina
    Natural / Legal Power and Performance
    Optimize Natural Hormone Levels and Recovery

    Serving Size: 5 Tablets
    Servings per Container: 30
    Amount Per Serving
    Niacin (as Niacinamide) 50 mg
    Sodium (as Sodium Bicarbonate) 41 mg
    Blue C Complex 3750 mg
    L-Carnitine (1800 mg), Cissus Quadrangularis (20% Extract), Carao Extract (Cassia Grandis), Catuaba 4:1 Extract (Trichilia Catigua) and Propionyl-L-Carnitine (200 mg)
    Blue Sky Complex 2200 mg
    Quercetin, Ginkgo Biloba (Extracted for Ginkgo Flavone Glcosides and Terpenes), Grape Seed (Extracted for 95% OPC), Epimedium Sagittatum (Extracted for 50% Icariin), Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract, Apigenin (98% Extract) and Perilla Frutescans (Extracted for 23% Luteolin)
    Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate and Artificial Colors.

    Purple Wraath: Ergogenic Essential Amino Acid Matrix

    Discover the "Holy Grail" of bodybuilding and athletic performance enhancement: maximizing lean gains and fat loss while enhancing recovery and increasing strength, endurance, and energy. Purple Wraath was created to be the most complete EAA/BCAA product on the market; keeping your body in a constant anabolic state and keeping you training hard with its added super endurance complex.

    Key Attributes:

    Fast absorption/fast acting
    EAA & BCAA
    Caffeine-free ergogenic formula
    Delicious tangy grape flavor
    Natural anabolic environment
    Increase athletic performance, endurance, focus, stamina, and muscle recovery
    Legal, safe, and effective for both men and women
    Stimulate metabolism to reduce body fat
    Explosive strength, power, and energy
    Increase or maintain muscle mass whether cutting or bulking
    Dextrose/maltodextrin free

    PurplEAA Complex:

    The Purple Wraath PurplEAA Complex is a very efficient formula based on the science of actual homo sapiens muscle protein and clinical studies on human amino acid assimilation. Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) are the "building blocks" of lean muscle mass, but the EAA's from whey protein can take hours to enter circulation. The solution is the Purple Wraath fast-acting, free-form PurplEAA Complex:

    While essential amino acids function cohesively as a group to aid in your training, additionally they each produce a significant benefit when it comes training:

    - Primary anabolic trigger
    - Enhance recovery
    - Optimize hormone levels

    - Energy
    - Recovery
    - Glucose production
    - Nitrogen balance
    - Anti-inflammatory
    - Analgesic

    - Energy
    - Recovery
    - Glucose production
    - Hormones

    - Beta-oxidation
    - Nitrogen balance
    - Calcium absorption
    - Energy

    - Vasodilator
    - Nutrient delivery
    - Anti-Catabolic

    - Vasodilator
    - Sexual function

    - Nutrient uptake
    - Immune system

    - Enhance metabolism
    - Energy
    - Mood
    - Antioxidant

    - Energy
    - Hormones
    - Mood

    It's important to understand that our EAA Complex includes all of the BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids) that you have used in the past, including a precise ratio of leucine. Research shows that blood levels of these KEY amino acids are directly related to muscle protein synthesis, so we formulated a comprehensive and efficient matrix to enhance lean mass directly and indirectly, and under various conditions. Now, that ratio is important, but there are some other very exciting points about this formula. Unlike some of the amino acid supplements on the market, you aren't paying for cheap "filler" ingredients such as dextrose or maltodextrin when you purchase Purple Wraath. Also, we chose not to include the amino acid glutamine since it is not an essential amino acid, and our bodies can synthesize it on its own in sufficient quantities. Because the studies that we based this formula off of do not use tryptophan and since it has the potential for "sedative" like side affects, we designed Purple Wraath to be completely tryptophan-free.

    By combining intense exercise or weightlifting with the fast absorbing PurplEAA Complex you can rush nutrients into the active cells of your working muscles, creating an anabolic environment optimal for recovery and lean mass.

    What would an EAA product be without some amazing support ingredients? Good, but not great. To make this formula great we added the PurplEndurance Complex.

    PurplEndurance Complex:

    You can't create an optimal anabolic environment without intensity so Controlled Labs decided to take things to the extreme with Purple Wraath by including the ultimate caffeine-free Ergogenic Complex:

    So what does each of the ingredients in the PurplEndurance Complex do?

    - Helps increase aerobic efficiency
    - Helps enhance oxygen transport
    - Helps to reduce lactic acid accumulation

    Citrulline Malate:
    - Reduces Lactic Acid and Ammonia
    - Boosts energy production
    - Has an oxygen sparing effect
    - Boosts mitochondrial function

    Betaine Anhydrous:
    - Is a key osmotic/cellular hydration ingredient
    - Enhances muscle fullness
    - Acts as an energy enzyme protector
    - Induces the conversion of homocysteine to methionine
    - Elevates glutathione levels
    - Promotes liver health
    - Helps you maintain intracellular electrolytes
    - Enhances metabolism

    - Aids in nutrient absorption
    - Enhances digestion/stomach function
    - Produces a nootropic effect

    - Helps elevate naturally occurring eNOS

  2. To help give some background on me here is my app. for the products:

    Age: 33

    Height: 5'10''

    Weight: 215ish

    Why do you want to try Blue Gene: I like to try supplements that can help push me harder in training. Either directly through stimulants like caffeine or indirectly through reducing recovery times like Creatine and Beta Alanine.

    I would look forward to seeing what the addition of carnitine, carao, and catuaba would do to my typical creatine/beta alanine mix. Would also like to see how it stacks up to different supplements that I have tried through the different companies that I have mentioned above.

    Also, I like the addition of Cissus in the product. Will work great in conjunction with the joint support in Orange Triad I already take.

    What is the other supp of choice? Why did you pick this?

    I would say I'm most intrigued with Purple Wraath. I really like the benefits of Beta-alanine and have been testing different products that include it.

    Why do you think this supp of choice is a good stack to Blue Gene?
    I believe that product would work the best in combination with really anything.

    Other Supplements used and results: (What I most commonly use on a regular basis and why)

    Creatine - Faster recovery time between training sessions. I take 5g three times a day usually before and after I train and at night before bed.

    Beta Alanine - Faster recovery time between training sessions and better work capacity during training. I take 3g twice a day usually before and after I train.

    ZMA - helps me sleep which helps provide faster recovery. Take about 45m before bed and try to have an empty stomach. Do not take with calcium.

    Controlled Labs Orange Triad - Multi used through out the day so it's not a one time shot and piss away deal. Also provides joint support. I take 2 three times a day. Morning/Afternoon/Evening.

    Universal Real Gains - Weight Gainer with just the right amount of calories and great ingredient break down. Maltodextrin as the main carb not fructose/sucrose. Good protein mix of slow and fast digestion. Fats are MCT and from flax. Tastes great. Drink before and after I train and just before going to bed.

    Training experience (as much detail as possible.. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF ! ! WHY should we choose you ! !):
    Here's my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jason24590

    I've been training for strength and relearned every I knew about lifting in the past two years. I train using the conjugate method and always evaluating myself and my training.

    Currently my schedule looks like this:

    Sunday - DE or RE Bench
    Monday - ME SQ/DL
    Tuesday - Recovery/SPP/GPP extra work
    Wednesday - ME Bench
    Thursday - DE or RE SQ/DL
    Friday & Saturday - Recovery/SPP/GPP extra work

    Rotate DE and RE work as needed. Rotate in Deloading various ways here and there as needed.

    I started @ 165lbs with a 225lbs squat, 185lbs bench, and never deadlifted in my life.

    My Previous meet lifts: (All unequipped except for the one meet and listed as squat/bench/deadlift/ total)
    NASA Iowa Regional Oct '07: 419/254/441 1114
    UPA Midwest Jan '08: 452/303/463 1218
    NASA Iowa State April'08: 485/309/485 1279
    UPA Midwest Jan '09: 534/363/480 1377 equipped
    NASA Iowa State April '09: 491/309/507 1307

    Short Term Goal:
    My goals are constantly changing and all geared to lead me to my long term goal. Right now the long term goal is hitting a 1675lbs total @ 220lbs class unequipped. To get there right now I am aiming to break through a 1350 total by my January 2010 UPA Midwest Championship meet. By the NASA Iowa state meet in April I want to break through the 1400 mark.

    Along with that I have smaller individual lift goals. Squat I want to break the 500 mark as I'm only 9lbs shy. I would like to hit 335lbs bench in training and officially hit 315lbs in a meet. On the deadlift I'd like to break over 520lbs in my next meet.

  3. HELL YEA!


    RenegadeRows should be following this one soon

  4. Thanks, I'm looking forward to getting them in the mail.
  5. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    Enjoy the PW mate It's a solid product. Good luck with the rest of the log too, I'll be following along!

  6. Thanks UKStrength, the PW looks great.

  7. I love Blue Gene; add in the PW, and you're in for a ride.

  8. Thanks. I'm looking forward to it. I'll start posting my training in here tomorrow though I probably wont get the package in the mail till the middle of the week or so.

  9. Week 1/Day 1


    Time to complete workout:

    DE Bench
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    doubled up Monster mini's added
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    SSB JM Press
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Seated Machine Press
    1x8 @ 13th pin

    Seated press downs
    1x8 w/ doubled monsters
    2x10 w/ doubled monsters
    1x6 w/ doubled lights (don't have enough weight to get my ass on the seat)

    Vid: YouTube - DE Bench Week 1 Day 1 06/28/2009

    Wanted to try something new and wanted to try out something that would be like a seated dip machine I had at the commercial gym I used to train at. Worked fine with the monster mini bands but I was just kind of in mid air with the light bands. Will have to try and set it up like I do the lat pulldowns with bands. Feel refreshed after deloading the assistance stuff last week. Also, it was really nice this morning around 70f as a cool front came through last night and swept away some of the humidity. Will be working on running electrical out to the garage today and putting in an AC unit.

  10. Week 1/Day 2


    Time to complete workout:

    ME SQ/DL
    SSB Squat Mornings
    [email protected]

    Added 2 sets of chains
    [email protected], 155, 185, 205, 225, 245
    [email protected]
    [email protected]


    Machine shrugs
    [email protected]

    Wood Choppers

    Vid: Will upload later tonight.

    So nice outside right now. Supposed to stay like this for at least the next few days. At least I have my AC mounted and ready for when the humidity sets back in. Now I have to wire up the rest of the garage and get the motion lights hooked up. Then I can work on insulating the garage.

    Those squat mornings were really hard to get started. Once broke away from the bottom I was all set. I think I'm a bit high in the seat and bent over a bit low. Will adjust next time and get at least 505lbs. You'll see what I'm talking about when I get the video uploaded.

  11. Squat mornings vid from this morning
    YouTube - ME Squat/DL Week 1/Day 2 06/29/2009

  12. Just got the sups in. Just took one scoop of Purple Wraath for today. Taste isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Not like grape juice by any means but bearable by itself.

    Looks like I'll take the 5 caps of Blue Gene right when I wake up. Just before workout I'll drink my protein/carb/creatine shake. Drink 2 scoops of the Purple Wraath during workout. Then drink my protein/carb/creatine shake after I workout.

    Off day's I'll do 5 tabs when I wake up still and 1 scoop of the PW w/ some creatine.

    Every day I'll still be taking my Orange Triad 2 tabs 3x a day and ZMA just before bed.
  13. UKStrength
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    Quote Originally Posted by jason2459 View Post
    Just got the sups in. Just took one scoop of Purple Wraath for today. Taste isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Not like grape juice by any means but bearable by itself.
    Yeah I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of PW, felt the BA tingles yet?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by UKStrength View Post
    Yeah I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of PW, felt the BA tingles yet?
    I don't normally get the tingles from BA. I eat a lot, 6k-7k calories right now, and having a full stomach seems to reduce that. I have gotten them before.

  15. Week 1/Day 3


    Time to complete workout:

    ME Bench
    Floor Press
    [email protected]
    [email protected], , 155, 185
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected], 275, 295, 305 PR
    [email protected]

    Band bar Rows
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Tricep Pushdowns
    1x100 w/ mini band

    Band Pull aparts
    4x15 w/ mini band

    Vid: YouTube - ME Bench Floor Press Week1 Day3 07/01/2009

    Felt good this morning in training with plenty of energy which is not how it started. Almost slept in but dragged myself out of bed. Got the Controlled Labs products they sent me to try out yesterday. Took 5 tabs of Blue Gene yesterday afternoon and then again this morning as soon as I got up. Then drank 34oz of water with 2 scoops of Purple Wraath in it through out my training. Tasted a bit better with more water. Still has a tad bitter and aftertaste to it but not terrible. Definitely needs a bit to totally dissolve.

  16. Week 1/Day 4


    Time to complete workout:

    DE SQ/DL
    = Box Squats
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Strong bands added
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Deads short breaks Alternate Sumo/Conv
    Sumo. [email protected]
    Conv. [email protected]

    Pull Throughs 4x10 w/ strong band

    Hanging Leg Raises
    1x16, 12, 8, 8

    Vid: Will upload later tonight.

    Did not think I was going to get up this morning. ZMA can bring on some crazy dreaming. I woke up at around 3am and pissed off because I was wide awake and really hard to get back to sleep. Definitely fell back to sleep after 4am. Which I normally get up about 5am. But in that time frame I got some messed up dreams. Ended up dreaming my alarm was going off and I couldn't shut it off. So, I thought I was totally awake and getting pissed off I couldn't get the alarm to shut off. So, I went out and trained anyway. But then realized I kept hearing the alarm go off and was like WTF I'm out in the garage and shouldn't be able to hear that damn alarm!! Then I realized I'm probably still dreaming. So I start screaming at myself to WAKE UP!!!

    I finally woke up and went to the bathroom. Then noticed the toilet was all clogged up and I really had to go bad. So, I was desperately trying to unclog it with a plunger when I started to hear the damn alarm again!!!! WTF I'm still alseep!!!! So I start yelling at myself again to WAKE UP A$$HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally actually woke up and was a bit late getting started. So, now I'm wondering if I even actually woke up at 3am or I was just dreaming I woke up and was getting frustrated?!?!?!

    Training did feel good though this morning and didn't get drained at all. So, I'm guessing I didn't actually wake up but sure felt like I did. Guess we'll never know. Maybe I'm still sleeping... maybe we're all just a dream of someone else....

  17. This mornings DE SQ/DL session:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guKtd3c4kbU"]YouTube - DE SQ/DL Week 1 Day 4 07032009[/ame]

  18. Keep up the good work. I'm going to stick around and play with AM for a while.

  19. Week 2/Day 2



    Time to complete workout:

    ME SQ/DL
    Zercher Pulls from 4pin
    [email protected]
    [email protected], 185
    [email protected], 245
    [email protected], 295, 315, 335, 365, 385 PR!

    Front Squats
    [email protected]
    [email protected], 225, 225, 275
    [email protected] PR


    Hanging Leg Raises

    Vid: Will upload later tonight.

    Totally beat up after this weekend. Yesterday I did a quick a basic workout. Nothing worth mentioning. Some quick sets of DE bench followed by a quick band circuit. Didn't have much time and already was worn out. Did get much sleep last night and should have taken some anti inflammatory or something. My entire back is throbbing, forearms were cramping up yesterday along with my quads. Was not looking forward today's max effort lower day. Woke up and decided to try and train over lunch which was a good idea. Been doing a lot of stretching at work and trying to loosen up a bit. The zercher pulls were torture to the back. After those and the front squats I had to lay down for a bit as I could barely walk because of the back pump. Last set on the Zerchers my left glut cramped up big time as well. Was not a fun day. I did do more on the front squat then I've done before and ended up with two PR's for the day so it was all worth it.

    On another note, I've totally gotten used to the Purple Wraath's taste and don't mind it one bit. Just use a full 34-36oz of water with it. Also, totally different subject, I'm looking at rebuilding a fish aquarium again after a bit of some nudging from the wife, she knows I loved it, and really excited about that. I had one at my old house but lost it in the flood. I guess you can say that is one of my favorite hobbies. I can sit in front of a fish tank for hours and never get bored.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Dracoy View Post
    Keep up the good work. I'm going to stick around and play with AM for a while.
    It's an interesting place. Lots of discussion on supplements that's for sure.

  21. Vid from this afternoon Zercher pulls and front squats

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaS-8Aa4Ru4"]YouTube - ME SQ/DL Zercher Pulls from 4pin 07/06/2009[/ame]

  22. You getting any flushing of the palms from blue gene? High doses of ginko can do that.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    You getting any flushing of the palms from blue gene? High doses of ginko can do that.
    Not that I've noticed but will look out for it and make note of it.


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