Anybody getting results from VAT attack?

  1. Anybody getting results from VAT attack?

    I notice an increased feeling of wellbeing but no significant reduction in waist size so far. I'm 3 weeks in I think approx. Lost ~4 lbs from diet but looking at historic stats I lost nothing extra around my waist then what can be expected.

    Recreate did work for me though. But I'm also on forslean. SO what other part of Recreate makes it more effective for me then VAT Attack + forslean?

    Any ideas?

    I'm taking ~4 grams a day of VAT attack and 2 x 100 mg 20% extract of Coleus F.

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  3. I am interested in this as well as I was playing around with ordering some when I pick up some more protein but I cannot seem to find any thorough review threads on it.

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