BoSox goes to war

  1. BoSox goes to war

    Id like to thank the good people of mausclepharm for giving me the chance to be a tester for Banana Cream Combat Powder.

    Combat powder:
    Feeds Muscle Up to 8 Hours
    Fast, Medium & Slow Releasing Protein Sources
    Added Digestive Blend for Maximum Utilization
    Maximum Muscle Growth

    Who wants to test Banana Cream Combat Powder?

    I will be posting here as well as the muscle pharm forum...thanks again muscle pharm

  2. Workout #1.....Shoulders and cardio

    This protein is by far the best tasting protein ive ever had. It mixes well, it tastes great, I cant wait till the next serving.

    I have a question for the muscle pharm guys....does this protein aid in recovery too?

  3. Workout #2 Back/biceps and cardio

    This protein is unreal. I have a great full feeling, no bloating or any type of irritation digesting this.

    I have been mixing it with water mostly, today i mixed it with milk, and it was even better. I look forward to drinking this everyday

  4. Workout #3 Chest/triceps...cardio

    Feel great working out lately. No soreness. A sense of alpha male, not sure if that is due to the combat powder or not, but I like it.

    Have been drinking 3 shakes daily....still love the taste.

  5. Workout #4 Shoulders....cardio

    I still feel great, no soreness what-so-ever. Good workouts, and having the alpha male feeling as well. I love this protein, not only for the taste, but what it does, and how it makes me feel.

  6. Workout #5 chest/triceps...cardio

    Thought I might be hurting from yesterday being the 4th and me drinking a little too much. Woke up this morning, had a shake, ate breakfast, drank another shake before I went to the gym, and I felt great. I had another good workout, the recovery from this is amazing.

  7. Workout #6 Shoulder....cardio

    I love this stuff! Protein usually causes gastric disturbances for me, this one doesn't and that is huge. I have been using as a meal replacement and keeps me full.

  8. Workout #7 Shoulders...cardio

    Really good workout today, took a couple of days off from the gym, went to Vermont for a times

    I started using superpump, so im getting some good pumps with the superpump and the BCAA's in the combat powder

  9. Sorry I havent posted in a while....Have been on vacation, here and there and havent found the time to post. I also find it hard to review a protein...especially taste and etc...any suggestions?

  10. I dont know what else to write....I guess Ill have to experiment with fruit to put in the combat powder. Its hard to review protein

  11. Sorry I havent posted in a while, Ive been on vacation and havent been able to log, will start again today

  12. Workout #8
    Back/biceps and cardio

    So iVe been slacking lately with working out (vacation) and posting

    Im glad to be working out on a regular basis again, and drinking my protein again. I havent worked out regularly lately, and the protein has been doing it job of its recovery..

  13. Workout #9

    Today for the hell of it, i was to lazy to make lunch and I had a shake for lunch instead. It kept me full until dinner, and I also had a pretty good workout out to boot!

  14. Workout #10

    I have been supplementing shakes for breakfast or lunch. Trying to shed a few pounds. Working out great. I love this stuff

  15. I have a few more shakes left, sad to se that. I have been drinking 3 a day.

  16. Again I would like to the thank the good people of mausclepharm for giving me the chance to be a tester for Banana Cream Combat Powder. The 5 pound tub and the t-shirt was very classy. I wore the shirt with pride.

    Mixability: A great protein that mixed very easy, no chunks....10/10

    Taste: The best tasting protein ive ever had. I cant wait to buy another...10/10

    Overall: What else...10/10 By far the best tasting protein ive ever had, I will buy another tub of combat powder.


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