My cutting stack results thus far Ether Tabs/JP8/Blue UP W/PICS

  1. My cutting stack results thus far Ether Tabs/JP8/Blue UP W/PICS

    Thanks for taking a look at my review here of this stack. This is the first review that i have posted on here and just wanted to share my results. I did not have the time to do a day by day so i'll just do the best I can with what I have.

    I started this cut 5 weeks ago at 208lbs and 16% bf (maybe a little higher) I was consuming 4000+ cals a day, all pretty clean low GI carbs and such but still a lot of cals. I was running DC Training at the time and was ready for a switch.

    So in comes this stack, the new workout and a completely different diet than I have ever attempted to tackle before.

    My diet changed up drastically from my 4000 cals a day dropping down to just under 2300 cals for the last 5 weeks broken up into 6 meals through out the day. Here is the breakdown:
    Clals 2271, Fats 128, Carbs 39, Protein 230

    Of Course the exact breakdown on the diet changes a little day to day but not much. The main variance is maybe a little higher protein, and lower fat or visa verse.

    My meals consist of 4 whole food meals and 2 shakes. Keeping all meals at about 400 cals and one smaller meal with my carbs. My carb meal is combined only with protein and the rest of the meals are all protein and healthy fat with trace carbs. Mainly Chicken, Turkey burgers, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, salads every other meal, almonds, olive oil and not much more. For the first month I did not have one cheat day, and now in my second month I am allowing myself one "refuel" day to take the edge off.

    I switched up from mainly training for strength and lower reps most of my life over to a circuit setup for more of a metabolic training.

    **) BB Dead lift
    A2) DB Military Press
    A3) BB Up Right Row
    all super set rest 90 seconds
    B1) DB Lunges
    B2) Db Rows
    B3) DB Press
    rest 3 minutes total 3 circuits. performed 3 days a week with HIT cardio 2-3 days a week.

    From all of the dropping of my calories well bellow my maintenance levels, taking away just about all of my carbs and switching up to a workout I was afraid before would rip off too much muscle I can say that I am very happy with this stack overall. The first workout about killed me =), but after this I have had great workouts from the Ether Tabs in the morning, JP8 pre-workout and blue up stim free, then Ether tabs post-workout.

    The JP8 gave me great energy, but the taste made me a little nauseous before each workout other than that it was great. The Ether tabs keep me feeling pumped throughout the day even without having the carbs I was use to. And I can tell the blue up was working nicely because well "IT" was working nicely above and beyond normal.

    I have dropped from 208 down to 186, and can see my abs again. Also My gyno is a little bit less noticeable now that I have removed some BF. I have switched up the training some now, adding a strength day 6x6 twice a week and Again a 3 day full body metabolic routine. I don't think too much muscle was lost in the process either and I gradually want to loose some more fat and then work my way up to my goal of 210lbs and single digit BF.

    My measurements have not shifted too much at least I dont think so. I am not sure what BF% I am at now, but I know I have lost a decent amount at least, along with some water of course. I am looking to change up my stack to Jack3ed, Cre-02, and Prime for this next phase, and when I start to gradually bulk again I want to hit up "THE ONE" w/second gear and the new DTP.

    Hopefully this wasn't too lengthy and boring, here are the measurements bellow and pics. The first two of course are the before and the rest are after. Sorry if the pics are not the greatest quality, and I know I still need to loose some more BF. It likes to hang out a little bit around my lower abs, but not much longer. And I REALLY would like to build up my chest, especially my upper chest. Benching does not do it for me no matter how slow I move or isolate, it always seems to work my shoulders too much. I am happy so far even though this has taken longer than I expected. I started out about a year and a half ago again lifting seriously again @ 170lbs & about 17-18 % BF. This is my lifestyle now though and I am set that I am going to achieve my goal which is right around the look and size of snaggs. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

    arms flexed before 17" - 16.5"
    Chest 46" - 45"
    waist 33" - 30"
    quad 25" - 24"
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