I need M Drol help

  1. Question I need M Drol help

    Starting my cycle very soon
    But I'm missing inormation on this certain subject.
    For the first week I will be taking 10mg a half hour before workout.
    But afterthe first week,I will be up to 20 if all goes well,
    But my question is will I be taking both caps (total of 20mg) pre workout?
    Same goes for 30 and 40mg dosing.
    Probably just going to top at 30mg though.

    All help appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. and though I'd mention,
    Usually on weekdays, my workouts at 6
    On Saturdays about 9 am

  3. Do you have all support supps in place? What does PCT look like? What is your PH experience? How long have you lifted? What is your age?

    At 165 I wouldn't recommend M-drol, depends on lifting and a bunch of other things. You could be too young, unexperienced, not ready. Post up questions and we'll answer the best we can.
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  4. 19 yrs old
    Been lifting for muscle endurance and speed for about 3 years not really for weight obviously because I used to wrestle for school and didn't want to pack on too much weight.
    I havnt had much ph experience besides watching others,
    I've seen good results which made me want to try it and bulk up.
    My pct will be nolvadex at 40/30/20/10

    I've got everything they've used
    Milk thistle, amino acids, organ shield, etc.

  5. Doesn't matter much when you take it...it's not like caffeine which will make a feel a certain way for a finite period of time, then wear off. Just make sure you get your dosages in each day, whenever you have time to take them.

    10/20/30/30 is a decent cycle for M-Drol I'd say.

    I've used this product before and there are size gains, but I'd say the strength gains were more noticeable than anything else. So, lift heavy, eat heavy, get your rest and you should pack on a few lbs.

    Don't overthink it. Take your support supps, lift hard and be dilligent about your PCT.

  6. You are 19 and are too young to take any prohormone. Your growth plates and other things in your body are not done reaching their full capacity. Wait another 2-4 years before you put your body through the stress. Food right now is more anabolic seeing as you are only 165 lbs. You have a ways to go and would see better gains using at a higher weight. Also, Clomid and Torem would be good for a PCT.
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  7. Thanks for the help guys
    And I know it's not much, but I'm officially at 172 now
    Didn't post before becuase it was fluctuating
    But now it's sen preti consistent.
    And yes, I have looked into clomid and the other one and just thought I soul be better off using somwthing that is widely used and better understood.
    But thanks though.

  8. Hi MrBigPR,

    i'm looking for advice on an M-drol cycle i am about to begin and having seen the solid advice and information you have given others on the forums i thought you might help me out.

    age : 35
    weight : 180
    height : 6'
    b.f. : 20 approx :-(

    lifting 1 year

    my diet is reasonably clean and i'm trying to bulk on 3600 cals per day 40 % carb 40 % protein 20 % fat.

    this will be my first PH cycle .

    maybe you could let me know what you think regarding some of the dosages..?

    Preload before week 1 on AI CYCLE SUPPORT.

    M-Drol : 10/20/20

    Support supps : AI cycle support @ 2 scoops per day in my cytogainer shakes morning and night. animal pak for multivit . taurine to help with expected back pumps ( not sure of doseage ).Cell mass.

    PCT : This is what i have in-hand ( i know i dont need all of this and have probably doubled up on some but maybe you could select my best options and tell me the best way to cylce them including the dosage )
    Not sure if i need to start running any of these before the cycle is finished or start on first day off..?

    AI Cycle Support.
    AI Post cycle support.
    i-force reversitol.
    Neovar creatine.
    Animal pump.
    omega 3 fish oil capsules

    I thinking Nolvadex @ 20/20/10/10 + Blue up @ 3/2/2/1, post cycle support @ recommended doage..same for ZMA ,FISH OIL and start using animal pump again..

    Anything i dont use will be used later in the year as part of my Trenadrol Cycle.

    Any advice would be much appreciated and thanks in advance for your help.


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