A COLORfull summer

  1. A COLORfull summer

    Alright so I'm already like two weeks into a vegetable soup of Controlled Labs products, but I really like their stuff and figured keeping a log with some thoughts might add a little extra motivation.

    Supplements and some initial thoughts

    I'll keep this short and sweet because, well, who really gives a crap about some long dissertation. As happens with CL products, I'm drinking enough water to dry out a small well.

    1. White Flood: I have been taking WF directly before and partially into my workouts. Before hopping on the rest of my summer supplements, I used this for a week by itself to see what I'd notice.

    Taste: My initial reaction was mild confusion because it tasted like goat urine. I was surprised because Green Mag was smackin good and this was not (I know, I know that's heretical because CL products always taste delicious). I do, however, enjoy the taste now, but it was rough the first two days. I'll chalk this up to the fact that I initially expected a flavor flav different than what I experienced. Whatever. 7/10

    Experience: Good energy, good pump. On leg days I notice a little extra kick, a little more focus and that's always a great. My first few lifts with just WF, I experienced some mild tinglies, but I haven't used a pre-workout in foreever so that's normal. Worth the money as a standalone, but when coupled with Green Bulge, it's been absolutely fantastic. 7/10 by itself, 8-9/10 when used with GB.

    2. Green Bulge: Pill form. Love it. Pop my five about 45 minutes before a workout and bam-o, energy/pump action. Today was a really swoll bicep workout. 8-9/10

    3. Orange Triad: I can tell when I don't take OT. My knees get cranky and my back gets a little tight after squats/deads. I'm not saying this is some kind of miracle vitamin, but as far as the multi-vitamins I've taken it's easily the best. I got this back when they ran some real cheap-ass special for like 20 bucks so for the value this gets a solid 9/10.

    4. GlycerGrow: Because I don't feel like drinking 16 pounds of water a day, I'm cycling GG after 5-6 weeks of WF.

    Taste: Tastes like salt. You either love it or you hate it. I throw it in, occasionally swish it around, maybe chew it, whatever, and then drown with water or WF. Listen, the crap works so you get over the taste quick. Still, 6/10. Find a way to make this taste/and or act like pop rocks and I'll spend like 50 bucks a can easy.

    Experience: Pumps. Good ones 9/10. Not much else to say--it does what it says it should.

    5. ON Whey: I'm too broke to buy Golden Gains or Finish or whatever protein Controlled Labs is rolling with so I went with ON.

    Taste: Like watered down hot coco. Whatever, it's protein. 7/10

    Experience: Nothing fancy. Satisfactory really. 8/10


    Alright, that's the skinny on what I'm taking. I'm 6'2", 195 pounds and have been lifting for like 5-6 years. I kick for a collegiate footballl team, and I hate cardio. That about covers most of the bases. On to todays lift.

    Went and kicked for 30 minutes. One-step 40 yarders for 10 minutes followed by 25 minutes of full motion. Grass was thick and the wind was in my face which is annoying as hell, but whatever.

    Workout -- Legs/Bi's

    Leg Press
    360lbs (8 plates) + whatever the machine weighs; 2x8
    450lbs (10 plates) 2x7

    Parallel Squats
    Did these really light and really low.
    135lbs. 3x8

    Leg Curls

    3x8 w/ 30 pound weight

    Hammer Curls
    35's 3x8

    Standing Cable Curls
    3x8 25 lbs/side

    Incline Curls plus grip clamps
    25's 3x8

    The chinups were superset-ed with the Squats. Great quad and bicep pumps. My ass will properly hurt tomorrow, but it was a good day.

  2. in bud, looks interesting and colorful indeed lol. Those are some good products, it will be fun to watch.

    BTw never met you before so Hi hahah

  3. This space for rent (and final reviews).

  4. Bloody joke of a breakfast this morning before running a shoulders/tri's workout. I had one bowl of honey bunches of oats--translation: I ate tree bark before a workout. Anyways, the Green Bulge/Flood combo gave me enough boost to make it through the workout, although I was dragging a bit by the end.

    Workout looked something like this:

    Overhead Jerk

    Arnold Presses


    Barbell Shrugs
    One-Armed Shrugs using 45 lb plate
    Cable Pull Downs using rope


    Hanging Leg Raises
    Trap Pulls
    Tricep Pushdowns

    finished with Front and Side Shoulder Raises

  5. Apologies for the sloppiness of this little log, but whatever, I'm not much for super details with my whacked out schedule right now.

    No lift yesterday. Internship in the morning, landscaping in hell in the afternoon. It rained all morning so when the sun came out it steamed us like vegetables in a bloody microwave. We were putting in a lawn irrigation system which meant a lot of digging and leaning over. Result, my back was jacked, so I just did a little kicking after dinner.

    On to today. Popped the Green Bulge and then went and kicked. A local high school was having no-pad practices which brought back some memories. It was kind of funny to hear them oohhing and aahhing as I kicked 50-yarders. I usually wait to move out to distances later in the summer, but I was kicking near a set of gnarly woods and didn't want the balls rolling into who knows what (I have a healthy fear of poison ivy. No seriously, I hate it).

    Kicked for 40 minutes then hit the gym. Today I seriously had the best chest pump I've had in a long, long time. I slurped down the White Flood pretty quick into my first lift and so I think I'll start taking it a little bit more "pre" workout.

    Dumbbell Incline
    90x...Zero. I was strong through the 80x6 so I figured I'd bump up to 90's. Couldn't get the initial shove to get them up. Big puss. This is where it would be nice to get a spot, but there was nobody around except for an old granny. Still fairly disgruntled about this.

    Barbell Flat

    Incline Flyes

    Overhead Dumbell Extensions

    Cable Flyes (positioned cables high to hit upper chest)
    25x1x10 (nice and slow)

    Like I said, absolutely great pump today. A few comments:
    1. My nutrition blows. I'm not eating proper quantities for above normal growth which is annoying but I'm broke so I can't gorge food like I wish. This isn't a bulk, but I still need to up my calories.

    2. I've got a summer membership at a 24hr. place. Stupid. Should have gone somewhere legit. Oh well.

    3. Need more protein. Any suggestions? Usually I buy ON because per serving its fairly cost effective. Anything better?

  6. I had my first workout in awhile yesterday without WF due to running a cycle and I must say, I missed it. You really don't know how much it does for the mental side of things and focus until you cut it out.

    As far as the 24hr place goes, why does it blow? Just curious as I too signed up for a new one they built in my town for the summer home from college. I thought it sucked too at first but started going late at night, and now it is like my own personal gym! I just run around that bitch like a mad man and can't get funny looks.

    Keep it up mang. Get that diet in line.


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