LAGear's Getting Shredded (Lean Fuel Extreme sponsored log)

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  1. LAGear's Getting Shredded (Lean Fuel Extreme sponsored log)

    First of all I want to thank IronMagLabs for the opportunity to test this product and provide my unbiased review. I will do my best to accurately describe my progress and provide all the information I would be looking for if I was researching this product.

    Please feel free to chime in with any questions you have or suggestions for improving my results. I'm hoping people who are interested in this product will learn from my experience and I'm always trying to learn too.

    Here is some info about the product from IML's website:

    Enhanced Thermogenic / Fat Burning Formula

    Increases Energy
    Increases Metabolism
    Promotes Fat Loss
    Lowers Cortisol Levels
    Stimulates the Thyroid
    Decreases Water Weight
    Stabilizes Blood Sugar
    Decreases Appetite

    Lean Fuel Extreme™ is by far the most complete and advanced thermogenic formula on the market! Increases energy and metabolism without jitters. This product contains 13 powerful ingredients that will take you to the next level. Whether you are just trying to shed a few pounds, or get ripped for a bodybuilding competition, Lean Fuel Extreme™ can help you attain your goals faster. Burn the fat and preserve the muscle!

    Relevant research articles - Lean Fuel Extreme&trade - Research Articles & Clinical Studies
    I am 37yo, 5' 9" and weigh 165. I don't have a reliable way of measuring body fat. I have a scale that measures body fat and electronic calipers but I'm not confident in the accuracy of either one so we'll have to assess the efficacy of LFE by comparing pictures, my observations and how my pants fit.

    I started taking LFE on 6/17 dosing at 2 caps ED. 6/17 was the start of week four of PCT from a five week h-drol cycle. If interested you can read up on my cycle and PCT at the link in my signature.

    One of the benefits of doing this log now is that I've been logging for the last eight weeks so I've got a lot of pre-LFE data to use as a baseline.

    6/17 is also the day I returned from a week-long vacation. While on vacation I did a pretty decent job of keeping my diet in check (thank you and did the best I could with the menial gym my hotel had. I don't feel like I've got to recover from the vacation and in fact feel like the time away was very beneficial.

    My goal for LFE is of course to cut, but to do so with minimal loss of LBM.

    My maintenance requirement is about 2,500 calories. I will be eating close to maintenance so that I can preserve LBM. My macros are very balanced; P,F,C will be 30-40% each on most days. I shoot for 40% protein but it doesn't always work out that way.

    I've always lifted three days a week. However, during my cycle and PCT I was lifting 4-5 days a week and I think I pushed myself to the point of being mildly over trained. I am going to dial the lifting back down to three times a week and get my cardio back to normal. I had some mild knee soreness followed by back/sciatica pain for the last several weeks which hampered my cardio. I finally feel close to 100% so I'll be able to get cardio back on track which will help with the cut. I generally do HIIT runs when doing cardio. My lifting is based on New Rules of Lifting so my routines almost exclusively made up of compound movements with varied sets/reps each day.

    I took before pictures the morning of Day 2 and will post them as soon as I get a chance, I'm still catching up from being on vacation. I plan to post progress pics about once every one or two weeks.

    I can report that in the three days I've been taking LFE I have not noticed much of anything. But if I had noticed something so soon you'd have to chalk it up to placebo. I'm psychologically resistant to stimulants so even though I'm taking NO-Xplode (don't laugh) on lifting days and DTHC I've not noticed jitters, increased energy or other side effects from the stims in LFE.

    I'm debating upping my dose to 3-4 caps ED. Not sure if I'll see better results with 2 caps ED on a longer cycle or with 3-4 caps ED and a shorter cycle. Anyone have input on this?

    Day 1 was a travel day so I spent most of it on my butt and not doing much.

    Day 2 was a lifting day. I did squats, tris, calves and abs. Plus running 11:00 and eliptical 18:00.

    Day 3 was a lifting day. I did chest, back and abs. Plus Running 11:00 and eliptical 12:00.

    Other relevant supplements I'm taking:
    DTHC: ~5 more days
    AI Life Support: ~4 more days
    Formex: ~18 more days
    AI PCS: ~18 more days
    Lean Xtreme: ~18 more days
    NO-Xplode: 18 days or until I run out
    Xtend BCAA
    Whey protein
    Casein protein

    Here's to a successful log and cycle!

  2. First in on this one. Looking forward to it LA
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Subbed. Good luck!

  4. good luck man! Im in!

  5. Watching.
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  6. I'm here dude! Good luck with the log and I hope you get the results you want!

  7. I'm in. Hope this goes well! Looking forward to results.

  8. Yesterday was Day 4. It was an off day with no lifting or running.

    For some reason I felt hungry all day yesterday. That's unusual for me because I do a pretty good job of spreading my food out through the day and yesterday was no exception. I guess that'll just happens sometimes, no need to over-analyze unless the hunger starts happening with regularity. No hunger issues yet today.

    The hunger may explain why I went to a party last night and had a rare diet lapse. I probably went about 300 calories over maintenance. Not the end of the world but disappointing because I take pride in my self control but ate a lot of junk like jalapeno poppers and taquitos. Bleh!

    Today is Father's Day so I'm going to have to be especially careful at dinner tonight since we're going to a restaurant. I'm going to try to get a run in before we head out.

    If I'm not too tired when I get back home tonight I'll post the before pictures I took on Thursday.

  9. subbbbed brotha!
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  10. Great detail! Looking forward to following this one...

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Pirate! View Post
    Great detail! Looking forward to following this one...
    Thanks bro.

    Yesterday was Day 5. I got a light run in that was just under two miles. It wasn't long but it was the most intensely I've run since I tweaked my knee and then my back.

    My goal is to get back to doing intervals. I think my back and knee can handle intervals but I didn't want to push it until I get a few steady runs under my belt.

    No issues with hunger yesterday even though I didn't eat much before dinner because I was banking calories for our Father's Day outing. I'm not sure exactly where my diet landed but I think it was pretty close to maintenance.

    My weight has been bouncing around rather erratically since I got back from my vacation which has nothing to do with LFE but everything to do with how much my diet and activity have changed since returning. So I'm going to wait a few more days until my weight stabilizes before I post any weight info. I'll post everything from Day 1 but until I get to some kind of equilibrium the data won't be a fair portrayal of how LFE is working.

    I will get those pics posted as soon as I get a chance to pick the best ones out and resize them for AM.

  12. Today is Day 7.

    Yesterday I did 25 rep sets + 15:00 on the eliptical + 12:00 jog. Sweated my ass off.

    I'm not lifting today but will do cardio if I have time for a session.

    Starting today I'm upping my dose to 4 caps ED.

    Weight is still bouncing around like crazy. I weigh myself first thing in the morning and use two scales to make sure that I'm not getting skewed results from a faulty scale.

    The difference is probably water weight because my weight dips the morning after heavy workout or cardio days. I drink plenty and urinate all day long so there's not much I can do to drink my weight back up. This isn't all that unusual but lately the swings up and down are bigger than usual. Not sure if that's because of LFE but it might be.

    Otherwise nothing new or noteworthy to report. I don't expect to feel any different with 4 caps vs 2 caps, as I mentioned previously I tend to be unaffected by stims so there shouldn't be any jitters, sleep problems, etc.

  13. How are things going here?

  14. Today is Day 14 of my LFE log.

    Diet and training have been fairly consistent throughout. Calories have averaged 2600 with slight day-to-day variation and I'm lifting three days a week. P/F/C are all between 30-40% of calories most days.

    During my cycle and the portion of PCT prior to going on vacation I was eating about 2200 calories and lifting 4-5 days a week. My body was severly stressed. Since getting back from vacation and starting LFE I've raised my calories closer to maintenance and reduced lifting to 3 days per week and I feel much better.

    Since my last update I lifted on Day 8, Day 10 and Day 13 and did HIIT cardio on the same days. Cardio has been on the eliptical. I've tried running twice and aborted both times because of knee soreness which I thought had healed. I'm going to avoid running for a couple of weeks to let my knee get better and will stick with the eliptical.

    The back problems I had when I started this log are gone so I'm not holding back at all with the weights.

    After starting LFE my weight had dipped to below 165 for the first time in two months but as of today I'm back up to 167.2. I was 167.4 when I started the cycle. According to my electronic calipers I was 6.3% BF on Day 3 and 6.7% BF on Day 10. But the increase could very easily be measurement error since we're talking about 0.4% difference which is minuscule. It could very easily have been the other way around. (EDIT: These calipers are just useful for monitoring progress, my BF isn't really that low.)

    More telling are the changes in my body. These are changes between Day 3 and Day 10. All measurements made first thing in the morning.

    Stomach -7/16"
    Waist -5/8"
    Hips -1/8"
    Thigh +1/16"
    Bicep - no change
    Chest +3/8"
    Weight +0.6lb
    BF +0.4% (see above)

    Changes to stomach and waist are rather dramatic for seven days, especially considering weight was up over that span. I have no explanation for this incongruity.

    I'm going to upload pictures from Day 1 and Day 9 in my next post. Next set of pictures after that will most likely be taken on Day 17.

    This is a chart of my daily weight from Day1 thorugh Day 14 (today):

    Name:  Weight.JPG
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  15. great update LA, I like the use of the chart
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  16. Here are pictures taken on Day 1 of the cycle and Day 10 of the cycle.

    Day 1 is first, followed by Day 10. There is not much difference to my eye. One change I have noticed is that before LFE the skin on my lower abs would start off tight in the morning and later in the day it would sag and look loose. Lately I'm not noticing this, the skin there seems to stay taut throughout the day.

    Name:  AM Abs 58.jpg
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    Name:  AM Abs 66.jpg
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    Name:  AM Flex 58.jpg
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    Name:  AM Flex 66.jpg
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    Name:  AN Back 58.jpg
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    Name:  AM Back 66.jpg
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  17. Bro looking really lean! Whats after this a bulk?
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  18. here now....yuppp

  19. Looking lean LA! I see a good difference in the back shots! Great work so far!

  20. I might just do the same PCT as you LA lol...but seriously

  21. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    Bro looking really lean! Whats after this a bulk?
    I don't know about doing a hardcore bulk. I've busted my ass for a solid year trying to cut while preserving LBM. The thought of going on a bulk and intentionally allowing myself to get flabby makes me cringe.

    Not sure how effective of a bulk I can do (unless I start another cycle with something stronger than h-drol) without gaining fat. I've been in a calorie deficit (200-300 below maintenance) for most of the past year. I'm hoping if I bring the calories up to about maintenance I can slowly add muscle without adding any flab.

    I know it seems counter-intuitive but I brought my calories up a bit when I started LFE. Even with maintenance level of calories I'm expecting to lean up a little bit more with LFE + lifting + HIIT. I'm eating the same calories everyday which puts me in a deficit on training days so it should work out.

    I feel so much better and have a lot more energy in the gym just eating a few hundred calories more per day. I really fried my mind & body on the h-drol cycle I just finished. I went too hard and think I burned out by the end. I don't think I realized it at the time but I feel so much better now so it's obvious to me now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silver3CSRT8 View Post
    Looking lean LA! I see a good difference in the back shots! Great work so far!
    Thanks man! I'm doing my best to get great results for IML (and for myself of course).

    We'll let the numbers and pictures tell the story at the end of the cycle.

    Quote Originally Posted by KgTomCat View Post
    I might just do the same PCT as you LA lol...but seriously
    Are you being sarcastic?

    My PCT was as thorough as I could make it. Some say it was overkill for a h-drol cycle but I say better safe than sorry.

  22. not much love here?

    excellent progress, this product seems to do the work. bigger arms, leaner waist.

    your lower abs are getting flatter too.

  23. Well you could do a lean bulk unless your satisfied with where you are at
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by IamSOFAking View Post
    not much love here?

    excellent progress, this product seems to do the work. bigger arms, leaner waist.

    your lower abs are getting flatter too.

    Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    Well you could do a lean bulk unless your satisfied with where you are at
    Lean bulk, is that a technical term? Is there a specific way to go about doing that? Lean bulk is what I'm hoping to do but it's easier said than done.

    I'm never satisfied, I always want more muscle and less fat but it's hard to accomplish both at the same time. If there's a formula for accomplishing that I'm not aware of it so please point me in the right direction.

  25. Yesterday (Day 14) I did jump rope for 18:00 for my cardio. I was planning to do at least 20:00 but I aggravated my knee and stopped short of my goal.

    Today was Day 15. I lifted, ran for 13:00 and did 10:00 on the eliptical. My run was really slow today, it was more of a test for my knee than true cardio. Fortunately, I didn't have any pain or discomfort but I'm going to keep running to a bare minimum and slowly work my way back up.

    During today's lifting session there were times when I felt my energy and strength were a bit low. However, I was able to do more reps across the board than I did in the last week of my h-drol cycle and that's very encouraging! Feeling good!

    Trying to bust my ass extra hard this week in case I end up somewhere with my shirt off or cave in to food/alcohol temptation 4th of July weekend.


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