poor man's burden stack

  1. poor man's burden stack

    Hello all, EZ is back at it.

    Due to diminished funds, I have decided to just run a short 21 day stack of whatever pills I had left in the cupboard. I have gathered them together and crafted a plan for them. What I have follows;

    GNC Ultra Mega- Basically a multi vit/mineral with some neutriceuticals too.

    GNC 50+ Bone Formula- Got it on sale for 2.77 , couldn't pass it up. Basic formula of vit D, Calcium, Magnesium, and a milk protein called MBP

    GNC Aller 7- herb blend for respiratory health and Green Tea Polyphenols (175mg per 2 pill serving)

    Pearl acidophilus- no explanation needed

    Scivation Dialene 4 and 11 pills of GNC thermo power rush

    The stated goals for this stack will be reduction of my 2 mile run time by 1 minute to 13:30 from 14:30, via increased lung capacity secondary to aller 7, decreased joint pain secondary to bone formula and the MBP, as well as a leaning effect with the thermogenic combo. I have been off of any sustained thermo use for quite some time. Tommorrow will be day 1. I will cycle the stims 2 days on 1 day off.

    I should also mention that I have zero protein supplements left and will be entirely whole foods based throughout this cycle. I am eating mushrooms daily during this time for AI affect.

    Pictures forthcoming for leaning out comparison.


  2. not sure why it's rotating them, but these are starting photos, I hope to lean out my lower abs/love handles and lose a few lbs

  3. Today I had a hard trail run and the lungs felt better than what they have been even though there was a touch of humidity in the air. I had been taking the aller7 for about a week even before including it in with this stack. Sneezing has been reduced throughout the day as well. Knee pain is present post run but not bad.

    I have gone fully whole foods with zero protein supplements, and have decided to reduce daily mushroom intake and focus instead on broccoli. I will also be eating at least 3 spoonfuls of cinnamon each day evenly spaced. A performance measure I will use for any gains in strength will be my 100 rep 135lb bench press time which is at 8:36 at present. (Most of my training will be running and swimming.)

  4. day 3 minimal weight (first thing in the morning post void) 197.5, I hope to get this down to under 195. Todays workout will be pushups and pullups throughout the day while at work. Happy Father's day to all fathers.

  5. minimalist weight this morning of 199, so it seems I am going in the other direction, this could be due to the drastic change in diet, which is going well, I am finally eating copious amounts of whole foods. Composition does not seem to be diminished at this point.

    Today's workout will be 1/4 mile speed work at the track-- this will give me a good look at any lung improvements from the aller 7, as well as any osteo support from the bone stuff.

    To also improve respiratory function, I have eliminated cow's milk from my diet, unless it is in a fermented form such as kefir and yogurt. Primarily I am drinking soy and almond milk with small amount of goat's milk as well. Sneezing fits are down slightly at this point, hard to tell on general mucus/stuffiness/feel like I can't breathe fully type stuff. Reducing this may require more time cow milk free.

  6. Workout went well, total of 5 1/4 mile runs on the 1:30, with pushups in between each and then about a minute rest, lungs were good--not great-- not trouble free, but better given the humidity.

    I consider this a slight improvement to this point.

    Post workout shake was as follows:

    water, 1 cup cooked buckwheat, half cup of yogurt, unsweetened soy milk, half a banana, half cup of OJ, teaspoon of cinnamon-- blendered to a liquid, the end result was delicious.

  7. brutal run-bike-run in the heat today, 90+ with high humidity, ran on trails with absolutely no shade, definitely lost some water weight, lungs and knees were good, minimalist weight this morning was 197.5, looking leaner will post 10 day pictures once I reach that point. So far I am loving the Dialene 4, even though I am only half dosing it.

  8. minimalist weight at 195 this morning, not sure if this will be maintained since I expected it after yesterdays water losses but I am definitely leaner at this point.

  9. training has been going well, did some high volume shoulder work yesterday and today did some trail riding, lungs are slowly improving , still leaning out.

  10. Today I hit a goldmine that may alter the face of the poor man's burden stack forever. I happened into a small Amish variety store, they sell basically refuse items from store closeouts and close dates or expired items. 5 full boxes of supplements from Roundy's were there all expired by a few months. The price 1 dollar a bottle. I helped myself to Sam-e, cinnulin-pf, ginger extract, ALA, green tea extract, holy basil extract, b-complex, greens and fruits powder, glucosamine, MSM, and beta carotene.

    basically I got some options now to play around with, what was once the poor man's stack now feels like the "my cup runneth over stack".

  11. today is around day 10 give or take a few, i took a few shots, i believe they show i am leaner

  12. another shot for comparison

  13. Well I have returned with an update. My goal was to reduce my 2 mile time. I did by a full minute, but I was 10seconds too slow and did not max it. I needed 13:35 and I came in at 13:45. Astounding improvement however in a 3 week stretch, I attribute it to training methodology and my poor man's stack. Overall a success. Also I weighed in at 195 officially.

  14. great job man!!! btw...mushrooms for AI..explain?

  15. plenny, white button mushroom extract has been included in a few products for AI effect, so I did a little research and found it legit. Eat 4-8 oz per day of raw white button shrooms and by week 2 you will be stronger and leaner, the effects taper off after about a month so then I usually take a full 7-10 days off of them, it just gets to be a pain eating all those shrooms, but it seems to work better than the pills with the extract i.e. the old RR by Designer (Mass Fx also had it v2 i believe)


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