White Flood vs. Superpump 250 Review

  1. White Flood vs. Superpump 250 Review

    So when I was looking at N.O. supplements I was always wondering what one to get. I started with Superpump 250 and then saw people saying White Flood was the best, so I switched to that. I decided that I would post my results with each one and unlike other threads I saw, actually pick a winner.

    White Flood (Electric Lemonade):
    7/10: It definitely gives you energy, and I never got jittery from it. It comes on smooth. Taste IMO is terrible.

    Superpump 250 (Blue Raspberry, Orange):
    9/10: My favorite supplement thus far. I like the sudden explosion of energy I get. Intensity and pump surpass White flood in my experience. Not the best taste after a while, but better then the white flood imo.

    So I tried to make that simple and down to the point. Don't get me wrong, I love both products, but I like the almost to intense rush of the Superpump over the White Flood. So in my experience SP250>White Flood. Not much else I can think of, so if you have questions or feel diff please post.

  2. dude u have to try usplabs jack3d
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