posted this in the other section but wasnt getting many replies it goes again

after going through every page of this "how to pulse orals" post i am still cloudy on if my plan is good or if im leaving anything out. Anyone with experience knowledge that can look it over id greatly appreciate it.

for the records im 24 and this is my first ph cycle

heres my plan:

3 day a week pulse for 6-8 weeks depending

wk 1: 10,20,30
wk 2:30,30,30
wk 3:40,40,40
week4-6(8) play it by ear, conservative route.

support supps:

cycle support: i will be pre loading cycle support for a week twice a day and then once the cycle starts only be using it on off days.

dhea: will be dosing 25 mg on off days in the morning to counteract cortisol

hyperdrol2: taking half the serving reccomended on off days ? is this the best thing to use for this purpose?

FOOD: tons!- diet is most important part of any program-learned this the hard way
water: tons of course
fish oil: everyday
bcaa: pre and post wo, morning shake, bedtime shake
protein: tons
glutamine: pre and post wo
creatine: yes or no?
no shotgun by vpx: yes or no? i use it right now to give me that extra push in the gym.

pct: althought dr. d said that you dont need extensive pct id rather play it on the conservative side and go with a full pct. My plan is to us the Primordial performance trs stack. Im also in the process of finding a serm to keep on hand for my pct if needed. Any reccomendations on which one?

im a few weeks out from starting but once i get it all on board i will log my cycle if anyone is interested?