The Journey Begins [Recoverpro & Maniac]

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  1. The Journey Begins [Recoverpro & Maniac]

    I'm a 19 yr old who used to way a whomping 250lbs back my Freshman year of high school. Ending that year I knew I needed to lose weight, so I signed up for the gym and went all most of that summer entering Sophomore year. Got down a few 20lbs less. Throughout that year and entering my Junior year I got down to 180-185 area. More lean muscle that bulk (picture below)..since that I kept my work out a little less and got into football my last year of high school. Gained that weight back into muscle, so after the season I was weighing around 195. I also did MMA so that helped me with cardio. For some reason though I'm not as cut as I used to be or any where near it. I now weigh 205lbs (last I checked was 4 days ago) I don't really like it at all. I do have the strength in me, but I'd like to get back down to the 185 area and loose my body fat. I never had it tested out so I don't know my %.

    (Never mind I cannot add the pictures)

    I no longer do MMA because of the price and other issues. Last I ran 3 miles on the treadmill was 2 weeks ago and that was 1time for 3 days and then I biked 8miles on the 4th day. I still have the cardio, but the fat is a negative factor.

    Ideal goal; Lose 10-15lbs and gain a good amount of that back in lean mass.

    The supplements overall taken are;
    Ultra vitaman (2 pills) - Before bed
    Omega 3 Fish Oil 300mg - After meals 3x a day
    Muscle Milk - 2Servings x 2 Every other day (ex. Monday, Wed, Fri)
    RecoveryPro - Waiting in the mail (should be here later today but I'd already would of gone to the gym)
    Maniac! - Same as RecoveryPro.

    The day logs will begin as of well June 15th, 2009.
    I have no desired date goal, but I will like to keep track till the end of August. I'll say September 15th so a good 3 months. Let's lock and load and see the progress. Once i hit the 50 posts I'll add the pictures.

    June 15th 09

    9:30A Breakfast 2 Eggs w/ 2servings muscle milk(water(preworkout)) , fish oil 1x300mg tablet

    10:30-12:30 Gym 24min basketball 1v1 , 6min stair master @ lvl 10
    Went on to do a full body workout, but I took it light as it's just the beginning.

    1P Lunch 1/2 Banana w/2 servings muscle milk(water) & 3/4 cup corn flakes

    5P Snack 2 Bars of Nature Valley Honey & Oat

    8P Dinner 3 Steak tips, 5 slices of grilled chicken (not sure on the name, those used in chicken tacos? lol)

    12:30 A1 Tablet of Ultra Vitamin w/ water

  2. Subbed, let us know how you the recovery pro tastes, and how much focus you get from Maniac, thanks.
    doing my own thang!

  3. Ah, I appreciate it man! Thanks. :]

    **Awaiting arrival for Recoverpro and Maniac - didn't come in today =[ **

    Day 2 June 16th 2009

    Stayed up last night talking on the phone, so I woke up a bit late today. None the less I stuck with the plan.

    11A Breakfast 2 Eggs w/ 1 toast Oats & Barley bread - w/ nutra-slim tea (no sugar) & 1 cap fish oil 300mg

    12:30-5P Landscaping work consisted of tree shrubs, wood, etc and moving bags. Good work out.

    3:45P LunchTuna 3oz. (Healthy Selections by Chicken of the sea)

    5P Snack 1 Apple

    6-7:30P Gym - biceps, shoulders, back, and abs. w/ a 10min sauna trip

    8P Hunger crave Snack 1 piece of boneless spare ribs

    11P Dinner Pecan-crusted chicken salad from T.G.I. Friday's. 1 fish oil 300mg capsule taken after

    Yeah, it was a busy day today so my times for meals got a bit stretched and same goes for my late dinner. Just got back not long ago and that's why I'm posting this. Tonight I will stay up again talking on the phone. -.- Man, girls! lol

    I will take 1 Ultra Vitamin pill before bed or now and take a nap and wait till the lady calls.

  4. Sup man!. Your day 2 diet looks a little better than day 1. The more smaller frequent meals you eat the more you will keep your metaboism up. Think of it like putting wood on fire in a fire place. Too much wood will be bad, too little wood will make it go out but small amounts of wook frequently will keep it stoked
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  5. Make sure you keep your protein up, around 200g minimum, prob 250-275 max. Your diet yesterday looks like 100g of protein maybe, only about 40g for breakfast and lunch. You should get 30-40 g of protein each meal, 5-6 times a day, spread as evenly as possible.
    Do you know what your maintenance calories are? Do a search for BMI calculator, determine how many cals you need to maintain your body weight. Then start your plan at about 500 less than that. Divide that total by 5-6 to get how many cals per meal to shoot for. You can use to track your food and calories. Just plug in what you ate, and it calculates calorie values and macros. Then you can plan a better meal plan and see what it totals out to be.

  6. He will be fine around 200g protien.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    He will be fine around 200g protien.
    I agree. I posted a "max" since some advocate going to the high end of the spectrum.

  8. subbed....good luck fellow [email protected]

  9. Interesting diet, hope that those BCAA's taste as yummy as they look.
    doing my own thang!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by KmuL View Post
    subbed....good luck fellow [email protected]
    Also subbed and another [email protected] LOL.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

  11. So I have to work 6-1AM yay. I will be eating something at work. We'll see what I choose!

    Day 3 June 17th 2009

    8:30A 2 eggs - 1 fish oil 300mg capsule

    8:45-10:30 30min basketball game (intense), 7 min stair master - chest,tri's, and biceps

    10:45-12:30 Mowed my lawn and my neighbors. =[ Another good sweat

    1:10P Lunch 1.5 oz tuna (Healthy Selections) and 1 300mg fish oil

    5:30 Snack 2 Servings Muscle Milk w/ Skim Milk - 2 steak tips

    9:00P Dinner Shrimp Key Lime w/ steamed broccoli - 1 fish oil 300mg capsule

    12:15A 1/2 cup skim milk - 1 capsule Ultra Vitamin

    2:30A 1 cup Chex Mix - I woke up like I always do around this time.

    I appreciate the advice young, yeah I probably do, but I'm still getting used to the whole diet scene thing. Today was hard for me to get food, just ended up being a lot of running around and not enough intake. =[

    I still need to go out to buy fruits and meals for myself. This is stuff I've come about within my house.

  12. You still need to work on getting better food. Until 530, you had about 300 calories and about 30-40 g of protein in what you listed. I realize you are working late and will be eating later, which is fine. Keep working on it and keep posting.

  13. Updated last post. Thanks for the advice young!

  14. If you have eggs and tuna at least at your house then eat more of it. If your parents are buying, then the faster you eat it, the more they buy, right? Eat 4 eggs and 2-3 egg whites. Eat at least the whole can of tuna at a sitting, a couple times a day.

    Also, do you work at TGIF? You work late and your late meals are from there. I definitely wouldn't make that your largest meal of the day before bed. Just stick with grilled meat and veggies if that is the case.

  15. Protein is going to be very important in ur quest to lose the weight and maintain and even gain lbm. Remember our bodies are compised of aminos and essential fats. Make sure u get thos in adequate amounts then vary ur carbs on activity level for the day. I suggest sipping the bcaas throughout the whole day!!! Start off easy with maniac and work the dose up to acess ur tolerance as some people are sensitive to stims even tho its 100mg per serving start slow

  16. I think RecoverPro is being shipped to NP right now so you should have it soon Santa.
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  17. Yeah the Recoverpro was going to take awhile now that I remember. It was mentioned on the NP site. Yeah, I buy the eggs. lol

    I did try to eat earlier rather than later at work (yes I work at TGI) but my meal only consisted on 12 shrimp and broccoli. If I do have to work again that late, which will be tomorrow then I'll make my 5PM meal larger. I'll stop in at work and order a sirloin w/ veggies.

    Young: Not 100% on this, is having to many eggs all the time bad for you? My mom mentioned that though I'm not sure.

    Crazy: Will do once I get those supplements! I'll also stack up on more tuna.

  18. Eggs aren't bad for you. They are full of protein and aminos. 3-4 whole eggs plus 2-3 egg whites are perfect. The bad stuff about it was because it has fat, which your body needs. When the low fat craze hit, eggs were at the top of the do not eat list.
    If your family is genetically predisposed to have high cholesterol, then eat more whites than yolks, but 2-3 yolks a day won't hurt you.

  19. No they aren't. lol She wasn't sure about it, that's why I came and asked. She probably assumed they were because I said I was on a diet. I appreciate the information.

    Will post my day later on tonight.

  20. Telling your mom "I am on a diet" usually doesn't go over too well. Just tell her you are learning about getting proper nutrition to become healthier. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.

    Also, if your mom doesn't understand your desire to change yourself physically, it's not a good idea to prepare your own special food and eat it at the huge thanksgiving dinner she prepared and tell her you can't eat it. Ask me how I know.

  21. Oh she does understand. Usually when I do them she knows I stick with them. She knows how far I've come since my freshman year. I just wish the post requirement wasn't at 50! lol So far I've kept my stomach satisfied.

    I actually got the chance to go to the market and buy myself some food.

  22. Day 4 June 18th 2009

    8:00A Breakfast 1 Cup Shake w/ blueberries, banana, and strawberries - Rolling Oats Oatmeal, 1 Oat & Barley Bread w/ 1 300mg fish oil capsule

    10-10:30A Abs and push ups (I kept it light today)

    11:30A Lunch Healthy Choice Beef Pot Roast 15oz - 1 300mg fish oil capsule

    1:00P Snack 1 Apple

    6:30P Snack 25 seedless grapes

    10:30P Dinner Bowl of Spaghetti - 1 300mg fish oil

    12:45A 1 cup skim milk

    *Awaiting supplements Recoverpro and Maniac*

  23. NEED MORE PROTEIN! The supplements you are waiting on won't help you as much as getting better food. You are on the right track, as far as trying to eat on a schedule, you just need protein every meal.

    Prepackaged and frozen dinners aren't the greatest because they have tons of sodium and preservatives. They will do for now, just work on getting better food. Buy fresh meat first, eggs, then bulk frozen meat, low sodium deli meat as far as quality of foods go. Even the grilled meats at TGIF aren't the greatest, unless it is not frozen.

    Go to if you haven't already, it's free. Plug in everything you ate today, and look at what the total calories, fat, protein and carbs are. You should be eating more protein than carbs to reach your goal, not more carbs than protein. Not hammering you, I just don't want you to think you are doing ok, if you don't realize that your diet needs more work. The sooner you get that part right, the sooner you hit your goal.

  24. Yeah I wasn't sure I was looking at the nutrition facts all day. lol I did see the high sodium in the soups.

    We do have frozen meats down stairs. My mother buys a 6 month supply of it, so I'll start using those.Yeah I rather be corrected and not led on my own thinking what I'm doing in correct. Thanks man! :]

    I never really ate the meats at TGIF. I'll probably just bring some. What's best for the protein foods? Peanut butter, meats, chicken?

  25. Just try to do this throughout the day...Try to get more protein then any other macro in any of your meals. Start out doing that if you find it hard to get enough protein.
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