1. furazadrol

    Can you use it just by itself? I am new to all this and am trying to do some research. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  2. I have googled the sh!t out of it and can't find anything on it not being stacked with something else???

  3. yea you can run it solo,i just did a few months back,ran it 300mg for 6 weeks,it was pretty good for a cut,it would have been better stacking it.

  4. thanks johnny!

  5. any thoughts on 200mg for 30days?

  6. you can give a try,i think if you workout hard and have a strict diet,you should cut pretty good,if you think you can handle it i would up the dose,i know its not cheap.

  7. Furazadrol is mostly used as a stacker for best results
    Team Orbit

  8. Quote Originally Posted by learn View Post
    Furazadrol is mostly used as a stacker for best results
    Furazadrol is some good stuff. I personally loved the stuff. I've never gotten so ripped and defined as when I was on that. However, when I ran it...I stacked it with no other PH's unless you count 17-B triol (AX Retain 2) which in my opinion doesn't qualify as a ph and some other natty supps...can't remember what else I used because it was a while ago (I used the stuff when it first hit the market), but to some it does so whatever. Anyway, I ran it at 6 caps a day (300mgs). You have to take into effect I am a very large man as well. I definitely want to run it again at some point though and maybe go up to 400mgs strictly because of my size and I noticed better effects when I was at 300mgs. My suggestion as far as dosing though...taper up your dose. What I noticed is that jumping up too high too soon...the lethargy will kick your ass...the movitation to workout pre-workout won't be there...once you get into working out though your ok! Start low, and increase gradually. Lastly, this compound is great at maintaining strength and making some minor strength and power enhancements, but when on a cut your goal is to get shredded and destroy the fat and Furazadrol definitely shines in that department. I know there are mixed opinions out there about this stuff, but as far as I am concerned...I loved it, its the real deal...nuff said!

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