Charger/Grambo Cuts with Phenom V1

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  1. Charger/Grambo Cuts with Phenom V1

    Anabolic Addictions is a new company with some godd products starting out. A fatburner and two health type products for a great price. Really good people too. I decided to post my log up on here as well and have a cross board log on 4 diff boards!

    This is a SPONSORED log so that everyone is aware.

    So I cut hard for 12 weeks this sping and got really lean as evidenced in my pics. I was also strong as hell. Well I had finals, moved back home and been running around with old friends and hitting the lake fro abotu a month. My progress has backslide sadly. Have put on some fat because I do so very easily.

    Well it's time to go balls to the wall lifting and cardio. Goal is to be down 8-10lbs by July 4th...or at least just be lean, weight is not everything if I can lose fat.

    Workout Schedule:

    Monday: Chest/Tris+ 30min cardio Incline intervals (2min ~3.0/1min ~4.0)
    Tuesday: Legs/abs
    Wdnesday: HIIT/Sprints
    Thursday: Back/Bis + Cardio ""
    Friday: Shoulders + 30min Cardio ""
    Saturday: HIIT/Sprints
    Sunday: 5k timed run for endurance purpose

    Diet: Gonna use the same type of diet I used to get lean.....TKD like....with carbs from Oats around workouts and then only from veggies. Good fats in Olive oil/Flax/Avacado/nuts etc..... Then lean protein from chicken and fish mostly with a night or two or red meat, maybe buffalo.

    Other Supplements:

    MVP/ZMK - my fav multis
    Gut Health
    RSS Extreme Whey
    Xtend BCAA/ might get some PW for pre-/intra-workout

    I'll be taking 3 pills a day because I am such a stim/fat burner junkie. 2 pre workout and the last one in the afternoon.

  2. So most of my workouts will be at 7 AM due to a new job starting up but it hasn't yet and my cousin asked to workout around 1245 so I am obliging as we have ben workign out some together and he is coming along slowly.

    Weight: AM ~192lbs on an old ass scale lol but good enough for a reference.

    Before Pics.......Don't judge too harsh lol using my bathroom to really see differences as the lights leave no shadows for a trick of looking cut like some, though I prefer those haha:

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  3. Workout #1

    Monday 6/8
    Hey guys just got back from the gym....LOVED IT

    Chest/Tri + Cardio

    BB Bench 225x 10,10,8,8 ending in the negative on the last two.
    Incline DB 55x 10,10,10
    Cable Flys 60x10 70x10 60x10 - jumped up then didn't feel like it was smooth

    Close-Grip Bench 135x 10,10,10
    Overhead Rope Ext 60x10 80x10,10
    Dips BWx 10,10,12 - very little rest here

    Cardio: 30 minutes 3min warm up + intervals of 3.2x 2 minutes/4.2+x 1 minute 8 time + 3 minute cool down all at 15% incline

    Really nice first workout, great pumps and decent strength. I ended up taking 1 Phenom at 8AM then another at 1220PM . Will take on around 3-4 for last dose. Really liking it so far and will give my thoughts at the end of the day.

  4. First day thoughts:

    I ended up running 3 seperated out through the day at 8AM/1220PM/430PM

    Had good energy all day without being cracked out. Appetite has been low all day long and even when I was hungry it was easy to eat clean. I loved it. Felt a little hotter than normal and thirsty ALL day. As mentioned above felt very dry which is always a good feeling. Lookign forward to the rest of the run.
  5. Workout #2

    Haven't hit hard legs for several weeks. Couldn't wait to get in the gym!.....Then couldn't wait to get out as the pain started (in a good way) lol


    A. Squats 205x12, 225x10 , 245 x 8 275x 6
    B. Leg Press 450x 10, 10 ouch ha

    C. Deadlift 225x 10 **Legs were SHOT changed to SLDL 155x10,10,10
    D. Leg Extension 60x 100 (25+20+17+20+18)

    E1. SHELC 10,10
    E2. Crunches 12,12

    Good workout. Low carbs takign a toll today being the first week, but should adapt in a week or two. Good energy.

    Phenom: Great focus and energy all day with the 1+1+1 dosing. I was soaking wet today it was nuts! I felt hot (and still feel warm) the whole workout sweating a lot more than normal. My gym keeps it so cold and all the fans on that to be that soaked is a big deal, like I could tell it was cold but not inside my body furnace haha

    Also rocked th KICK ASS Anabolic Addiction T-shirt both to class and then the gym. Excellent stuff.

  6. Workout #3

    Cardio Day bitches.....

    Can't have a cutting log without some cardio right! Legs were killer but I hit my old football stomping grounds for some sprints.

    Did 6 sets of stadium sprints.
    Going up as fast as possible then walking down and repeating.

    **Saw that the shed with the football stuff was open, so I helped myself to some of the toys.

    4- 40 yard sprints with 1 minute rests---- With the prowler sled with 90lbs added on. the last one was more of a walk than a sprint! Legs were crying lol

    4 - 30 yard Farmer Walk (speed) with 45sec rest periods. Around 135 in each hand.

    Few short sprints and then a long 100 yard "sprint" on the way back to the car.

    Will do more non load bearing on next pure cardio day, but was tempted too much. But will get some video of me doing some of these for the AMS promo.

  7. I tried the Phenom V1 as well and it works really good at curbing the appetite, and giving you good clean energy...Good Luck on the cut man.

  8. Ya saw you liked it in your log/review. Good stuff. Maybe I can be ripped too

  9. Workout # 4

    Feeling good this week. Didn't indulge in any junk last night so feeling good this morning. Went to class and then hit the gym. Legs are letting me know they are not happy with me, walking around like the THRILLER video lol

    So I couldn't figure out until about halfway through the workout why my strength seemed a little lower than normal and much harder. Then it hit me that the FARMER'S WALKS I did yesterday annihilated my grip strength haha


    A1. Wide Grip Pulldown 190x10 150x10,9 (No rest between A1-2)
    A2. Reverse grip pulldowns 190x7 150x8,8

    B. Bent over rows 135x 10,10,10,10

    C1. Seated Cable Row 160x10,10,9
    C2. 1-Arm DB Row 80x8,6,6

    D. EZ bar curl 50x10,10,10
    E. Incline Alternating DB Curls 35x8,8,8

    Cardio: 30 minutes 3min warm up + intervals of 3.3x 2 minutes/4.3+x 1 minute 8 time + 3 minute cool down all at 15% incline

    Grip really hurt the workout but yesterday was fun so worth it. Sweating really nicely during the weights in a too well air conditioned gym (kinda cold). Then DRENCHED after the cardio could feel my body being much hotter than normal. Loved it lol

    Hey AM no love for your boy and his log?? lol

  10. Workout #5

    Alright so wrapping up the week. Last weight lifting day. Still got cardio this weekend even though the old legs are STILL being annoying lol.

    Fell A little off the wagon last night because of a date but only had protein shakes and chicken all day until then and then slpit a small Flatbread pizza with some Giuness and 1 glass of wine. haha So it really didn't kill the diet as I didn't stuff myself but it wasn't perfect either.

    Appetite still nicely surpessed though, easy to make good decisions and feel good energy wise.

    Friday Shoulders

    A. Military Press 115x10,135x10,8 Haven't done them in awhile.

    B. DB Lateral Raises 30x10,10,8

    C. Bent Over Reverse Cable Crossovers 30x10,10,10

    D. DB Shrugs 70x20 80x15 100x10

    E. Hanging Leg Raises 20,15,15

    Cardio- Per usual intervals on the incline. 20 minutes today to save some in the tank to make a little video later.

    Good solid workout. Biceps still really sore and shoulders hurting a bit, may need some joint supps but will wait and see. Phenom V1 is the real deal IMO. Feeling leaner already than when I started and feel nice and dry all day.

  11. Any thoughts or suggestions on the routine, the cardio or just anything let me know.

    Would love to hear from the guys here at AM. Feel like I am talking to myself. lol

    Hope Nutraplanet gets Anabolic Addictions line in so I don't have to go to BB for them. I don't like cheating on Nutra

  12. Here is a little video of me messing around at the football field this afternoon.....

    [ame=""]YouTube - Grambo Brings it![/ame]

  13. SATURDAY: Good diet until the evening and some buddies from the Military called me up saying they were back and wanted to get together. Long story short had a few drinks haha
    - I go some good cardio in just shooting around playing basketball for an hour with a gir I am talkign with so really fun.

    Best quote: "I can tell you are getting hot, should def take off your shirt." - my girl

    SUNDAY: Eating low calories of mainly protein and fat to make up for the ****ty day before. Then hit the football field hard for soem cardio/working out.

    Workout # 6

    A. 60 yard sprints x 10.....Sprinted then walked back and then full speeded again.
    B. 45LB Kettlebell swings 20reps x 5 sets = 100 reps total (1 minute rest)
    C. Sandbag (80lbs) Sprints - 4 sprints w/ 1 mintue rests ** Similar to the video Cleaned it to right shoulder and sprinted 20 yards. Threw it down cleaned it up again to left shoulder and sprinted back.** BRUTAL!!

  14. log is looking good. hope you enjoy the PhenomV1

  15. Thanks LR......nice to see I have two people watching haha. See ya on the other boards

    WEEK 2

    Workout 1

    Chest/Tri + Cardio

    BB Bench 225x 10,10,9,7 ending in the negative on the last two.
    Incline DB 65x 10,10,10
    Cable Flys 60x12

    Close-Grip Bench 140x 12,10,10
    Overhead Rope Ext 80x10 100x10,10
    Dips Bwx 13,10,10

    Cardio: 30 minutes 3min warm up + intervals of 3.3x 2 minutes/4.3+x 1 minute 8 time + 3 minute cool down all at 15% incline

    Started my job today whooooo. Well kinda lol Need some money and experience so I am happy. Had training/some work today and wasn't able to eat.....No problem with the Phenom V1!! Feeling good.

    Bad part is 7am workouts begin tomorrow......with Legs! uhgggg lol

  16. Despite lack of responses I am still here hitting it hard! haha New update!

    Popped 2 Phenom V1s (1st time to do 2) + 2 ResverAcai at about 615 to let it do its thing and get a few more minutees shut eye......after about 15 minutes of laying there I realized I was awake and fidgeting my foot. lol I was ready to go! Got some food (Not the best idea prob EAA from now on haha) and went after it.

    Week 2- Wourkout #2


    A. Squats ATG 225x12 245x10 275x 6 135x 15

    B. Lunges 40x 10,10,10 *each leg

    C1. SLDL 135x10,10,10 - Thinking about doing real deads on back day on Friday.
    C2. Incline Sit up 5kg ballx 12,10,10

    D. Leg Extensions 100x12 120x 12,12

    Stomach was churning this morning but motored through it. :rockon2:
    Rookie of eatign too close to the morning legs, been awahile. I don't do to well with that so probably get some PurpleWrath to usepreworkout mornings. Nice workout.....feeling the soreness already

  17. Wednesday: Supposed to be cardio day but slept in and went ot class and then to work and after 12 hours of class/work and being 10 at night I just couldn't force myself to go run. I did eat really well so that was a plus! Will make up for it though.

    Thursday (Today)

    Workout- 7:20 AM

    A. Military Press (Standing) 115x10,115x10,115x10

    B. DB Lateral Raises 30x10,10,10

    C. Bent Over Reverse Cable Crossovers 40x10, 30x10,10

    D. DB Shrugs 85x20 95x15 100x10

    E. Hanging Leg Raises 15,15,15

    Cardio- Per usual intervals on the incline. 30 minutes long.....according to the treadmill burns around 450 caloires. Of course those are not super accurate but still nice too see. May try to throw some more in after work but I have a sore throat or something so will se how I feel.

    ResverAcai started last weekend is giving me some nice subtle benefits that are hard to quantify. Not sure much to say about it yet....been feeling a slightly higher than normal libido which is always fun haha as well as some improving skin and sense of well being! Will stay on top of this stuff.

    Phenom V1 has me feeling very lean. I feel like I have lost some fat in the mirror. Not sure on the scale though. Gonna weigh in tomorrow hopefully. So far really liking the stuff. 2 caps dosed in the about 615 gets me revved and ready to go by 7!

    Hopefully I am lean enough for the lake this weekend July 4th is the big goal though!

  18. Lat entry today Looooooong day yesterday. 7 AM workout then closing the store at 9PM
    Was feeling under the weather, but no better place than the drug store haha. Kept the throat lozenges flowing. Took some antihistamine and feeling good to go today.....well 90%

    During the workout it was hard to tell if I was sick...or had a Phenom fever lol

    Friday Back/Bis

    A. Pull ups - Goal was 30reps in as many sets as it took but used diff grips (11/8/6/7)
    Did a few extra feeling good.

    B. Bent over rows 145x 9,8,9,8 felt heavy betweem sickness and grip I was done.

    C1. Seated Cable Row 160x10,10,10
    C2. 1-Arm DB Row 80x10,8,8

    D. EZ bar curl 50x12,12,10
    E. Incline Alternating DB Curls 35x10,10,10

    Cardio got skipped because my brother wanted to see a movie with me and my workout partner (cousin). Will try to do some the lake

  19. Sorry for the delays all you lurkers lol Have been sick:

    Saturday/Sunday :

    Alright well I had been having a sore throat and then it blossomed into a full blown summer cold! I had every symptom of a cold which sucked! I was at the lake so diet went out the window and I tried to suck it up. By Sunday I was a wreck! I was so doped up I didn't eat hardly anything..... Obviously got no cardio in except a little swimming and riding Seados if thats cardio lol

    MONDAY - Week 3

    Finally woke up feeling about 90%. Didn't have to work today which is a big plus. "Slept in" unitl 8:45 Then class then gym at 1:00

    Chest/Tri + Cardio

    BB Bench 225x 10,8,8,8 (Cold def hurt strength.)
    Incline DB 75x 10,8,8
    Cable Flys 70x10,10,10

    Close-Grip Bench 155x 10,10 165x8
    Overhead Rope Ext 100x10,10, 10
    Dips Bwx 15,10

    Cardio: 30 minutes 3min warm up + intervals of 3.3mph x 2 minutes/4.4+x 1 minute 8 time + 3 minute cool down all at 15% incline

    About 460 burned according to tread.

    Sweating like crazy as usual. Also the gym apparently has the AC broken lol so that doesn't help but I like it better than the ice box they normally keep it as.

    New diet is going to be completely sans-carbs and similar to Get Shredded Diet by John Berardi. I need to go all out if I want to do this right. I will be lowering calories pretty low but also drinking 20g of BCAA + 10g of extra leucine and creatine split evenly in 4 1L bottles. Also lots of veggies and good fats along with a possible green supplement drink of some sort. Probably throw some fiber in somewhere too.

    Still loving the Phenom and disappointed in the sickness.

    The Drink I drink Pre and Post workout is 5g BCAA + crstal light pink lemonade + DominATP from USPpowders I had sittign around contains:

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Dicreatine Malate 4500 mg **
    Beta Alanine 3000 mg **
    Leucine 5000 mg **
    Citrulline Malate 3500 mg **
    Agmatine Sulfate 500 mg **

    The other two just have BCAA and Creatine Mono prob go with a diff flavor.

    The BCAA are from Diabolic Labs which is selling 1kg for 30 bucks....36 shipped from their main website. Great deal and great quality.

  20. Tuesday

    Alright everybody....Almost feeling better. Still a bit congested and having some coughing fits here and there but Id say about 95.4% back to normal haha

    Rough stuff today, not sure if it was the congested lungs or that the cold triggered some asthma symptoms but I was having MAJOR breathing problems today. I have had exercised induced Asthma back in the day so I knew how to handle it and just pushed through. Despite it all I actually ended up having a decent day!

    Also....weighed in this morning:

    189lbs which is about 3lbs since starting. I would not be surprised to lose some more water and glycogen over the next few days. We will see where I end up. it was nice too see though as Basically this summer I have been stagnant at 192ish no matter the diet. Feeling nice and lean today as well.


    A. Squats ATG 225x12 245x10 280x 6 135x 16

    B. Lunges 40x 10,10,10 *each leg

    C1. SLDL 140x10,10,10 (No rest between C1-2) Going to do Deads on back day on Friday.
    C2. Incline Sit up 5kg ballx 10,10,10

    D. Leg Extensions 130X10,10,10

    Oh yes.....I am not stoppping this log just because no one seems to want to post in it lol Not sure why, maybe people are following and I don't know. Great company I hope they get on Nutra soon.

  21. Week 3


    A. Military Press (Standing) 135x 10,8,8

    B1. DB Lateral Raises 30x10,10,10 (Felt EASY)
    B2. Bent Over Reverse Flies 30x10 45x10,10

    C. DB Shrugs 100x10,10,10

    D. Hanging Leg Raises 20,17,15

    Intervals on the incline. 30 minutes long..... Sweated BUCKETS....I was raining lol Like almost nasty haha....Means it was working though! I was feeling unmotivated and popped 2 pills........for 3 total for the day. That did the trick

    I have really enjoyed this run....I have about 3-4 days left I believe, depending on how I dose them (this is at 3). The odd number is I used 3 pills most days but a few at the beginnign and some in the middle I only did 2.

    I can tell you that I am going to get another bottle on my own to continue to slim down. Might extend the log to include the 4th week as well.

    Back/Bis tomorrow.....gotta hit it early tomorrow or I doubt I will make it to the gym after my 9-5 shift. Plus 5pm gym is not something I want to do.

  22. Friday Back/Bis

    Worked 9-5....popped a Phenom at 520 and hit the gym by 6ish

    A. DEADLIFT (raw) 225x10 275x6 300x4 (Dripping sweat already haha)

    B. Pull ups *Wide Gripx 11 *Neutral Grip x 7 *Close Grip x 7 * Mixed Grip x 7
    (Goal was 30)

    B1. Seated Cable Row 160x10,10,10
    B2. 1-Arm DB Row 80x10,10,8

    D. EZ bar curl bar+70lb x 8, 6 50lb x 10
    E. Incline Alternating DB Curls 35x10,10,10

    Cardio 30 minutes of the 15% incline intervals 2/1 minutes 3.5/4.5

    My hair looked like I had put my head in a bucket of water when I was done lol

    Diet went....OK today. Lunch was Burger King at work and I told him to pick me up 2 GRILLED SANDWICHES and like we looked it up on the compute and had a big discussion about it......brought me back two tiny $1 chicken crisp sandwiches with mayonaise :O_o: so I made one sandwich out of them and ate them, as it was that or starve lol kinda sucked but things happen. Probably taking it easy tonight.....not sure. Got a birthday dinner tomorrow.

    Mexican foood mmmmmmm cheat time

  23. Cardio

    Rested last night. Had some wine ha but nothing crazy.....

    Woke up feeling very good at 10:00 decided to get up and hit the football field ASAP before the heat came on. I mean 88-89 no problem that is "nice" at this point in the year lol

    A. Stadiums
    - Did the old school stadium runs. Fast as I could up then decent pace down, continued to the end pf the bleachers. 3x (You can see them in the pic posted before of the stadium)

    B. Sprints
    -Was feeling good so hit the track. 100 meter sprints then nice pace walk for the rest of the track (300 meters) then sprinted the same 100 when it came back around. X4

    So basically went a mile and sprinted 1/4 mile.

    *********On the last Fing sprint I was running good....and ohhhhhhhh felt a hitch in my hamstring (Biceps Femoris if you want more specifcs lol) I was like "That is not good" hahaha....Hobbled around the track to my stuff and drove home. It is feeling pretty tender. I thinkis may only be a Grade 1-2 strain so not too worried. I know what a higher one feels like.

    I think it will not be a problem if I RICE and take some NSAIDs. I will also do some rehabbing on it with some bands and myofacial release. Hopefully nothing too serious.....and even if it was I wrote a 10 or so research paper on Hamstring injuries and their rehabilitation lol***

    SAw Transformers 2.......Amazing, action packed and a good movie.....Not to mention Megan Fox (Gotta end the update on that note).

  24. Log looks great man...Training looks intense !!! Phenom is great stuff.

  25. Another day another workout(s)

    I have one more day before all my precious Phenom is gone.....very sad. But with the 17.76 sale I will prob grab at least another bottle.

    Had a crazy hard calculus test today, didn't go as well as I would have liked but at the same time I don't think it went as bad as it could have so that is a plus.

    Week 4

    Workout #1 Chest/Tri 12:30pm

    BB Bench 225x 10,10,10,8+ negatives (Best day so far)
    Incline DB 80x6 70x8,8
    Cable Flys 70x12,12,10

    Close-Grip Bench 155x 12,112, 14
    Overhead Rope Ext 110x10,9 100x10
    Dips Bwx 25

    Cardio: 30 minutes 3min warm up + intervals of 3.5mph x 2 minutes/4.5+x 1 minute 8 time + 3 minute cool down all at 15% incline. Every once in awhile my hamstring like tensed and felt weird but not so much hurting.....not sure exactly what is wrong with it. But at least no more real pain except for every now and then.

    Workout #2:yes::yes: 8:45pm

    Just felt like doing some more work today.

    Took my Kettblebells (The twin 28lbers) out to a different practice football/soccer field. I set one at one end by a goal and the oher at the other end......I estimate 120-130 yard apart.

    A. 20 swings - Ran/Jogged toward the other post:
    B. 16- 1 arm swings - Ran back

    Repeated 4 times for 8 trips down and back doing different KB work at each end:

    3. 8 cleans (per side)
    4. 8 Snatches (per side)
    5. 12 KB Facepull throws
    6. Bell Squats 20
    7. 15 pushups
    8. 8 pullups on the soccer goal post.

    Then did a few more pull ups and some 10 KB around the waist passes as fast as I could both ways.

    C. Finished off with 50 swings

    Whew!!!! Hot out there but feels goooooood


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