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  1. Green Bulge

    So I start my journey of Green buldge Monday.

    I am 5ft5 and I Officially weighed in today naked weight of 140. I have a good base line. I want to try to increase my strength and size to 145lbs.

    My diet is very clean with close to 200-300 grams of protein and close to 3000-5000 calories.

    My diet is the same so the only thing new will be the Green Bulge.

    I will be unbiast and truthfull In regards to the product.

    My body fat is at around 7%.

    I am starting a new kind of workout routine which incorporate EMS with max ot together. The concept is doing max-ot at the gym for 30 min and after my focus dips below 100% I use the EMS to fully fatigue my muscles to the point of exhaustion.

    So what is EMS?

    Increase your strength beyond your natural limits!
    Break through your training plateau!

    Sounds too good to be true, but all this is possible with the proper use of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). EMS has been used in former Communist Bloc countries for sport training since the early 1950s, but Western countries only became aware of its use in 1973, when Dr. Y. Kots of the Central Institute of Physical Culture in the former USSR presented a paper on EMS at Concordia University in Montreal. There he outlined the tremendous potential for strength enhancement beyond that which was possible by traditional (voluntary) training methods.

    EMS stimulus fires all the motor neurons in the treated area simultaneously, creating an uncoordinated contraction, which is primarily isometric in nature. Voluntary muscular contractions, on the other hand, roll through the muscle in a wave to generate a coordinated, directed force.

    Kots was able to show, using a tensiometric device, that the muscle tension produced in a maximal EMS contraction can be up to 30% higher than a maximal voluntary contraction. This finding was corroborated by independent studies and makes intuitive sense, given the nature of the body's energy conservation system.

    Since individual muscle fibers can be completely exhausted in just a few seconds, the body has adopted several strategies to prolong endurance. Slow twitch (red) fiber is used first in voluntary contractions, as it is energy efficient, though not very powerful. Then only enough strong, but voracious, fast twitch (white) fiber is added to handle the load.

    In addition, muscles work their individual fibers in relays, always holding some back from even the most demanding load to maintain a reserve. Therefore, it's impossible to voluntarily contract all fibers simultaneously. The order of recruitment makes it likely that most of the fibers held in reserve will be white.

    EMS works directly on the muscles, bypassing the body's energy conservation system, thus there's no limit to the percentage of fiber that can be activated. The EMS stimulus "spills over" from fully contracted fiber to activate remaining fiber (given sufficient current) allowing the athlete to experience a training stimulus that's unattainable by any other means.

    The supra-maximal nature of this exercise enhances the strength to weight ratio by favoring enhanced recruitment over cross-sectional growth and also optimizes fiber splitting and the conversion of intermediate fiber to white fiber, the "Holy Grail" of power training.

    Recruitment Velocity

    Recruitment velocity is the rate at which a muscle fiber can achieve maximum tension, varying from 20 milliseconds for white fiber to 65 milliseconds for red fiber. Recruitment rates vary since red fiber gets a "head start" in voluntary contractions as white fiber is only added in as needed once the load has been determined.

    EMS reverses the natural recruitment order, as its nonspecific current flows more easily through the bigger neuron of the white fiber (less resistance) forcing red and intermediate fibers to shorten their recruitment rates in response to white fiber recruitment, which now precedes rather than follows in the contraction.

    The reversed recruitment order combined with the positive effects of high intensity make EMS ideal for improving recruitment velocity across all fiber types, a key factor in explosive events.

    From Theoretical to Practical

    The benefits of EMS have been discussed extensively in theory but the real challenge is the successful incorporation of EMS into a training program. There are four main uses for EMS in sport training. First, for the enhancement of maximum strength; second, as a means of recovery; third, as a rehabilitation tool; and fourth, as a motor learning and muscle recruitment tool.

    EMS is the single most intense strength building method and has the briefest improvement period of all training modalities. Kots' literature describes a maximum strength gain plateau after twenty-five treatments (which could be administered over four to seven weeks); however, in my experience, most of the benefits available were achieved within ten treatments and strength gains beyond fifteen treatments were negligible. And since ten to fifteen treatments maximize recruitment velocity, it seems logical to work between these numbers.

    Incorporation into the Training Plan

    EMS strength training should coincide with maximal strength weight lifting. The two modalities are synergistic, though the introduction of EMS must be phased in to allow a smooth progression of the workload. Modern sprint training uses a triple-periodized annual plan, with three maximum strength phases, though only the first two include EMS. The third maximum strength phase is shorter, with a more moderate strength improvement goal.

    In our case, the first two maximum strength weightlifting phases lasted seven weeks with a "313" loading system, that is, three weeks of high intensity lifting, followed by one week of medium intensity, followed by another three weeks of high intensity lifting to maximize adaptation.

    Apply EMS work during the second and third weeks of each three week high intensity block. As our speed work, followed by lifting, occurred on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with speed endurance work on Saturday (Tuesday and Thursday were reserved for low intensity work, with Sunday off), we used EMS on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which gave us a total of twelve EMS sessions during the whole max strength phase.

    This sequence allowed for the optimal number of EMS sessions in the phase with optimal recovery. (EMS doesn't require 48 hours for recovery, as it bypasses the central nervous system; however, this schedule optimized the recovery for the other training elements). The volume of explosive power and sprint work must increase seven to ten days after completion of the max strength/EMS phase for the optimal incorporation of the new abilities and to compensate for the drop in CNS stress.

    When adding EMS to a program, expect your peak performance up to two weeks later than before, as you're now tapering from a much higher workload.

    Selection of Muscle Groups

    Maximum strength EMS is applied to the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and the erector spinae. These muscle groups play the main role in power development around the hip joint, where, at maximum speed, the power output is seven times higher than around any other joint. The abs play a major role also, and they can be treated as well, but their rotational movement and primary support, rather than power role, favor traditional high rep training. More on this later. The soles of the feet can even be treated in cases of insufficient foot strength.

    Low intensity exercise has a positive effect not only on recovery from high intensity work but on the high intensity work itself. While high intensity exercise is anti- circulatory as it pumps up the muscles (restricting blood flow), low intensity exercise promotes circulation, which aids in nutrient transfer and hastens recovery.

    Exercise of a low enough intensity will not lead to detrimental fiber type changes! In fact, the enhanced capillary density it creates leads to precisely the opposite effect! The enhanced capillary density raises the temperature around the motor neurons, lowering electrical resistance, allowing more fiber to take on the characteristics of fast twitch fiber in response to high intensity work.

    The Treatment

    EMS used in a pulsing mode for ten to twenty minutes at very low intensity assists with recovery by stimulating circulation and the exercise it provides promotes capillary density. The effects can be enhanced if the legs are slightly elevated during treatment. These sessions can be carried out at the end of the day, before bed, at least two hours after your last workout.


    I will be taking pictures tonight of me and some videos threw out my log.

    I don't have any shirts etc to show at the gym so I will just bring the bottle with me to the gym to show people.

  2. Sweet! Right there with ya, bro, on the GB log. Good luck!

  3. Subb'd! Great intro.

  4. You know who did EMS? Paul Dillet did it for many years. Every thing I have read said he went to the gym for no more than 30 than stemed it up for the other 30 minutes.

    Bruce lee used it too.

  5. Don't mind the ad. I just wanted to show you more so the picture of what one looks like.

  6. The green bulge is one of my all time favorite products. I am excited to hear how the new formula works out. Hard for me to believe it could be any better. I have never tried the powder either, im all about the $30.00 pills

  7. Today I did chest. Got my workout in 30 minutes

    After I warmed up.

    I went straight in to bench.
    I did 2 sets at 175lbs. I have my injury from few weeks ago so its nagging big.
    I did incline dumbell at 60lbs 2 sets.
    I dipped 2 sets at 50lbs.

    I am steming it up right now. 30 minutes.

    I felt great today at the gym. Was focused and no talking.
    I felt like even with my injury I was able to hit the weights.
    As we speak I am sipping on my protein shake as I stem my chest up.

  8. Subbed to watch the bulgesquad
    Gause institute member

    Need2slin designer.Product designer/ N2BM admin.

  9. So after you work out those certain body parts u then use your ems system to further fatigue the muscles? Now how long do you leave the ems system on for?
    Do yo have the abb belt? It looks pretty killer. Just wondering how well it makes the muscles grow, burn bf% using this system.All in all interesting.

    I think by you exhausting yor muscles first you may be on to something good, hope so Good luck

  10. yea like this stuff alot good luck with it

  11. I will make films as I get a camera. I just moved so things are in boxes which btw I lost my keys last night. So like in todays case I did chest so I worked out my chest at the gym for 30 min than for 24 minutes I did the EMS system which includes active recovery. Active recovery will push all the nutrients in to the area that I just trained and replace all the glucose and nutrients that were used to get through my work out. I love it.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by burymestanding View Post
    The green bulge is one of my all time favorite products. I am excited to hear how the new formula works out. Hard for me to believe it could be any better. I have never tried the powder either, im all about the $30.00 pills
    Your going to be pleasantly surprised!

  13. Today I did back.

    I have a nagging cuff but I still pulled threw. Luckly with my muscle stem I could still over load my muscles.

    I cable pull downed 135lbs 3 sets at 6 reps
    Cable rowed 140lbs 2 sets 6 reps
    Hyper extentioned 60lbs 2 sets 6 reps
    Good morning 95lbs 2 sets 6 reps
    Bent over rowed 145lbs 2 sets 6 reps..

    I than drank my protein shake as I muscle stemed my lower back for 25 minutes.
    My energy was great today.
    I also found my keys.
    For cardio Tonight I thought 2 classes martial arts.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    Today I did back.

    I have a nagging cuff but I still pulled threw. Luckly with my muscle stem I could still over load my muscles.

    I cable pull downed 135lbs 3 sets at 6 reps
    Cable rowed 140lbs 2 sets 6 reps
    Hyper extentioned 60lbs 2 sets 6 reps
    Good morning 95lbs 2 sets 6 reps
    Bent over rowed 145lbs 2 sets 6 reps..

    I than drank my protein shake as I muscle stemed my lower back for 25 minutes.
    My energy was great today.
    I also found my keys.
    For cardio Tonight I thought 2 classes martial arts.
    What style of martial arts, dj?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    What style of martial arts, dj?
    I teach Soo Bahko Do. I teach Monday threw Saturday. I am also getting my blue belt in Jujitsu with in the next year. It takes 8 years to become a black belt in Jujitsu.
    I am a 3rd degree black belt in Soo Bahk Do. I have been training in that for over 18 years.

    Today I felt very good at the gym.

    I worked out in 45 minutes.

    I shoulder pressed 3 sets at 155lbs 6 reps
    I dumb bell pressed 2 sets at 60lbs 6 reps
    Side lateral with cable 17.5lbs each hand super slow 6 reps 2 sets
    I barbell shurged 245lbs 2 sets 12 reps.
    Upright rowed 2 sets at 60lbs 12 reps.

    I am muscle steming right now my shoulders for 27 minutes.

    I felt awesome in the gym. Focus was there. I hit very hard.

    I am getting better at being more efficient.

    I am drinking my post workout shake as I write this and steming my shoulder.

  16. Very good to hear you had a good workout.

    I respect the korean martial arts, word up.

    I study tai chi & shaolin, and cross train in aikido.

  17. Today was biceps triceps and abs.

    I had a awesome focus session today.

    Barbell curled 100lbs 2 sets 6 reps
    Dumbell curled 1 set at 35lbs 6 reps
    Dumbell curled 1 set at 40lbs 4 reps
    Cable curled 2 sets at 120lbs 6 reps
    Tricep Cable rope push down 70lbs 2 sets 6 reps
    Lying Tricep press 2 sets at 80lbs 6 reps
    Dumbbell Kick-Backs 1 set 25lbs 6 reps
    Leg Lifts
    (with added weight to ankles) 2 sets 12 reps 10lbs
    Weighted Cable Crunches 2 sets 10 reps 140lbs
    1 set 10 reps 45lbs

    Stem machine on biceps got to # 50 contraction the thing goes from 1-100 and theres 6 levels.

    Tricep with machine # 20

    I felt great today. I had tones of energy. I was in and out of the gym in 45 minutes. I am steming my triceps right now.

    I am about to shower and teach martial arts at 4 oclock my time.

  18. Taught 4 classes thursday night.

  19. I tore my hammy at a martial arts tourney this weekend. It should be fine with in 4-6 days. Lucky I did some active recovery saturday. Helped speed the recovery processes. I can walk a lot better today. I did a jump spin heal kick. Sorta like that. (not me in the picture) and as I came down my opponent ax kicked me and came down on my right ham string.

  20. Ouch! Hope you have a quick and successful recovery bro!

  21. Today was leg day.

    I could not leg press but I did left leg lung at 45lbs 3 sets 6 reps
    One legged leg press at 270lbs 2 sets 6 reps
    Leg extension 1 leg at 50lbs 1 set 6 reps
    Leg curl 1 leg 35lbs 1 set 6 reps
    Muscle stemed my quads left leg at 40 right leg at 35

    Felt great today despite my injury with my right ham string.
    Focus was still there. Power was there.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Ouch! Hope you have a quick and successful recovery bro!
    Thanks a billion. I am already walking. Saturday I could not walk what so ever. Today I can walk.

  23. Today I did chest. I felt awesome today as I worked out. Focus was there. Energy level up and up.

    Flat bench 155lbs 1 set 6 reps touched my chest
    Flat bench 165lbs 1 set 6 reps touched my chest
    Incline dumbell presed 1 set 60lbs 6 reps
    Incline dumbell pressed 1 set 70lbs 6 reps
    Weighted dips 2 sets at 60lbs 6 reps
    Muscle stemed my chest at 35
    I started to film my self but the camera was shaking as my chest started to contract. I will start my editing tomorrow.

    My hammy is a lot better than yesterday. I can actually walk now. Still taking it easy.

  24. Today was back. I was not able to stem it as my workout partner had to go and I can't physically place the pads on my back.

    Awesome energy today at the gym. Focus was there. Very hot. Got my workout in 45 minutes.
    V grip cable pull down. 2 sets 6 reps 156lbs
    Hyper extensions at 2 sets 6 reps 55lbs
    Reverse cable pull down body weight 3 sets. Inclined.
    Hammy still hurting so partials with dead lifts at 225. 2 sets.

    I felt awesome today. Now I will be teaching 2 clasess of martial arts. I still have energy.

  25. yesterday I did shoulders and traps.
    I shoulder pressed 3 sets at 150lbs 6 reps
    I dumb bell pressed 2 sets at 60lbs 6 reps
    Side lateral with dumbell 25lbs each hand super slow 6 reps 2 sets
    I dumbell shurged 100lbs each arm 2 sets 6 reps.
    Upright rowed 2 sets at 80lbs 6 reps.

    I am muscle stemmed my shoulders for 27 minutes. got to 40
    traps got to 50

    I was focused. Took longer as my partner came in late. I had good control last night. I pushed as hard as I possibly could.


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